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The Doctor

Anyone have info on the freemasons?

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I've heard a few conflicts on this group. Where did they originate and what is their primary belief system?

Chronovisor Sources

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Freemasons are members of a fraternity.

There is much discussion on exactly when Freemasonry started. Some of it goes back to ancient Egypt aristocracy and claims that Moses brought Freemasonry out of Egypt.

Some believe that Freemasonry started with the Knights Templars who excavated the temple at Jerusalem around the year 1000 AD. The Knights Templars were condemed and disbanded. Freemasonry as a "secret" society grew out of these Templars in hiding.

Some believe that some of the Templars fled to the Americas. Joseph Smith of Mormon fame supposedly found a scroll FROM the time of Christ....the possibility of the Templars escaping to the Americas and bringing their treasures with them could provide an answer for the origin of that scroll.

Lots of speculation and very few facts.

Modern Freemasonry started in England in the early 1700's.

Freemasonry is an organization devoted to developing and improving the charachtr of it's members so that they may be of service to mankind.

JD Ayer

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Guest Evan

Just have one or two tidbits of information. First of all, I think the "scroll" you are referring to is probably the Golden Plates that Joseph Smith found buried in a mountain and seeked them out as per suggested by the Angel Moroni. If this is not what you are referring to than disregard. But "Mormonism" is not really relevant to the Freemasons anyway, really. The early Mormons and Freemasons of America were simply grouped together because both groups were unjustly accused of being cultists, devil-worshippers and whatever else hateful people chose to call them.
The other thing, and another reason the Freemasons may have been discriminated against, was that there was an infiltration of the GROUP BY a displaced GROUP called The Illuminati, yeah, just like the video game. The Illuminati was originally a GROUP of intellectuals who seeked truth. Galileo is thought to have been an original member. All were scientists, some were spiritual or Christian while other were atheists. They met in secret to avoid persecution by the Catholic church. It is believed that this GROUP died out and was later replaced by a very malicious, hateful anti-Christian GROUP who while also dedicated to scientific advancement, also had a very hateful agenda toward Christians. In response, Christians called them Satanist, although that is a misnomer because if this GROUP doesn't believe in Christ, then they are not going to believe in or worship Satan either. This anti-Christian sentiment coralled in members FROM mid-eastern countries easily as there was already resentment for Christian faith due to holy wars and all the stuff. Scholars believe that this GROUP of "Illuminati" is also completely dead but there is no way to know for sure how deeply the roots have spread over the years and how the beliefs may have evolved. Anyway, I am no expert so I suggest a great novel that, while fictitious, does include much hard scholarly information on the Illuminati and some bits about how they are connected to the Freemasons. It's called "Angels and Demons" and sorry, I forgot the author. I think he also wrote a book called "Digital Fortress"...not sure, anyway, it's a cool book with lots of interesting facts.

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Guest allan

In your personal oppinion, what way do you believe the Illuminati have their hands in time travel?


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Guest C

is it now not though that the illuminati GROUP you rfer to actually control all of what happens throghout the world.they are reaponseable for war s and famines and suc.it is thought bill clinton was a member of this GROUP but he was a mere puppet for the higher leaders wo got him INTO power and used him to great effect.the war in israel has been connected to the illuminat and they have a vested interest in time travel as they look to control everything and anything that goes on in our world.the cover up at roswell in the 1960s has been put down to them and also area 51.tme travel would be extremely important to the illuminati for the future control of the world in which we live and we all thought welived in a free world.

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Guest CAT

My thoughts exactly!

They are at this moment engaged in Time Travel! They are the evil do gooders I have been talking about all over this forum!

I feel that they had staged September 11th! Everyday I watch the news I see the untold truth behind the scenes. I have a good intuition about this. Somehow it might look as if September 11th was a bad hit to our economy and a great loss as it was terrible! But rest assure there was a good plotted reason behind September 11th.

