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    This is a plausible explanation for where all my hair went. I'm as bald as this emoji :| How I miss my soft hair...
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    11.22.63 is an awesome show based on Stephen King's book. So far, it has a lot of suspense and I'm hooked. It doesn't take into account the multiple worldline theory, so you have to consider that poetic justice and just enjoy the show. Synopsis: A man travels back to 1960 via a portal in a diner and is instructed to stop the Kennedy assassination in 1963. There are 2 problems. 1. If he comes back, everything resets. 2. It always starts at 1960, so he has to stay 3 years until the assassination.
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    Haha why did you mention it? It was all physics and quantum mechanics until you brought it up... Well, at least today I found a new meaning for the word "microsingularity".
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    Hello! Glad to have you!
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