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Aliens in my room?

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Ok date Monday 1 of July time is now 01:21AM good just checking that I’m still alive 

i woke up and there where three or two of the grey aliens there in my room flying just before you touch my ceiling they where grey I saw 

I swear to god that I see there faces and nothing more there eyes where as black as Cole huge like a diamond shape eyes oh and they where hissing to me and my boyfriend because they where talking to him I herd talking or hissing in my sleep before hand they where discussing something about me that I didn’t make out well or here very well 

zain likes to stand by my window and watch’s me while I’m sleeping but not tonight he seemed to enjoy them taking a shot to look after me but it freak the hell outa me 

I know for a well known fact they like to watch people sleep and observe there body’s 

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Can you draw and attach pictures of what they looked like?

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