Lets take a look at what has come out of September 11th so far? The demand for souped up security and security devices have sky rocketed. In the process numerous amounts of funded money has miraculously been put on the TABLE for advanced technology. Isn't this what Bushes Campaign was all about. To follow in his fathers footsteps promoting a strong government with military ranking?

They basically are INTO everything! They own the banks and control the stock market. Its really all about Time Travel and manipulation. No doubt they have this technology and it is in frequent use as we speak. Deciding what there next course of destruction with be

Yes its all about control and freedom! And what to do about this, is the question???


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Don't f*ck with the masons. The will f*ck your sh!t up. A brother of a friend of mine when to Victoria BC and while he was there, he came to know some things about mind-control that the masons did not want him to know.

They tailed him over the mountains and all the way across the prairies as he made his way back to Ontario and they began to stake out his parents' house. He had to move away to live in a commune in the middle of nowhere to escape them.

As for the knowledge of the ancients;

Just because the ancients knew something we don't doesn't mean we need to know what the ancients knew in order to figure out the same things ourselves.

Let the Masons have their little secrets. Science and Technology will uncover them in due time.


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I agree with Swiftinfo. ?

It is good tough to be aware, or have an idea, of what could be going'on "up there". The thing is that we're affraid, feeling that we don't have the control over events.

Everything organizations that try to controlate the "world" crash at some point. The church, some gouvernments, some twisted leaders. We wants a perfect world, which smell like: Having one language, one big country, the same leaders, equal rights and equal ressources... This is what we tend to do naturally and we might fight for it, but it's so far away the real perfect world, which is not based on "material" but on will, on respect, on honesty and so on.

Oh yes! It's interesting because it's secret, and blablabla. Allright! Some kids grow up with the fun of playing in big tonka truck, an other who likes the numbers will stick to accounting, and there is a bunch that kept the fun of having secrets, I have no problem with that. ? ...


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Continuing the discussion on Free Masons and Illuminati and such secret groups supposed to exist.

I think the real crux of all of this really boils down to the social structures of human cultures.

The issue or idea of secret societies is wrought from common man (and woman's) helplessness in controlling how their societies are managed. It is a class issue.

Democracy as set by the fore fathers of the USA, in their wisdom to attempt to correct the imbalance of power from the rich to the poor, or the middle class and the obscenely wealthy. Democracy as the grand experiment of these fore fathers, was set into motion to try and give all men (and woman, eventually) power to fashion their own destinies through choosing those who will govern them. Sadly, through 200 plus years, that power of the people has been eroded in ways by the governing class. But also, we have made strides in the positive as well, such as abolishment of slavery, and other human rights issues that are protections of the law.

The belief in, and the concern over these secret societies is actually a concern over the lawlessness of the very wealthy, to over-ride the tenets of humanistic law made by the common people for the common people.

It is our JOB as citizens to watch our leaders closely and to reach out and speak out when they are not serving the common good.

That said. I also believe these societies EXIST and prosper, maybe not as systematically as people suppose, but the issue of the very wealthy also being the ones who have the power is all mixed up in the various congregations of individuals in "old boys networks" and clubs. These are the ones controlling the wealth, ergo that power surpasses the ideals of democracy. And we have let them get away with it.

I think the key to fixing our dysfunctional democracy lies in getting back our free press. The giant corporations that own everything, and every one is in bed with every one else on that level, has demolished a free press. We no longer, in this age of huge communications capabilities, have a free press at the helm of major media avenues or channels. I would entertain any ideas as to how that can be accomplished. If you visit former president Bill Clinton's website, he has a some pretty good ideas how to at least correct for campaign finance reform in regards to the media. Anyways....

Also, the USA as a democracy I think is threatened by the capitalistic nature of our society. We only need to look at the examples of European democracy and how they have accommodated socialistic concepts into their visions of taking care of ourselves and our less fortunate to find good examples to follow.

Anyways, that is what I think. You can't talk to much about secret societies before you begin to discuss social engineering, and long set issues of class.

