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Quantum Time Travel

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Perhaps time flows in both directions simultaneously. But, our memories can only record what is happening from the past towards the future. We do not remember anything FROM the future because we only recall what happens from the past up to the present. Seth Lloyd theorizes that the universe is a quantum computer. Perhaps there is a supreme being who operates this universal quantum computer and will occasionally rewind it back to a previous era in order to experiment with different possible scenarios...

So if time were to flow backwards ...but then, only to halt in order to proceed forward again, our memories of the "previous" future(s) would be erased.

Physicist Richard Feynman proposed that a positron could be an electron flowing backwards in time. Magnification of Planck's constant would entail a macroscopic quantum particle that can be engineered to encapsulate a human temporal agent. Then it would be a matter of reversing the polarity of the bubble field in order to go back in time... The memories of the people inside the field would be preserved due to the fact that their local temporal polarity would not be reversed, only that of the external bubble itself.  

I suspect that the technology required for constructing a working time machine will be very advanced. 

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