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    "Tom A, from what I had time to read and from the little that I know about space time contineum, Time travel as you say is not possible, thus my answer to you is: By your deffinition of time travel, NO." This simple paragraph proves AlienChild is human, and not very educated at that. As time travel has already been made possible on this planet, and all "visiting" extraterrestrials here are more advanced than humans, AlienChild should be aware of the fact that it is in fact possible.
  2. Dolphin

    Astral Travel

    Perhaps you are judging all by the claims of those who are not proficient in astral traveling. Those who can astral travel, can give very specific details about where they've been, whom they've seen and in case of traveling into the future, what the details of an upcoming events are. So please do not judge all by the claims of some.
  3. Hi, I've read some of your other posts as well and I feel your experience basicaly comes down to two things. Either you are an abductee (seeing you were so young when your first "experience" happened, it wouldn't have been voluntary) or you keep slipping into another dimension. Considering it appears to be regular, I'd tend to go with the abduction. Accidental slips aren't usualy regular and don't usualy last that long. The question is, how much do you want to know? Are you ready for what you might find out? With abductions, one of the most important things is, who the abductors are. Some should definitely be feared. How do you feel after these incidents? Are you scared of them or welcome them? You should really get in touch with other abductees, I think that would help you a lot. Just please keep in mind, that some things are better left alone. May the light be with you.
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