Personally, I think the Vatican has had and kept more scientific discoveries secret than all of the rest of the secret societies combined.

Never-the-less, I reiterate that if we want to try and change all of this secretness, we need to work hard at being good citizens, and working towards a healthy democracy. Has anyone read Michael Moore's book "Stupid White Men"?

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.

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Message: 2: [burlingtonufo]
Digest Number 108
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 04:58:01 -0000
From: "marysutherland2001" <[email protected]>
Subject: Clues we may find in Masonic Symbols

In the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry the 30th degree to the 33rd degree are degrees of Illumination with the 33rd being the most sought after by the 'illumined man.' The 33rd degree is the highest, publicly known, degree in Freemasonry. The number 33 signifies 'Illumination' and freedom from religious dogma or superstition.

From 33 to 13 degrees the original 13 colonies were just the start of what would be many Illuminati experiments.

One Dollar Bill..United States

Look closely at the codes hidden in the ONE dollar bill. There are 13 blocks top to bottom on the Great pyramid. Look closer and you will discover a hexagram which is two equilateral triangles superimposed over each other. If you placed a hexagram over the Reverse side of the Great Seal, five of the points in the hexagram would point to letters in the latin words "Annuit Coeptis" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which translates to "Announcing the Beginning of.

A symbol of the Freemasons is the Square and Compass, and it makes for a good working substitute for super imposing a hexagram over the Great Seal and it obtains the same resulting letters of "ASMON" by putting the eye of the pyramid between the two legs of the compass.

Five points, two from the compass and three from the square, were pointed at the letters "ASMON" which again, is the anagram of "MASON." The eye of the "god" that sees all. In the center of the bill is ONE for the cipher TRUE believers share with their "god".

Free and Accepted indeed. On the left side there are 13 stars in the treasury seal above right. The Department=13 of the treasury=13.

There are 13 leaves on the left olive branch with 13 berries. 13 stripes on the middle shield. 13 arrows on the right. 13 stars above the eagles head. 13 letters in the "E Pluribus Unum" on the ribbon which means "Out of One Many" in English translation. It is clear that this is in reference to the thirteen colonies united into one nation , under "god" . There are 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis. Agaig, following the points of the hexagram in a clockwise order, they point to the following letters; "A" in Annuit, "S" at the end of Coeptis, "M" at the end of Seclorum, "O" at the end of Ordo and "N"

in Novus. These letters spelled out "ASMON" which, again, is an anagram of "MASON". The word "Mason" is the shortened version of "FreeMason."

The human backbone contains 33 vertebrea with the cranium (intellect) on top. Enter the Skull and Bones Brotherhood. Like I stated, from education to politics to organized religion, the Illuminati symbolism is there and very real.

The Popes cassock has 32 buttons and his head represents the 33rd.

If you look at the roof of the United Nations General Assembly you will see a large light circular light surrounded by 32 smaller lights.

If you look at the United Nations own symbol you will see a circle divided up into 32 sections with the center being the 33rd. On the United Nations symbol you will notice 13 leaves on the olive branch depicted.

The symbol for the Soviet Union also has this feature as well as 32 rays or illuminations emanating from the sun with the sun being the 33rd.

The United Nations flag is in reality the Universal Flag of Freemasonry and this was confirmed by the Grand Lodge of Scotland's homepage.

The Washington monument is an obelisk and there is an obelisk at the Vatican surrounded by a circle. This represents the union of Osiris and Isis. (*Here is where Osiris comes in.)

Also these two symbols are surrounded further out by 32 archways on each side of the courtyard, in all it is an outdoor temple of the Mystery Schools.

Look again at the two Great Seals of the United States on the U.S.

One Dollar Bill. Count the number of thirteen's. On the eagle one wing has 32 sections while the other has 33.

