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    Hi everyone, welcome to Curious Cosmos. This site is a research and archival project for all things paranormal, fringe or otherwise outlandish. Like it says on the home page, we're about IDEAS and DIALOGUE, doing battle in the realm of logic and wit to get to whatever kernel of truth lies at the bottom of the fringe. All are welcome to join and post, but be sure you can articulate your point of view and don't take it personally if someone proves you wrong. Being wrong is how you learn be right. Embrace it. If you'd like to start your own group to research, archive or just discuss, feel free to do so. Groups allow you to create your own sub-community, similar to reddit, that you can run the way you like. The only caveats are: Your group must tie in with the theme of the site No public/open groups meant solely for adult or NSFW content An option to create private or unlisted groups is coming in the near future Other than that, be yourself. We have a couple other sites that interconnect with this one: Time Travel Institute is a site started by @Mop in 1998 or 1999, and he ran things until I purchased it from him in 2014. Those original forums are now available here in the Time Travel Institute Archives forum, and the original static pages will be put back up on the original domain in the coming weeks. Once TTI is back online, we'll be starting on our Chronobase project, a database of all things time travel related. Books, theories, schematics, claims, movies, etc. Finally, we also have Chronovisor which is a custom cataloging and arching tool built on top of the Wayback Machine's API. It allows easier searching and filtering than Wayback's tools, and makes discovering interesting stuff much easier. Right now, I'm using it to clean up and restore all the old Time Travel Institute posts, and in the future we'll incorporate other long-lost or dead sites such as: Art Bell's forums Anomalies.net Time Travel Portal Totse Zoklet.net etc. Restored threads will all have a tag indicating where that thread came from and a source list at the bottom of the first post for reference. Here's an example: We will eventually get some explainer pages and documentation on how to use everything up, but for now we're getting things set up and figured out. Expect some confusion. Feel free to click around and figure things out in the meantime, or message me for help.
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    Hi Folks!!! It has been awhile. A long while! I hope all my friends here are still doing well. Has anyone seen our friend Darby lately? I miss his intelligent inputs! I have been in touch with some of my friends here "on the other side." They know who they are. RMT
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    RedFiveStandingBy ... where are you?
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    The following is a group that helps people develop different types of 'abilities' within a forum format: The Veritas Society They also have an extensive library of downloadable books: Veritas Library As far as joining a group, there are several, however, I prefer these two : Builders of the Adytum Ordo Templi Orientis Keep in mind, this is serious stuff, and I am not specifically endorsing any group or anything they do. Reading through their material and making any decisions or taking any actions are entirely the responsibility of those who travel into those realms of study.
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    you literally do not know what you speak of prepare yourself and learn the real sciences
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    The Society for American Archaeology has weighed in on Graham Hancock's latest flapdoodly crapola with an entire issue of their journal dedicated to addressing the idiocy Hancock spewed out and then declined to defend. Yes, he declined to defend any of it right there in his book! Sort of a "2% variance" kind of thing but even more blatant. Here's the link: Journal - the SAA Archaeological Record. Happy reading. Harte
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    Wow, work has kept me busy. I'm actively working on something cool for Curious Cosmos though...
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    So, Elon Musk wants to start experimenting with inserting a chip into a human brain and merging it with AI. He claims it will help people with brain injuries. Can you imagine if this gets into the hands of the wrong people? All these super hero movies will come true. https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/7xgnxd/elon-musk-announces-plan-to-merge-human-brains-with-ai?utm_source=vicefblocalau&fbclid=IwAR2Mh42GlFhOkAWQj_qnOLrSJpWjjWEqWHX776mfGNjOilN-_g7MDDytwnw
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    If everyone will remember with me... it it was my wife’s passing that I left here. its been 10 years ,Jan 25.2009 KerrTexas was a solid support at the time and I will always remember him for it. also like to say hi to Einstein and HDRKid (lol) Paula was receiving a regular bashing daily,back then, and I see the tradition continues. I did get to speak to her quite a lot back then and have missed our conversation.
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    You can always GREP through the text files and see if any of the header info(or dates) pop up. —————- I'm truly not as fascinated with the entire TITOR story line than I was with the science behind it all. if it wasn’t for RMT and Darby I never would have ever been able to wrap my mind about it.
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    so my hunch was right after all lol ?
