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How could time travel technology help this woman?

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This morning I came across this article about a girl who was locked up on her room for 25 years. By her own mother.


When they found her, well... go read the article.


How could she be spared from this if time travel were available? If we went back and released her from captivity that would only generate another world line where she would live her life with her love.


I don't think that bringing her back would be of any help either, since she wasn't herself anymore after all those years.


What do you think? Could time travel be used to fix this types of mistakes?

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If we traveled back in time and released her from captivity, she would be freed, but in an alternative timeline. After we return to our timeline, we will have no recollection of helping her, and history would not have changed in her favor. But without ever remembering it, we'd have created an alternative universe where she was freed by a group of mysterious strangers ;)

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