13 inches is equal to 33 centimeters. See how the Illuminati code even shows up in our measuring system? Why is this? It is because it originated in Masonic France in the 1790s. 666 divided by 212 Fahrenheit (boiling point of water) is equal approximately to PI (3.14...) and 32 degrees Fahrenheit is when water becomes unfrozen which corresponds with the degrees of illumination in the Masonic Lodge. D. Fahrenheit was most definitely a student of the occult.

Many buildings (particularly those owned by foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation) are having symbology incorporated into their designs. Look out for symbols of the sun, pyramids, obelisks, the all seeing eye of Osiris, the circle with a dot in the middle, a snake in a circle biting its tale. The list of symbology goes on and on, it is all over the place.


But like Adolf Hitler once said.. "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." The societal system:

1. was designed to prevent you from thinking independently.
2. was designed to think for you.
3. was designed to keep knowledge away from you.
4. was designed to mislead you. 5. educates and educated you and your seeds, and 6. was designed to control the human race through its dependence.

Remember Matrix System? "All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer.

The 'Federal'Reserve, which we all should know is NOT federal, has it's main branch at 33 Liberty St. in Manhattan and it is a 13 story building.

The Supreme Court ruled (about 90+ years ago) that Rockefeller's Standard Oil monopoly must be broken up- it was, into 33 smaller companies, and all were basically STILL controlled by RockEmpire!

The old flag of the East India Trading Co.had 13 red and white stripes BEFORE Betsy Ross supposedly designed ours. (Mainstream historians now agree that the Betsy Ross story is bogus, but do not know of who or where the design idea came from)

Hint-The old flag of the British East India Trading Co. had 13 red and white stripes.We fold the flag into a TRIANGLE at funerals etc, without realizing it significance. The back of the jewel encrusted thrones of the British monARCHy have the triangle with the inner circle. The pyramid also appears as a triangle.

William Shakespeare's plays are said to have actually been written by Sir Francis Bacon, a rosicrucian Grand Commander in the knights templar tradition who was also Grand Chancellor of England. In the plays he hid a secret code based around the # 33. (that one I can't document) We do know for a fact that he wrote 'The New Atlantis', where Bacon described a new world

controlled by a secret brotherhood of elite few, like the one he belonged to, AND those manipulating men behind the curtain of todays brotherhood.

The sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution DID NOT authorize the IRS to tax personal earnings, nonetheless the IRS has 33 divisions.

The first temple of Solomon stood for 33 years. King David ruled for 33 years.

Jesus Christ was crucified at age 33

Rolling Rock beer, made in the 'KEYSTONE' state of Pennsylvania has the '33' on it's label. Nearly EVERY governor of that state has been a Mason.

Witches celebrate imbolc/candlemass on February 2nd- the 33rd day of the year!

The Reichstag fire was staged in 1933 to help put Hitler into power.

The Humanist Manifesto came out in 1933.

In 1933, the Rockefellers, John Dewey and fellow illuminists announced "The creation of a new public mind" where "old stereotypes must be broken down, and new climates of opinion must be formed." That same year we saw FDR give official recognition to communist Stalin who murdered over 30 million Russians.

The street # for The House of the Temple (Scottish Rite U.S. HQ) is 1733 16th Street in Washington DC. 1733 happens to be the year that the first Grand Lodge of Masonry opened in America in Boston Mass. It's flag was pale blue and white- just like that of the U.N. and the Israel flag.

In the old John Marsh mansion in Woodstock Vermont (last owned by Laurence Rockefeller) there is the pale blue and white designed room. The Rockefeller's also left their Tiffany stained glass window depicting the "Torch of Knowledge" (The fire/torch is the oldest most important illuminati symbol, it is on back of the dime and a stone flame is on top of the Masonic obelisk in Dealey Plaza.

There is an 'eternal flame' at JFK's gravesite to rub it in.

In 1999 (99 is 3 times 33) the cost of a first class stamp went up to 33 cents and the interim stamp was the H stamp for the mythical Hiram Abiff of Masonic lore (Hiram is actually symbolic of the REAL martyr of the Knights Templar/Masons -Jaques deMolay.