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    [ATTACH=full]318[/ATTACH] For our new members: A singularity is black hole. This thread assumes black holes exist. I am a believer that time travel is possible via math. What one does with the math, I can only guess, as I am not an engineer or scientist, but in my most humble opinion, I feel math proves time travel is possible. I will first refer to a quote by the infamous John Titor himself. Read more here: http://www.microsingularity.net/using-math-for-time-travel/ Basically, what I am showing is that the torus or doughnut is mathematically possible. Questions to ponder and discuss: Could we time travel by accessing points outside the torus? Do we really need to go through it to reach the other universe? Is a wormhole simply an elongated torus or does a wormhole contain a torus on each end? Anyway, this article was simply me thinking out loud and pondering. Thoughts?
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    Florida will only get partial eclipse. But if you know anyone in like, um, Texas, can stay there and experience the eclipse in totality. Am sure will be hearing more about the event as the date gets closer. Link to map and who will see what ....... ( APRIL 8, 2024 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE MAP )
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    Nothing like giving the commanders of a military base a heads-up on when you're going to show up. Maybe we will all get to see some alien technology at work in stopping a large group of hostiles? When perhaps 1 million + people vanish and any records of their existence are scrubbed, THAT might raise some eyebrows here and there. ? Seriously though, stopping a group of people attempting to raid Area 51 would not be physically difficult to do. It's the optics of the situation that would be tough to overcome. As pointed out, it is doubtful that the number of people that have said they're going to raid area 51 actually will : 1. show up. 2 cross onto the base. Still, even if a small percentage of the people do show up and try to raid the military base; lets say 1,000, even that number would present optic problems. How they make the attempt will be interesting to see. Would think small groups of two or three people trying to sneak in, they really might disappear. It is the desert after all. Things happen.
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    I have mixed feelings about disclosing by our governments alien secrets because if it became believed by all it could do great harm. Too many people are way too stupid and could panic and act out of self control. All you need to do is look back to the radio broadcast by Orson Wells to understand my concern. The other point is other nations that hate us live in fear that we may have more alien high technology then them and that may serve as a deterrent. As it stands now, we have been receiving alien technology at a manageable pace over the years, but slow enough to not cause panic or economic disruptions. I think at some point down the road we may see much more information released, but for now we should be happy to have forums like this to exchange what we know here. Human nature seems to also want more and that is good but also may be a two edged sword.
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    Yup! Reverse engineering at its finest.
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    I do not try to decipher because I am no good at it and plenty of other people do it, but I read the posts. What I'm finding is that Q is leading us to existing information, except for the photos from within the Air Force One. He really is just a news source, most likely working with Trump, that was created to give us information outside of main stream media. There are a lot of people and shows mocking Q now, but as they say, if Q is just a Larp, why spend so much time trying to discredit the movement?
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    what was your favorite childhood shows when you were younger? for me it has to be jakers, BB3B, Freefonix of course (no brainier) lol i cant forget mona the vampire and the time warp trio and stuff likes that i grew up in the 2000's it was the best time of my childhood i loved everything about childhood
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    Memory holed real quick. This blackpill is hard to swallow. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jul/18/odom-pleads-guilty-to-gunning-down-coeur-dalene-pa/ >Be kyle Odom, biochemistry student with straight A's going for his bachelors, have military backround in marines with multiple badges and medals, one of them being pistol sharpshooter badge. >Start practicing meditation and mindfulness for stress, notice results. >Find out about opening chakras for spiritual results, why not. >Open chakras in wrong order, have obe. >Reptilian notices you, tricks you into fusing with his being, and tries to take over your body >nope the fuck out of there, wake up out of obe >reptilian has halfway fused with you, not having full control over you >go outside, notice you now have a sixth sense for bodysnatching reptoids >reptoids notice that you notice, send glow niggers to try to finish the process >glow niggers and reptoids torture you psychically, making you cum nonstop >reptoids try to indoctrinate you into christcuckery >finally have enough, write manifesto, empty extended mag of .45s into head pedo christ lizard. >get on plane to dc, throw manifesto on white house lawn, get tackled by secret service. What really gets me from a /k/ perspective is that he drilled that pastor with a 45 1911 from 5 feet away then unloaded again on him when he was down. You don't walk away from 45 rounds to the head at point blank, the hydrostatic shock alone would have jellied his brain. Yet in the news article on top said one of the bullets reportedly "penetrated his skull but missed his brain". That shit just doesn't fucking happen with a 45 hollow point. Not to mention the various other gunshot wounds that were inflicted. This guy walked out of the hospital the next day, hosting sermons next week. Link to full manifesto, not the butchered one you find on search engines: https://mega.nz/#!hgBT3C7B!Abcah7y7U_41ENJg37PRgEefEOryMh-__7NGdVgVxOc
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    Where did you grow up? I've never heard of any of those... I used to watch: Inspector Gadget G.i. Joe Transformers Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Mr. Wizard Shows like that... Late Gen-X early Millennial stuff (though I refuse to consider myself a Millenial). Definitely not Power Rangers. That shit was stupid even then.
