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  1. Wow, work has kept me busy. I'm actively working on something cool for Curious Cosmos though...

    1. cupcakeman


      oh pls tell us ^_^

  2. Birds aren't real.

    1. cupcakeman


      how so???? ? 

    2. Cosmo


      Just look at those little bastards.

    3. cupcakeman


      what about chickens arnt they the same as birds?

  3. Wait, didn't I have an avatar?

    1. Einstein


      This is probably a test. Just to see how well the mind control is working.

  4. Back from camping ?

  5. The redpill is just a vitamin supplement that builds up your fortitude enough to be able to acknowledge the Kali Yuga.

  6. Hey guys! Checking in. Work's got me busy developing some new stuff so it'll be another week or two before I can get back to building here.

    Everything is going well ?

  7. My goal this week is to get some changelog threads going which auto-update each time something is rescued from The Chronovisor. We need a way for that stuff to float to the top, since it's restored with its original date... And that stuff obviously sinks to the bottom.

    Last wee I built out the rest of the framework for additional Chronovisor projects and put together the listing pages. SOME of our project's sources are now browsable here:


    (A few are still waiting on data imports)

    1. Mayhem


      Any more updates Cosmo?

    2. Cosmo



      Ha! Not yet. Works' got me busy developing some stuff and I've got a deadline to meet. I could have worse problems though ? It will probably another week or two, but I'll get back to it. The project I'm working on gave me some nice ideas to implement here.

  8. Someone tried to use the contact form earlier, but it wasn't configured correctly. If it's important please resend... If not, oh well.

  9. I'm going to move some of the TTI Archive threads around to tidy things up. Apologies in advance for any messiness that causes  trying to find things while I work on it.

  10. Archive.org had their fiber cut, so Chronovisor links won't work for a bit. See:

    1. Cosmo


      Archive.org is back up:

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