The thing is, since 1978, every time they raised the rate, they had an interim stamp, starting with the A stamp and so on until the H stamp in 1999, yet there WAS NO 'I' INTERIM STAMP THIS YEAR FOR THE RECENT INCREASE TO 34 CENTS. They had you buy 1 cent stamps to add on instead. (There's no need to proceed past the all important 33/Hiram stamp) If you think it's coincidence, you should also note that the 33 cent Hiram stamp portrayed the Masonic Lodge Masters TOPHAT!

In 1307, the Templars were ordered to be rounded up in Europe by Pope Clement V (who was in cohoots with France's King Phillip IV) and the Papal Bull said for all of Europes rulers to do this on November 22nd of that year. King Phillip couldn't wait to grab the Templars wealth and so he started rousting Templars in France on Friday October the 13th. (Hence the whole Friday the 13th thing origin)

But the date of Nov. 22nd is MORE important as it is the primary date set by the Pope. JFK was assassinated on that same day in 1963, and he was killed as he entered the outdoor temple of Freemasonry known as Dealey Plaza. (Which is almost right on the 33rd parallel) The whole plaza is shaped like the topless pyramid of the Great Seal, it's top cut off by the railway overpass. There is also the blatantly Masonic OBELISK & REFLECTING POOL in Dealey Plaza. The obelisk is made of 14 pieces. In the ancient Egyptian lore, the number of pieces that OSIRIS was cut into by SET was 14, ISIS found only 13 pieces but not the penis (the generative principle) so she remade him a penis of gold and therefore he 'rose'again triumphant. (13 is the number of death &

re-birth in the mystery religions/philosophies) Rather than having a pyramid top, the plaza obelisk has on top the most common symbol of the mystery religions- a flame (made of stone). The columns nearest the obelisk have PENTAGRAMS on them. The window of the School Book Depository that they said Oswald shot from is the only window on the whole front of that building that is SQUARE, all the others have a curved top casing. It's probably a coincidence that November the 11th month adds to the 22nd day to make 33. The revenge angle, against what the Catholic church did to them exactly 656 years earlier is the only reason the Masons picked THAT day, and the

location being on the 33rd parallel was a symbolic plus. It's like a serial killer who likes to leave clues to taunt the authorities. But in this case, most of the culprits WERE in top positions (like Masons J.

Edgar Hoover and LBJ and 'single bullet' theorists Arlen Spector and Gerald Ford.) Top culprit Allen Dulles is mentioned and shown several times by Oliver Stone in his JFK movie. He shows the obelisk

(Washington Monument) behind Kevin Costner & Donald Sutherland in a special 'pregnant pause' scene RIGHT AFTER Sutherland asks "Who do you think had the power to do it? ,(assasinate JFK) Who do you think could cover it up, who?" Besides telling you who with the pause on the obelisk, he said 'who' THREE times. At an earlier point in the movie, Costner playing Jim

Garrison gets asked "What are you driving at boss?"

Jim just stands there and we hear nothing but an OWL hoot it's 'who' THREE times. It's a blatant clue, especially since in this scene they are standing in the major downtown New Orleans business section, yet hear only an owl! The owl hooting 3 times twice is the movies hidden '33'. Right after the 3 hoots of the owl, Garrison and two colleages walk toward a point within circle park monument. The Washington Monument from above is a point within the circular walkway and 50 flags. There are other symbolic clues in the movie pointing to the Masons. A convicted hitman named Charles Harrelson has been in prison for years. Back in the early 1960's he was one of the

'three tramps' photographed in Dealey Plaza. They were arrested in the plaza but released without names taken. He teased reporters saying that he was involved in it but would not elaborate. Louisiana attorney Jim Garrison brought to trial the only person ever indicted as a conspirator in the JFK ritual murder- Clay Shaw, who lived at 1313 Dauphine street. So the Illuminati Masons got revenge against a Catholic world leader who was threatening to mess up their pre-planned history by stopping the Vietnam war as well as end the CIA and take back our economy from the 'Federal Reserve'. They gave JFK the same penalty that a 7th degree Mason must bind himself to should he reveal the secrets of "The Craft", which is "to have my skull smote off and my brains exposed to the midday sun"! -see 'Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry'.

