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  1. know what if you were a time traveler you can meet anybody in different timeline or same timetline or other timeline i think it more like a sliders. is time traveler like a slider tv series sliders? and by the way is time travel a curse? write back anybody
  2. well one i thing i would not want to meet Alien because they might EAT us ahhh run people run oh well here the link i want to show you. Alien Landing: Do NOT get on the Spaceships. They are Coming for The Harvest. - Metatech check the link thank
  3. Jacin Young

    Men in Black

    don't remember that i post that stuff maybe someone hack into my account
  4. Never mind about it i think the writer of this blog from e.j.gold company saying that not all alien are evil but i think mean for a strait christian or mean christian..it more like a humor...the blog confused me so never mind about it forgot it more like a Bs story anyway sorry everyone forget it. end of the story.
  5. I read the disappers of the christians people taken up to heaven and guess what it a Alien Motherships taken the Christain people but not other reglions faith...so it a Alien Harvet..so i just wonder people why is only that faith not other faith like muslim and other faith so write back sorry for my misspell english problem.
  6. i too know that the weather is mess up possible a pole shift happen now but slow.

  7. a Machine from space..but how come we don't know about many different races of alien and only a machine more powerful than a God himself yea i kind of doubt that..but A.I a machine from the future are here all ready in the future time line like there is million of human being not exit anymore so look like Machine rule there in the future times.
  8. hey walt i just wonder so they do have the tech stuff to put soul to the another body sound like they playing God..but how can they put Soul in hell or heaven that my question for you Walt. ??
  9. hey what is going on Galaxy616?

    1. Galaxy616


      Well if the idiots do not admit to being the horrible POS they are and admit to what they did then apologize in public for it you will find out Jacin Young. No harm to this forum though I promise. I actually have respect for the admins of THIS forum.

  10. wow cool... so Alien have Rank like a soldier no offence here Creddo299 but just wonder something i still won't go to them no way.
  11. what is that...Greys of Reptoids is? also i mean the Reptian the Green face man yeah i know i see them before one time pure green until the Angel of light or something save my soul or flesh and bone from hurting and it was weird that i was wearing the Touch of the Grey amulet from e.j.gold company but that was a long time ago i don't want to meet them no way.
  12. Creedo299 i have met the Gray alien and the Replitain alien race i remember them but they did not do anything for me like give me a high tech stuff or anything all they did is appear in my front of my bed and then disappers and i think they demons but don't want to meet them at all.
  13. well that the Question what if you were the first time doing the Time Travel thing..would it be scary and what if you end up in the parallel world....or different time line..so write back walt.
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