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OJ Simpson, others and the famous trial

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If you are traveling through and just would like to take a look here, the probabilities on the O.J. Simpson case, as how issues had turned out, equals roughly about the same value as negligent homicide involving the act of driving a car.

The particulars that were only slightly brought to the public viewing screen, is that both O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson, plus Ronald Goldman, may have been involved in controlled substance involvement. *As part of a series known as Inside Edition, an ex-New York, detective, had seen lines, or measures to be sniffed through the human nose of powdered < (the drug cocaine), on OJ's bar top at the Bellaire Estate.

The policemen then, said to, "let's say some kind of Los Angeles based cops), there at the estate with him, "Hey' this guy has lines of coke on the bar top, shouldn't we bust, or arrest him"?

The answer from these cops was "No, look the other way. It's common out here, let it go".

Later' during the trail, it was brought out that a group of men in dark clothes and ski mask were seen walking away from the scene of the murder, late at night. They had looked fit and were not what one would refer to as gang members of any type.

What the viewer in history does not see and is probably the case, is that there may have been alleged dealing of controlled substances as placed as a business of sorts, in the prime suspect's territory. Issues may have de-evolved into territorial rights and the issues of who owns or sells what, may have become an issue.

It is common knowledge in that part of the country, that getting a fix for any kind of either famous celebrity, or actor/actress is not a chore of difficulty in or near Hollywood. They even have an armada of specialized hired people, that can erase a problem based with the wrong type of publicity, that is if one has the money to be able to get than problem covered up.

The way the adjudication came down from the Simpson Brown Goldman case, is that someone had to pay for the crime committed in the jurisprudents as the State would see legal rulerings. This is probably why OJ had taken both the bait along with the responsibility concerning the death of both Goldman and Brown Simpson.

*One clue. I do not feel that the presence of blood had shrunken the leather glove that OJ tried on at the trail. If the group of men in ski mask were again responsible for the murder, then the smallish glove that Simpson could not get up over his knuckles, in theory could have hailed from that group of late night seen men.

The ruling against OJ Simpson, is similar to a fallen legal decision weight, as a person intoxicated, while driving a motor vehicle and have that vehicle kill a person, or persons. I feel that the actual social complications of the truth would have been too much to handle at the time, so they let the legal private consensus, based on a secret agreement, fall to the effect that the final ruling. Thank you.

O. J. Simpson - Wikipedia

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Good thing The Juice is on Twitter now to "set the record straight".

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