According to the website of H.A.A.R.P., it's entire antenae array when complete will be 33 acres large.

There was a 1960's TV show called 'Get Smart' with Agents 86 and 99. (86 means 'to kill' and 99 is 3 times 33) The two opposing spy organizations were called "Kaos" and "Control". Chaos is what the Illuminati Masons use to gain Control as they Divide & Conquer! Their old axiom is 'ORDO AB CHAO' which is Latin for Order through Chaos.

The primary symbol of Masonry, the COMPASS & SQUARE has two meanings.

The first is FECUNDITY (sex) since it is obviously a male (compass) mounting the spread legs of the female (square). The G means Generation since thats where the sex happens. For the second meaning, you must understand that a compass is also called DIVIDERS, and to 'square' something means 'to make to CONFORM'.

So their symbol means DIVIDE & CONQUER!!

In 1998, 33rd degree Mason John Glenn went into orbit one more time during HALLOWEEN. That year the Masons of Massachusetts had their Governor proclaim a certain day to be Freemasonry Recognition day. The Proclamation was made in August of 1998 but the day of recognition was set as OCTOBER 31st- Again with the HALLOWEEN! (31 backwards is 13) Witches call it Samhain (pronounced like sowen) It also happens to be UNICEF day. It is no coincidence that Masons refer to Masonry as 'The CRAFT'. The symbols, rites and oaths of FM are all quite similar to those of witchcraft, but they don't want to talk about that. The 'ideal' witches coven is 13 of them. Up until medieval times, the calendar year had 13 months, which is related to the 13 menstruations of women, or "The Goddess". The Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station on Friday the 13th of October 2000 with the moon at full phase.

It had left two days before to attach two new segments to the 13 story space station. All Space Shuttles leave Kennedy Space Center's LC-39. (3 times 13) There is no Launch Complex 38 or 40! Everything NASA does is occultic.

The Lunar Moon Landing Hoax of 1969

If you go to the website of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction http://www.srmason-sj.org/main.html , you see Mr. C.

Fred Kleinknecht pictured. He's the Sovereign Grand Commander of FM (basically the top Mason of America). You'll see there how Fred signs his name with the symbol of BAPHOMET on one side, and the 33 in the TRIANGLE on the other side. His brother Kenneth S. Kleinknecht was Manager for the command and service modules for the Apollo Space Program in 1969, and ALL of the astro-NOTS who participated in the hoax were Scottish Rite Masons!! ( about half of them are not 'officially' masons but secret members) One of the many infamous NASA pictures from the "moon" that they have not explained shows a moon rock near the astronaut with a 'C' stamped on it. It may have been a tip of the hat to the (soon to be) top Mason of America and brother of Kenneth - Mr. C. FredKleinknecht. You know how the UN flag has the 33 section target drawn over the world, and there are 13 leaves on each of the laurel sheafs right? Well did you know that laurel is the laurel of the greek god APOLLO? Not only that, but the Scottish Rite says that they consider the international flag of the Scottish Rite to be the UN flag!

Masons Laurel and Hardy released their movie "Sons of the Desert" with it's Masonic message in 1933.

Freemason Charles Lindbergh made his famous flight in 33 hours. He named his plane after the hero of the Knights Templar/Masons - " St." Louis, who led the battle which recaptured Jerusalem for the Templars.

Masons put a big ARCH in the city they named for their hero.

John Wayne Gacy sodomized and murdered 33 boys.

A deck of cards has 4 hands of 13 cards each to make 52.