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    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Dinosaurs are some of the most fascinating creatures to have ever walked this planet. Looking at a specimen in a museum, it’s tough to image these titans as living, breathing creatures, which could have peered right into our top-story windows. But, there’s one species, in particular, that’s truly captivated us: Tyrannosaurus Rex. Terrifying in Jurassic Park, yes, but what about its particularly benign trait? Those sad, stumpy little arms. Well, it looks like Rexy will get the last laugh, as research suggests those arms may have been much more useful (and dangerous) than once thought. At the 78th annual Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting last October, scientists from Stockton University investigating the limbs of some of these magnificent creatures’ closest living relatives presented some extraordinary findings. The theory is that those feeble arms were much, much more flexible than we’ve long thought. T. rex (and other theropods) were probably able to rotate their palms upwards and inwards, with a range of motion great enough to allow them to perform a clapping motion. Applause might be a concept lost on dinosaurs (with the exception of Barney, obviously), but this is still super impressive. Through the complex technique of X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology, the researchers compared the way that alligator and turkey limbs moved. They have more complex elbow joints than humans and other mammals, with both forearm bones pivoting on the joint and moving sideways towards the upper arm with the shoulder movements. The forearm bones of mammals aren’t capable of these movements, but it seems that Tyrannosaurus Rex was. It may not sound like very much, and it’s speculative, but there’s potential for this to be a huge dino-deal. One possible conclusion to be drawn here is that the ability to rotate the arms and bring them inwards towards the chest actually was key in gripping and delivering bites to prey. Ever since the noble T-Rex was first excavated, the debate about those arms has raged on. Perhaps they were used to grip partners while mating. Maybe they were vicious slashing weapons (not that it needed another weapon; it’s estimated to have boasted an absurd bite force of 12,800 pounds, among the highest of any land animal ever!). Or maybe they were a means of getting the great beast off the ground from a prone position. Some continue to argue that they were just a vestigial evolutionary feature and literally useless. Stockton University’s new research isn’t irrefutable proof or disproof of any one possibility, but one thing’s for sure: those arms are clearly much more than just the subject of jokes and inflatable costumes. Where will this lead next? Will it serve to shed more light on the scavenger/hunter question, seeing that Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been better equipped to hunt than we thought? Next, the team plans to compare the forelimb bones of Allosaurus—another famous theropod—with its modern-day relatives, to better determine how possible all of this is. In the meantime, it’s astonishing to see that there’s still so much more to learn about these ancient, iconic creatures. Case in point: in early January 2019, researchers from the Universities of Reading and Lincoln determined that there was an animal with a bite force that is, pound for pound, 320 times stronger than that of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Which animal? The humble Galapagos ground finch. Clearly, there are many more fascinating truths about dinosaurs to discover (not to mention the awesome, terrifying power of the Galapagos ground finch, which weighs 33 grams). By Chris Littlechild, contributor for Ripleys.com Source: Why Scientists Think T. Rex Arms Could Clap View the full article
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    You must have come from a different timeline than I have. He is a well respected medical practitioner from my timeline.
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    My goal this week is to get some changelog threads going which auto-update each time something is rescued from The Chronovisor. We need a way for that stuff to float to the top, since it's restored with its original date... And that stuff obviously sinks to the bottom. Last wee I built out the rest of the framework for additional Chronovisor projects and put together the listing pages. SOME of our project's sources are now browsable here: https://chronovisor.app/projects/ (A few are still waiting on data imports)
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    I split us off into a separate thread ?
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    Hi guys I only posted a topic no hate here if you wanna hate I suggest that you send each other emails on here not on my topics peace and love plz remember to be nice to each other
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    Never had that problem with real ghost, just some people I've known. Have you tried changing party affiliation?
