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    Hi everyone, welcome to Curious Cosmos. This site is a research and archival project for all things paranormal, fringe or otherwise outlandish. Like it says on the home page, we're about IDEAS and DIALOGUE, doing battle in the realm of logic and wit to get to whatever kernel of truth lies at the bottom of the fringe. All are welcome to join and post, but be sure you can articulate your point of view and don't take it personally if someone proves you wrong. Being wrong is how you learn be right. Embrace it. If you'd like to start your own group to research, archive or just discuss, feel free to do so. Groups allow you to create your own sub-community, similar to reddit, that you can run the way you like. The only caveats are: Your group must tie in with the theme of the site No public/open groups meant solely for adult or NSFW content An option to create private or unlisted groups is coming in the near future Other than that, be yourself. We have a couple other sites that interconnect with this one: Time Travel Institute is a site started by @Mop in 1998 or 1999, and he ran things until I purchased it from him in 2014. Those original forums are now available here in the Time Travel Institute Archives forum, and the original static pages will be put back up on the original domain in the coming weeks. Once TTI is back online, we'll be starting on our Chronobase project, a database of all things time travel related. Books, theories, schematics, claims, movies, etc. Finally, we also have Chronovisor which is a custom cataloging and arching tool built on top of the Wayback Machine's API. It allows easier searching and filtering than Wayback's tools, and makes discovering interesting stuff much easier. Right now, I'm using it to clean up and restore all the old Time Travel Institute posts, and in the future we'll incorporate other long-lost or dead sites such as: Art Bell's forums Anomalies.net Time Travel Portal Totse Zoklet.net etc. Restored threads will all have a tag indicating where that thread came from and a source list at the bottom of the first post for reference. Here's an example: We will eventually get some explainer pages and documentation on how to use everything up, but for now we're getting things set up and figured out. Expect some confusion. Feel free to click around and figure things out in the meantime, or message me for help.
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