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Hydrogen powered ontario trains

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Today it was announced that Ontario is intending to run hydrogen powered trains.

The announcement came from posers of intelligence that have risen to authority and big paychecks. The truth is drinking the water that will be told is just water isn't safe. It will strip the calcium from bones and effect the immunity of animals and every small organism that requires water right up to the spreadable from altitude of clouds built on evaporation.

Ontario , do you know that this tech has been known for a very long time and rejected because it is actually dangerous?

Did you see Johnny Carson reach for the glass and be warned not to drink it?

This would have been common in cars twenty years ago , but the truth became known and the cars industry stopped the progress.

This is the water table and disease potential.

If there is some scientists that will chime in here, I'd appreciate the help. Common sense is needed after the people in power began acting out today. Effecting or affecting is a world issue worthy of u.n. intervention. Where is UNESCO now? Thereupon parks to the extent of overgrowth and when real threat emerges the sit silent.

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