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    Hey, JimmyD, Nice job man, you just ruined this place for everyone with your BS. Because you can't restrain yourself from spreading your stupid drama and taint everything you touch, this community is going to disappear. Shame on you. I sincerely hope your local PD will deal with you and take you offline for good. You and your paranoia are a menace to good and honest folks... and everyone. Oh, and you are banned from Paranormalis. In light of the threats you posted here, it's obvious that you are not the kind of individual we want in our community. Have a nice life. PS. Paranormalis is back online.
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    I have a time traveler test. Please answer the question I haven't asked you yet.
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    This is some guy who's been around for a while, most recently on Paranormalis where he's told both Num and I that we're behind 9/11, killing JFK and something else involving traveling back in time and punching him as a fetus. Yes, truly and seriously. He's been saying stuff like this to us for a while, all of it creepy and disturbing, but today's the first time he's escalated to the point where he's suggesting that people are going to die. I've called the Louisville PD to file a report, our local PD to file a report and have also sent this information to his ISP. With everything going on in the news lately, shit like this is the last thing people should be saying online. I'm not willing to be the guy who didn't say anything, then a week later he's on the news for shooting up a school. Fuck that. At this point, I really and truly don't have time for this kind of thing anymore. I'm going to make a flat-file version of the site to put up on GitHub this weekend. All the posts will still be readable there, but my time as a site owner has come to an end. Time to walk away. This Hula guy is just one of many of the kind of deranged people sites like these attract, and I just have no interest in continuing to foster a place where people like him can escape even further from their reality and continue to harm themselves. It's irresponsible and I want no part of it.
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