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Vision dream

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Once, in a vision-dream, I was asked to pick the path my, and eventually the rest of humanity's consciousness will evolve. I had to pick between two kinds, the one that is like tarsier's the other one that occurs in elephants. I had no idea what that means, and asked if I coudl see them. I was shown the conciousness of each of the two creatures, but I was told I cannot be shown the way it will result in humans. I was fascinated by the super sensory mind of the tarsier, while I didn't really get the math or matrix-like mind of the elephant, and din't udnerstand it at all, so I picked the tarsier. I can see it affecting me by my human senses (especially hearing and vision) getting stronger than they used to be. I can hear music better, deeper, with multiple layers at once, can even hear sounds bouncing off the walls sometimes. I can see far more details than I could see before, my vision is getting both sharper and better field of view. This process still continues.

Do you think I made a good choice?

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