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Guest mickybela

Hi' Some of you I know.Some of you however, I don't know.


What John Titor had done, was come back from an undetermined future and say lots about possable events, that could, or could not have happened.


It was never established in the old Art Bell post, that John Titor was linneally ahead of the time that I am now posting in.


There are about three other realities besides this one, that are scailer adjustment parallel to this reality.


In one, the Axis had fought a non-allied United States, to a stand still.


In the other, there are a form of loveing Blue Dracks, that are about the size of a six foot tall human, that have entertained some special chosen people, taken to their reality.


These are not the Dracks from Alpha Drackonis.


And I know of another parallel world, were the people are really messed up and they are brain damaged or insane somehow, but luckily, there is no communication between our reality and theirs.


Titor came back, using a General Electric Tripple Zero point, twin kerr black hole, or donut stile of black hole simulating time machine.


This unit wasmade out of a standard U.S. Mil aluminum carrying case, with bottled cryogenic freeze points and self battery power.


This unit had to be produced by off the shelf connex stile U.S. Military Surplus parts, from the future mil somwhere, except for the twin Trippler cylinders, which may be of exotic manufacture.


I have found some very odd syncronicity, between a charicter named Gary Voss and the Charicter, Time 202112 who use to post here?


I myself am very knowlegable about E.T.s and time travel and probably wont stay in this existance, if there is an N war in the anty, as Titor had predicted.


My reason being, is that I'm not longer what you would consider full Earth human, although humanoid.


There are two ways out for me.One is suicide before the conflageration, if I know that this is comeing and two is to build a small space craft, and leave this planet.


Im predominatly Pleaidean any more, due to the gentic influence of a twin that I did not know I had.


So there is very little love loss, between myself and ignorant humans, who don't know how to hold their toungs around aliens, which sometimes carry ray gun weaponry.


I'm sick and tired of being here and will probably relocate off this globe?


For those of you that have been sweet like Pamela, "well I have no grudges".


It's just that I don't want to live here any more, if a third big war is coming our way.


Titor had struck me, as more of a bitter scavenger, that a time travler.


This was a very low end time travel machine, as far a quality and complexity went.


Nothing like the time travel machine leftback in this time, from a future place known as Pacifica.


Actually what Titor had done, was kind of like raid the refridgerator and take what he wanted, without much concious to it.


Kind of like a vagabond, with a lot of resentment in him for this time.


John did not see, that the situation around us, is hoplessly corrupt and we could not have done anything about it any way.


This was in reference to his comments, that we had squandered the future away, as we had everything within this time we live in.


That's my ten cents.


I suggest that you all read the works of Wendelle C. Stevens, as he can help you get out of the pickhole that your all in, if your willing to listen.


To Pam, as this will be the last time I post here, "Smooch"!, your a doll baby and I'm really glad to have made your aquaintiance in reading all of your post.


Your not only sweetness and light, but very smart as well.


You were soothing to John, when he needed this support.That was very generous of you?


Please don't think that I hate Earthlings, it's just when my twins cells took over in me, as mine did in hers, that my way of thinking had markedly changed.


I can't do it here, any more and certainly don't want to stay here, with my loved ones and see them killed.


This ship will take three.


I suggest for you that can do the same, to at least try to build a short haul space craft.


Bye all, please take care.

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