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    Is that a proven concept or still a theory? scientific facts sometimes change. The unified field theory may change one day? The String theory is but a fine thread of ideas as well. The scientific method of discovery almost always begins with the idea of observation? The more I've learned the more questions are created. We could use a little alien help here. Here is a secret: I've met my older self several times as I was growing up, and I've been scanned while laying in bed. Just opened another can of negative worms? Please try to avoid stupid questions of what I just shared... Remember that I am here looking for answers too!
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    Remember when Obama shit canned many of the top military brass and replaced them with his cronies? Then those Obama placed in charge fired and replaced them with more followers. Those smarter fired military brass now had time to kill and were good at their jobs. What if they all got together as a team and talked Trump into running for president? What if they had a large smart following still working on the inside that were able to feed info to the Trump team? All it takes is to piss off enough people to a high enough level to get the game started? "Game ON Deep State"! Smart money will prepare for trouble.
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    How come all the videos or photos we see of this stuff are so grainy or blurry you cannot tell what it is? Just from looking at the photo you cannot tell what it is....
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    A year later and things in CA aren't any better... Markedly worse. Expect an outbreak of the plague or something along those lines this summer because of the homelessness, rats and fleas.
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    Humans, I am reading the news lately... And I found reports on CNN and USA Today about an EXODUS from SAN FRANCISCO where people from the area are moving to LAS VEGAS of all places ? Because of HIGH RENTS of TECH IPO - STOCK OPTION MILLIONAIRE EMPLOYEES or so these "news" media companies and newspapers "claim" Years ago... I met a SOFTWARE ENGINEER in a Hotel Bar in NYC... Who "shared" STRANGE STORIES about BERKELEY, OAKLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, PALO ALTO, MOUNTAIN VIEW and SAN JOSE He said he went from BERKELEY to SAN FRANCISCO and went SIGHT SEEING in SAN FRANCISCO and found ALMOST NO PEOPLE in SAN FRANCISO a CHINA TOWN DISTRICT - CLOSED AND ABANDONED Walking around the SAN FRAN He only found 26 People on the Street Almost NO CARS on the streets or NO PEOPLE coming and going from HOMES or DRIVEWAYS SOME SAY... Like the movie BULLIT - With Steve McQueen SAN FRANCISCO was SPY ATTACKED And the RESIDENTS "Liqiudated" and "Replaced" with Sleeper Agents Or Assassins who "kill" Tourists, Businessmen or Movers to the Area or "maintain" Apartment Buidling or Condo or Office Towers to "make" people "believe" they are occupied - when they are empty AND RECENT REPORTS Talk of a School System with ALMOST NO CHILDREN REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Anyone have SCARY STORIES about SILICON VALLEY or SAN FRANCISCO? Anyone have SCARY STORIES about LAS VEGAS or THE STRIP of SUPER HOTELS ? NEW STRIP Not Piedmont St Anyone from the area? Darth Tekno
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    We are back ? And Morey Haber is still probably John Titor.
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    i saw it got takend down but im so so so glad its back up ^_^
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    thanks its all working now what actually happend to the webiste i love the site it got taken down :(
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    It's been a long "TIME" but I wanted to share new information I received from an old HS friend and the son of my teacher that gave me secret info back in 1965. I called to say I was sorry for using his father's name as the person that told me above top secret government/alien programs on a radio show. Jimmy said it was Ok because his uncle Phil wrote a tell all book in 1997 and died a year later. Now I knew where Mr. Cole got his secret info back in 1965. Phil Coros's son is still alive and gave another interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cTmy-vwrns Just to remind you of my 2012 interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvB2cgy7loA I'm looking forward to reading a soon to be released book from David Capps about time travel. I shared with him my story and told him about some strange time travel issue I had. Later I'll share those stories and listen for comments and ideas of what I encountered. I don't have answers, but I hope to share and receive ideas from forum members. I do get pissed at false reports such as the one from John Titor that tend to diminish our fact finding efforts. Hope all is well with this curious group and I'm looking forward to finding answers to many questions. Walt
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    Sure! You can find it all here here ? https://www.curiouscosmos.com/forums/?forumId=26%2C4%2C5%2C6%2C7%2C21%2C31%2C33%2C36%2C34%2C27%2C8%2C9%2C28%2C10%2C11%2C29%2C12%2C13%2C14%2C23%2C17%2C15%2C16%2C25%2C22%2C3
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    Cosmo, will you let everyone know where to find TTI's content once it's uploaded to GitHub? (If that's still your plan)
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    I do believe John and a few others and their reports of inside information the have received. Back in 1959 I reported seeing several saucers and got a visit from a man in black and two air force men. They told me to remain silent and that the government will soon tell the American people the truth. Remember that was back in 1959! No joy thus far?