You also find 4 sets of 13 in the proposed new World War II Memorial to be built on the Mall in Washington DC. It is to have two SQUARE ARCHways, and on each side of each archway is 13 columns. A 'Rainbow Pool'in the middle as well. gotowww.wwiimemorial.com The Washington Monument commitee formed in 1833, to build the huge phallic idol of Osiris's penis. The whole thing cost a total of $1,300,000 to build, and it's pryamid granite capstone weighs 3,300 pounds! It's height of 555 feet pertains to the 5 points of the pentagram. If you take that height and add it to the width and breadth of the monument at it's base (55.5 feet each) you get 666feet. Coincidence? Well guess what, you also get a 666 by simply converting the 555 foot height to inches by multiplying it by 12 to get 6660 inches! It has 8 little windows at the top with have a total of 39 square feet. The 2 on the east side are larger than the others (to watch the rising of the sun-god Osiris/Horus from). The word horizon comes from 'Horus rising'.

In 1913,besides making sure the "Federal" Reserve Act got passed, J.D. Rockefeller proved he could be as vicious as his father. 9000 miners at the Ludlow Colorado mine owned ny Rocky were each paid about $666 a year. They had been on strike demanding union rights, better conditions and pay, and an end to the prison-camp type system they had to live and work in. J.D.'s army charged through the miners tent camps in armoured cars raking them with machine guns, burning a camp down. 66 (2 X's33) men women and children were shot or burned to death.

It was just another pagan spring sacrifice.

April 20th 1999 at COLUMBIne High School 13

people were killed in 13 minutes!!

Kent State University had 13 students shot in 13 seconds, four of them died. 67 bullets were fired which adds to 13.

The Medal of Honor is an inverted pentagram,just like Eastern Star Freemasonry's inverted one.

From a book on the occultism of the Nazi elite: "The center of the SS 'cult' became the castle of Wewelsburg in Westphalia, which Himmler bought as a ruin in 1934 and rebuilt over the next 11 years at a cost of 13 million marks. The central banqueting hall contained a vast round table with 13 throne-like seats to accomidate Himmler and 12 of his closest 'aposles'- making, as some occult writers have pointed out, a coven of 13."

13 was a sanctified number in ancient Israel. The 12 zodiac signs plus the sun make 13. In Babylon, 13 people were chosen to portray the gods and goddesses at their pagan feasts. The 13th one was executed to end the ceremonies. (Christ had 12 disciples, making Christ the thirteen, whom became the traditional sacrifice ) The 13th card in Tarot is the 'Death' Card.

The KGB's assasination squad was the '13th Department'.

So is the British MI5's death squad, who killed Princess Diana by forcing the car with her and friend into the 13th pillar in the tunnel under what was an old pagan site there in what is now modern Paris. It happened August 31st (13 backwards) and it occured 13 days after the full moon and 18 days (6+6+6) after the witches high sabat of Lughanasaid. It was all during the approach of a solar eclipse on Monday September 1st, which in ancient astrology means the death of a leader. The funeral was held 39 days (3 times 13)before the October full "Hunters Moon". (Huntress Diana)

Flight KAL-007, with whistleblower Congressman Larry McDonald on board was shot down on August 31st 1983.

The Bilderberg steering group has 39 members.

Another 39 with the 33 is the fact that Masonic President Roosevelt put us under 'Emergency' rule on 3/9/33.

In the old goofy TV show "The Munsters", they lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Remember the 'mocking bird' (owl) that Oliver Stone had in JFK? The front of the dollar bill has a tiny owl in upper right hand corner within the loop of the crest around the "1".

Timothy McViegh and Waco's David Koresh were both killed at the age of 33.

The 13 most interesting sites on the 33rd Parallel (from East to West):

Site 1: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan, which were both nuked by order of 33rd degree Mason Harry S. Truman.

