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Is Non-linear Travel Possible?  

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  1. 1. Is Non-linear Travel Possible?

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Travel to a different Dimension (Reality) or anything other than relative forward motion (Yes, Hopping).


U.S. Scientist Patents Time Machine « Talesfromthelou's Blog


The problem with the article in the above link is that Pohlman did not patent anything. Several years ago he filed a patent application but the USPTO did not issue it to him. One problem may well have been that the diagrams used in his patent application are the copyrighted property of the John Titor Foundation, filed in 2003. Pohlman filed for the patent in 2006 and there is nary a word in the application that refers to prior standing patents or copyrights (as is required).


I say that copyright might be a problem because, interestingly enough, the schematic of the John Titor gadget with all the colored arrows and text identifying the different parts that is included in the application is not the original schematic that Titor posted. That one was sans the "extra" text and arrows. When Oliver Williams first started his JohnTitor.com sight he posted that particular schemtic on his website. It stayed up for a few days and then disappeared. He was asked about it via email and his reply was that he had been contacted by an attorney, there were legal issues involved, he talked to his "partner" (unidentified - if s/he actually exists because that's the only reference he's ever made to having a partner) and they decided to take it down before there was a real problem. The actual original schematics and xerox pages of The Manual were posted by Titor on the now defunct Peanuts Gallery site in November of 2001. They were later re-posted on Anomalies.net and the questionable schematic showed up on Anomalies in late 2001. It isn't Pohlman's original work.


But every six months or so it pops up as yet another thread here.

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But every six months or so it pops up as yet another thread here.

Yup, I can see that.

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