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    Remember what the "U" in UFO stands for.
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    An ancient particle accelerator was found on Mars. This from CERN's own website. Ancient particle accelerator discovered on Mars | CERN "This major discovery could also help to explain the Egyptian pyramids, one of archaeology’s oldest mysteries." Don't say I didn't warn you....
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    I'm with Einstein on this one. I feel like Lussorio is more focused on what we do or don't know, and is offering very little in the way of subject matter.
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    Uh...so? Michelson-Morley also didn't detect that the great state of Wisconsin is a major producer of cheese. That's probably because the experiment wasn't designed to detect either the Earth's rotation or cheese production in North America. We have fracking satellites up there as well as space probes. You see, about a hundred and 180 years ago (i.e. about 50 years before Michelson-Morley) someone invented the first modern photographic camera. Then about a hundred years ago someone else invented the first modern movie camera. Unbelievably, and without reference to Michelson-Morley, we can and do actually mount these sort of devices on those satellites and space probes and take photos, make movies and see the relative and absolute motions of these bodies in the Solar System. Unbelievable, that shite, yes? In other words, we have experimental verification of orbital mechanics. Oh, yeah...and photographic verification that the geocentric view of the Solar system is horseshit. Michelson-Morley my ass...
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    Well, thank you! I'm now officially over this chapter of my life. :lol:
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    The Deutches Ahnenerbe promoted the idea in similar fashion as the Marz Barz promote the idea that aliens, not the Egyptians, build the pyramids. Their task was to proove that the fabled Aryan race were the progenators of all of western culture, science and technology. As the Marz Barz do, the Deutches Ahnenerbe would promote the assumption that the "inferior races", like the Semites, could not possibly have done whatever they did alone - it was obviously the Aryans. When Lawrence Kasdan wrote the script for Raiders of the Lost Ark he didn't simply make up the SS/Deutches Ahnenerbe search for the Ark. That actually occured. It was happening all over the Middle East during the 1930's and even during WWII. It was for propoganda purposes (not to mention that Hitler was a believer). Thus the contents of the jar had to be a battery. It would have been inconvenient to include in the analysis that it was common to both scribe the scrolls on copper and to store the scrolls in a copper tube. Iron, copper and acid will form a crude battery. Papyrus tends to have a Ph of about 4.5 - the acifity range of tomato juice. More than one amateur boat owner has found this to be true the hard way when they've made repairs to through-hull copper tubes by using iron based fittings. The evidence usually shows up when they are several miles off-shore and electrolysis takes its toll. ;)
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    (if there are any Christians here plz dont be offend by this post a little heads up) my boyfriend who is demon told me a few weeks ago in my dream when i was sleeping told me this it was my birthday on 9th June which was now a little while ago and my BF decided to give me a birthday present and guess what it was it was a time travel watch it was the one like in ladybug cat noir the time braker episode, but it was glowing blue golden colour when he gave me it and silver colour he said this "when you die you can have it as a gift for being good and not telling your secrets to everyone" but i found out if you die and reincarnate you wont be able to keep it because your in someones body your (mothers) to be honst i seriously wanted to share what do you guys think about my BF's present its pretty cool right i know i should tell cause its such a secret to me but i have to tell you guys since your so epic on here (im really soz if i offended people) p.s if you want this post taken down plz contact the admins thanks in advance
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    Missed this the first time around, but here are the relevant photos from the article: I think it looks like logs and tree stuff... Weird shape, but not an alien.
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    Lord High Vizier David Kinksworth here Now I am a time traveller of some ill repute, I have not travelled back from 2036 to get an ancient computer to save the world, I am from about five centuries in the future, it's still going. I am typing on one of your ancient keyboards with my bejewelled claws and laugh at your primitive software. This is us future people's usual reaction to your prehistoric computer systems. Ask me a question about the future, I might answer it. No, I am not buying you time travel before you ask.
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