Site 2: South Los Angeles CA., which is just within the 33rd degree corridor. Twice major riots broke out there (on May Day) due to black people being upset over police brutality. It is also where Robert Kennedy was killed by mind-controlled dupe Sirhan Sirhan. If RFK had become President he could have seen the secret files on his brother's murder.

Site 3: San Diego CA., where 39 mind-controlled dupes died. The "Heaven's gate" so-called suicides were obviously occultic. They died in 3 stages of 13 at a time! It happened just after the eclipse of the full moon, which was 39 days before the witch's highest day of Beltain (May 1st). Placed over their dead bodies was the purple shroud of Pan- who is the Greek god which personifies mind-control! The number of Baal is 39, or 13 tripled.

TheLA Times reported on the freedom of information act request they did in which they found out that the UNabomer Ted Kaczynski was a volunteer in the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind-control experiments back in the early 60's.

Site 4: Phoenix, AZ. In 1997, a UFO's were seen by over a 1,000 people.

Site 5: Alamagordo, NM. It's where the first nuke bombs were tested. It's also called "TRInity Site" and it is by THREE Rivers, NM.. The spot where the nukes were set off is marked by a Masonic obelisk made from blackened nuked rock!

Other towns on the 33rd degree in NM. include Truth or Consequences, Boaz,Monticello, Magdalena, and Poe - all special names to the sorcerers of the New World Order who fulfilled the first law of alchemy (the creation and destruction of primordial matter) with the detonation of the 1st A-bomb at Trinity.

Site 6: Roswell NM.. The 1947 ufo crash

Site 7: Dallas TX.. November 22nd 1963 and the Masonic ritual murder of JFK in the outdoor Masonic temple known as Dealey Plaza.

Site 8: Philadelphia , MISSISSIPPI.. In 1964, three civil rights workers were beaten to death by the sheriff and deputies. The Movie "Missisipee Burning" was about this. (Remember, the KKK was started by Rothschild's Civil War instigator and Masonic 'King' Albert Pike) Missisipee also has on the 33rd parallel the towns of Columbus and Trinity.

Site 9: Birmingham AL. 1963. It was 18 days (6+6+6) after Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech when the Masonic agents of death exploded a bomb in a black church killing four girls.

Occultic named towns in Alabama on the 33rd degree are Five Points, St.Clair, (the St. Clair/Sinclair family is important in Knights Templar history) and Alexandria.

On the 32nd parallel in Alabama is Orion and Omega.

In Georgia, where the KKK was started, and then revived again in Atlanta in 1915, you find these on the 33rd- Pike County, Mason, Boaz, Swords, Sylvania, St. Clair,Monticello, and Columbia.

Site 10: Charlestown SC.. The Supreme Council 33rd degree Scottish Rite Masons put their first U.S.

temple in Charlestown, which makes sense since the highest degree in Scottish Rite Masonry is the 33rd degree.

Site 11: Orangeburg SC. 1969. Like the Kent State University killings, a campus in Orangeburg was the site of an atrocious killing zone. Police shot at mostly peaceful demonstrators killing 3, wounding 27 others.

Site 12: Damascus, Syria. Bible prophesy (Isaiah17:1) says Damascus will be a city in ruins. This city on the 33rd parallel has never been in ruins- YET.

Site 13: Bagdad, Iraq. Iraq was attacked (without Constitutionally mandated authourity) by both Bush Sr. and Clinton...and now Bush Jr. .

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

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Lets see...the Masons (A Luciferian - The Light) worshiping party. Many of the presidents in many countries are Masons. They gather in their lodges (Red and Blue) and practice ceramonies to Lucifer. The Masons have been around since the time of the Myans and possibly before hand. The woman pharoah Nefertiti and her brother worshiped the Sun God, in these days we call him Lucifer. Masons are dangerous, many of the leaders before us were Masons. The NWO is made up of all Masons. Sept. 11 was the beginning of the NWO, and soon a civil war will begin if the 2004 elections are tampered with. Beware of them, they are evil.


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