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  1. Places I dream about........... The dancing kind.........entangled blossoms. Just a boy of 17. What's on my mind, Emmet? The darkness is in your mind. I hear your laugthter...........sleep, sleep, sleep. No never did physics.....just got this 'chip' implant. Life is Life! LIFE IS LIFE!!! We all have the power, and you'll all get the power. You really don't understand it, do you, Emmet? You really can't see for your own ego. Take some time out, Emmet, to take a good introspective view of yourself. Your headed for........ Where's the Maid of Orleans? You have once again made a negative assumption........you have assumed that I am an American. See just how wrong YOU can be, Emmet. Take a look at yourself, for the sake of your spirit. You think to have tricked me. LOL.....Emmet, I am the Trickster God. I feel your pain, your not to blame. Did you know, Emmet, that Einstein never said that the speed of light was absolute. Theres something in the air. You know what I'm talking about, Emmet. Dare you admit it. My mission date draws near. It's all too beautiful.
  2. Do you expect me to explain in a language that you would understand? Do you expect me to reveal to you the workings of TT? Of the true compositions of the sub-atomic world? You are not yet capable of comprehending such complex technology. You are also not ready for TT. You tried to trick me, as I knew you would do. I gave you your answers, but you failed to understand them, simply because you can not........and I knew you would not.
  3. I take it you don't know the answer? I will ask again, just in case you missed it. What is the universe expanding into? And.......I don't need to buy 'books'. I have all my info implanted.
  4. If I told you the truth about ancient man, you would not believe me, and it would cause an even greater stir on the message boards. It is a delicate subject (presently) to say the least. If the Universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? Yes, I agree about 'mass' in the known universe being 'finite'. But where is the missing mass?
  5. What is it that you want me to say? Do you want me to say things like there will be civil war in the United States soon. That I have come to collect a computer from the past? You want me to tell you that I am a soldier, like John? Yes there is a war, and it has been going on for a long time. That is another reason why TTs must always beware. I am not direct military, more of what you might describe, (I think the word is) 'mercenary'. My mission is to ensure that something takes place on a certain day in the month of July in the year 2006. Then, hopefully, I will be going back home. I am part of a sort of private organization affiliated to the military. We wear black uniforms (in Time-Transit). I am six feet tall in my boots. I am vegetarian. Smoking is outlawed. We have a one main leader. I live on Mars, but spend 'much time' on other planets at various times. Alcohol has been replaced with drinks that provide similar effects but does the body (and spirit) no harm. I have a passion for sport and learning........there is always alot to learn. I also enjoy chemistry. I have two brothers. One is a soldier, the other a doctor of energy. The mother ship which my 'craft' arrived here in, is currently at the noth polar region of Earth. The Earth will taste great war, assasination, riots. Man will do to Man what Man would never dream of. Do you really want to know the future? Do you really believe Man, in his futile infancy, is ready to TT? To meet other species? To embrace what is out there? The American continent is still there, though somewhat changed. The United Kingdom is smaller. The continent of All Europe is still there, but borders have changed. The African continent is the same......near enough. Asia has changed. Some Earth places do not exist as they once did, they have gone. Once my mission is complete, I hope to be going home. I cannot contact any of you in the same way again. I can only do that from here, Present Earth year 2006, by internet commune. I am passing through this TT site, uo until my target date. Pamela M, all of you, do not get bored, get ready, prepare for times shortly to come.
  6. The theory based on first principles is that the mass of x1 is equal to the gravity of e2 which is at absolute to the bi-nuclear integral. SMS= quark mass gev/x. 412.453 nannobytes. (Not truth Quark). That is as much as I am allowed to say regarding your curiosity on this matter.
  7. I'll try to keep it simple. Expel the nuclear force and then separate the up and down quarks. Replace one quark with a mi-photon. Re-energise.
  8. How can something be finite yet unbounded? Interpret 'unbounded' for me. Background radiation, yes, that is picked-up by radio waves.
  9. Re: Would a TT from the past commune with...Yes! Yes, everything is beyond that. An infinite everything. Thoughts wrapped in meat? We are infinite beings in an infinite existence. We are imortal. Our materia is perishible, but our prima materia is eternal.
  10. What about the universe and beyond? If it is not infinite, please explain your finite model.
  11. It is pointless giving you the URLs as those sites don't exist yet. I think you may have incorrectly assumed that I meant 'Present Day' academic physics sites.
  12. Yes, spoke directly to Mr. Einstein. Hows he doing? Well, he was OK back then when I spoke to him, but, of course, as you know, he has since died. And dead men don't think. How do you KNOW time travellers didn't give you all that? Yes, people were working on them, too. 'Give credit where credit is due'.
  13. It wouldn't be important to discuss the issue with you. EGO? Which variant, descriptive or normative? Perhas altruism. Life is in it for me. Life is in it for you. I have discussed the subject on 'academic physics sites'. I/we have spoken to many famous scientists on the subject, including, you might want to know, Albert Einstein. Do you really belive he formulated those theories all by himself??? There will soon surface some 'lost' notes relating to this man. Who gave you the bomb? (IPTIWBAYWGYTB)+(AWTLM) Who gave you powered flight? Who gave you the wheel? Who gave you time travel? Don't you think that it might have involved a little external influence?
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