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Multiverse resonator schematic

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Cosmo had mentioned he would like a section for schematics and plans in this new format of TTI, so this section is to fulfill his request.


I start by submitting a “Weird” science schematic of a Multiverse Resonator that I found on the web. No idea what it does-if anything. If you build one, be sure to post your results. Later I will post some Anomaly Detector circuits and other items such as Proton Precession Magnetometers, Time anomaly circuits, etc.



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We know that Gravity in related to Time anomalies.


I personally have found that locations with anomalous Gravity can have strange effects given the right conditions.

The following are some areas to explore that show “Gravity like” propulsion or anomaly effects to experiment with, which if legitimate, and a strong enough effect occurs-And if you know the required parameters needed, should also interact with time on a low level scale.

A place to start for experiments.


First a person to gain insight on the nature of magnetism:


Simple experiment:


The Five parts in this experiment are:


1. A copper plate or disk

2. A small disk battery

3. A Neodymium magnet

4. A electromagnet (Coil)

5. soft iron for core of coil.


There used to be a simpler Superconductor version of the above by Claude Poher. (A patent if I remember correctly, of a propulsion system) I will try to find it in my archives.


Claude Poher has some patents onlime. (Search for the patent images).

He has a PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics, has been a past French UFO researcher and is a friend of Jacques Vallee.



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