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  1. I agree with you. More than likely the technology will end up being used for nefarious purposes. I believe most people have an inherent desire for immortality. If becoming a machine causes people to believe it is a step towards that goal, then they'll take it. Also, as mentioned, as soon as a few people accept the transhuman device as Musk proposes, others will have to do it to be competitive. Eventually such a thing may be required to have any kind of a 'normal' life within the civilization of the time.
  2. Was given a link to an article entitled, " Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere..." . I read the article and my first thought was along the lines of , " What could possibly go wrong?" . Bill Gates is helping fund an effort to create a barrier made of dust ( calcium carbonate ) around the Earth. The plan is that this barrier will deflect enough rays and heat from the Sun and allow cause planet to cool down. According to sources on-line, they've already conducted experiments using ice. Obviously, the dust will not remain in the atmosphere and settle onto the surface of Earth. What will the dust do to the oceans , lakes and rivers? What happens to the air we breathe? And if it does turn out to be a disaster, what can be done to reverse it? Also get a bit angry, what right does one man have to do something that will effect all of Earth? Do most other countries agree with and are going along with this idea? And what happens if there is a major volcanic eruption that contributes additional material to the barrier, what then? Hmm, I don't think this is a good idea. You? Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere
  3. Hello Kanigo ! Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well with you and your loved ones. ?
  4. Right, I was incorrect with my statement about MOP deleting anything from the forum. I should have specified that it was the registration information that was not able to moderators. Goes with what I wrote awhile back that we ( RainmanTime, Paula and myself ) did not have any additional information available that anyone else might of had regarding JT I do believe MOP did post somewhere, forget which thread, that he did catch one post in which the post wasn't masked. And where that post was, have no idea.
  5. As I recall, MOP deleted all roads that might have revealed JT's IP information to anyone. He also deleted JT's registration data that could have been seen by administrators /moderators. So, no, I don't believe it was common knowledge that JT's IP led to Celebration High School.
  6. RedFiveStandingBy  ... where are you?     

    1. cupcakeman


      im right here (just kidding lolz) 

  7. Am sure there would be hackers, and probably would need some sort of antivirus. Don't imagine this is too complicated, and as technology advances, computers becoming integrated within humans is just another step in the progression of. Does open the doors to some interesting possibilities. If the computer is able to "save" an experience, would a chipped person be able to experience a particular event as though it is happening in real time? Perhaps vocal communication would no longer be required, since everyone that is chipped would able to communicate through the network. Accessing GPS, or weather information, via satellites. The negative side is that the rift between those who are chipped and those who are not ; no way a non-chipped person could ever compete with someone who has access to a computer through what Musk is proposing. ( or the aforementioned alternatives ) . Question I have, is this what the Bible was referring to as the mark of the beast?
  8. Seems the merging of AI ( electronic / technology ) with humanity is inevitable. And the idea isn't really new. Transhumanism OMNI magazine had an article about a company trying to do the same thing as Musk, but with bio-chips. The idea was to develop biological computer chips that could grow into a human brain and provide a connection to a main frame. This article was published in the late 80's. Also there are some scientists working on the same idea with nanotechnology. The government, or a corporation, could ( and probably would ) control people through programming. Also would create a wide division between the have's and have-nots. How could anyone that does not have the technology compete against someone that does have it? If I could learn Mandarin Chinese by a quick download, and you can't, kind of put's you in a tough spot, doesn't it? What else could a AI equipped person do that a non AI person could not ?
  9. The following is a group that helps people develop different types of 'abilities' within a forum format: The Veritas Society They also have an extensive library of downloadable books: Veritas Library As far as joining a group, there are several, however, I prefer these two : Builders of the Adytum Ordo Templi Orientis Keep in mind, this is serious stuff, and I am not specifically endorsing any group or anything they do. Reading through their material and making any decisions or taking any actions are entirely the responsibility of those who travel into those realms of study.
  10. Peach pit (or walnut) in silver, ..........
  11. Florida will only get partial eclipse. But if you know anyone in like, um, Texas, can stay there and experience the eclipse in totality. Am sure will be hearing more about the event as the date gets closer. Link to map and who will see what ....... ( APRIL 8, 2024 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE MAP )
  12. The eclipse of April 8th, 2024 will be crossing the United States. Totality starts in Texas, then cuts diagonally across to Maine. This will provide numerous people in the U.S. the opportunity to experience the event. Cosmically Curious as to who plans on experiencing this event? Total solar eclipse maps of April 8, 2024 What is really exciting, is the path of totality crosses over where I live. So I .... get to experience the event from home, needing only to go from my refrigerator to my back porch. How cool is that ?
  13. Nothing like giving the commanders of a military base a heads-up on when you're going to show up. Maybe we will all get to see some alien technology at work in stopping a large group of hostiles? When perhaps 1 million + people vanish and any records of their existence are scrubbed, THAT might raise some eyebrows here and there. ? Seriously though, stopping a group of people attempting to raid Area 51 would not be physically difficult to do. It's the optics of the situation that would be tough to overcome. As pointed out, it is doubtful that the number of people that have said they're going to raid area 51 actually will : 1. show up. 2 cross onto the base. Still, even if a small percentage of the people do show up and try to raid the military base; lets say 1,000, even that number would present optic problems. How they make the attempt will be interesting to see. Would think small groups of two or three people trying to sneak in, they really might disappear. It is the desert after all. Things happen.
  14. Figured the plan to storm Area 51 on September 20th of this year was a joke. But to my surprise, learned that a lot of people are serious about giving it a try. 1.5 million people RSVP'd as of two days ago ( 7/18/2019 ; ABC News ) . The man that started the raid idea has stated that things have become a little spooky already ( July 18, 2019 ; Time Magazine ). I don't think it is a good idea to raid Area 51, however, I am curious what other folks think about this event. I do wonder though what would actually happen if over One Million people did make the attempt. Sources: Storming Area 51 as Facebook event reaches 1.5 million attendees The Man Who Started the Area 51 Raid Says Things Have Gotten a Little Spooky
  15. I do not believe in man-made climate change and am with RainmanTime on the issue. Will post the link to his thread regarding the discussion of climate change below. That said, I do believe that we still have a responsibility to care for our planet as humanly possible. Although probably unrealistic, would be nice to see as much time, money and effort that is put into the military put into health care. Of course that would also include efforts to all get along with helping each other, despite cultural differences and beliefs. Link to RainmanTimes thread about global warning : Global Warming is bunk science
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