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  1. That was for Raven, not Hannah. Hannah's post didn't even show up until after I posted that and then it posted as though my reply was to her.
  2. ??? Actually, don't answer that. I don't care, lol. No offense. Have a good day.
  3. Nope. That's not what happens. I'll say "this reminds me of that episode of such-and-such show (like an old rerun so no previews) where they said 'blah blah, blah". And it will be in a conversation with someone, not while I'm doing something else or talking to anyone else. Then later that night, the next day or whatever, that episode will come on. I'm not doing it on purpose. It's been happening for years, to the point that when I say something like that my family will say: "oh, now that's going to come on" or "you did it again!" when it happens. NOTE: these are not films or shows that I know are going to be on ahead of time or what their schedule is or what channels they're on or anything. So after that happening for years, THEN I decided to do it on purpose. There was a movie I was pretty sure I had seen and didn't like and years later everyone I knew kept talking about it and I thought: "hmm, that does sound like something I'd like, maybe I haven't seen it. I wish it would come on TV so I could (this was NOT a film that is shown regularly on television or that I had seen any ads for saying it would be on or anything), and soon thereafter it did. One day I was flipping channels and a video countdown was on. I was on a different station and said: "Oh, I should go see if they have ,insert name of song here> on the countdown, I want to hear that." And I did and it was on. I did the same thing with the radio shortly thereafter. But you seem like someone who wants to find reasonable explanations for everything (well, except for the fact that you believe in telekinesis), such as this and these guys' experiences. I disagree with you on time travel not being physically possible, but I'm not here for debates or arguments. But thank you for your input. I know it's not actually a "useless" ability. I know it probably means I have latent abilities I just need to train to awaken. And I'd never be in a highly in-depth conversation with my boss on the phone, lol. Nor do I generally watch TV whilst on the phone. Unless I'm talking to somebody really boring. Thanks for sharing your views, and have a good day, but I think I'd rather not debate this any further, no offence (it's just that getting into these debates takes up too much of my time and it's not what I'm here for, and also, people are touchy around here and I got banned once 'cause someone took offence to something I said. Not saying you would, just saying I'd rather avoid conflict. I just wanted to clear up what I meant. Have a great day, night, whatever time it is in your part of the world.
  4. I agree with those of you who say that it is probably a combination of mind/spirit and science. Also with those who say machines aren't necessary. Although I also don't deny the possibility that it is achievable with machines either. I'm wondering if you guys who are talking about the mind are referring to astral or physical travel. I don't feel that religion "isn't real", but I don't think it has any bearing on the above. I am not aware of any religion that says science in general or time travel, etc. specifically is wrong. Or that mention it at all really, although I did see one website where it claimed time travel was in the bible. I couldn't follow what they person was saying though and they were being all preachy so I gave up trying to read more. I don't think we should attack anyone else's belief system as spirituality is different for everyone and we all have to find our own truths.. However, I also don't think that this is the proper forum to give sermons in. But if it doesn't violate the TOS, I guess we just have to deal with it.
  5. abducted? I thought we were speaking of time travel, not alien abductions (or whichever sort of abductions you are referencing). Although I'm not sure I understand why that would cause radiation exposure either. I don't think I said anything about "time rips" one way or the other. Did I? lol. I don't remember. It's been a while since I've been here, but I don't see that in my previous post. Meh, I don't know, my head is all fuzzy from not enough sleep and sinus congestion so excuse me if either I'm not making sense or if I'm not properly following your logic.
  6. Florida_Jim, Robert Heinlein was a dirty old man? Lol, how did you come to find this out? I'll have to check out that story though. tmatrix, I would be glad to share more about the cat teleportation at a later time when I am awake, lol. However, one correction, I do not have one cat who teleports. Every cat I've ever had I have seen teleport. Or at least the ones I've had since I've known what teleportation was anyway. I probably had seen the others do it when I was younger, but we don't question these things at that age. They're normal until society tells us otherwise. Well, not exactly "seen" them do it, but before and after and..ah well..let me explain this when my brain is awake like I said before. Although I'm not sure I can completely explain it. But you seem to be someone who would understand why these things are not always explainable in the traditional sense. I can also tell you things I've experienced from what I believe are the spirits from some of my deceased ones as well, if you would like.
  7. What your friend experienced actually sounds a biit more like remote viewing than time travel. Some people consider remote viewing a form of time travel though. Although many people believe that astral time travel is possible and physical isn't and vice versa. Some believe in both. Some think they are related to one another. I know of one course where the first part is remote viewing, the second is astral projection, and the third is "time travel", but it is astral travel, not physical. And that's the order it's meant to be taken in, which implies I suppose, that doing one makes it easier to accomplish the next (or else it just implies that they just want more of your money). And then there is the theory that astral time travel can lead to the abillity to physically time travel. I have seen that idea expressed at least twice. Once on a site with astral projection and chakra opening exercises and the like, where the author said that you must first learn to astrally teleport before you can physically teleport, and I know we are not talking about teleportation, but she had info on time travel too, and I concluded from what I read that she had the same opinion about that too. And the other is a guy who invented a machine..I think it's called the HDR or something? (I'm sure someone here must have heard of it and can correct me if I have the wrong name) who says it assists you in astral time travel, but some people claim they have achieved physical time travel with the device. It's not a "time machine" in the sense of you get in a vehicle and drive/fly off in it. It's just a little device about the size of say..an old Sony walkman or so. I think you're supposed to just hook it to your belt or something. Sounds a lot more convenient! I don't know all the details. What I do know is that it's really expensive. And the person who said that astral projection can either be practised and done intentionally, but sometimes is not intentional, is correct. I know people who have experienced spontaneous astral projection, people who didn't even know what astral projection was when it happened to them. I'm not sure how and i'm not sure why, but like you, I have no reason to doubt them as they have nothing to gain by making things like that up. By the way, I wouldn't waste my time "debating" with darby if I were you. You won't get anywhere. He just likes to argue his point. I think he just likes to play scientist. I seriously think he must be a lawyer in real life (Lol, I almost typed "liar". Freudian slip. :P Not saying darby's a liar. Although I'm not saying he isn't. I don't know him and don't want to. He looks and sounds like a very angry man. I was speaking of lawyers in general.)
  8. Geoffrey, Florida Jim is right. You likely will receive a lot of ridicule. And I don't know how much "constructive" criticism you'll get, but you will recieve criticism. I hope you won't let that drive you away. The block button is your friend. This site was actually apparently created by people who don't even believe in time travel and there are many who come here for the reasons Jim says. I was seriously considering leaving because I didn't see any point in continuing here if that were the case. However, I have come to believe that there are some people here who are generally interested in the subject and having intelligent conversations about it and willing to try to help those who come here seeking answers. Such as these nice people who have replied to you. At least, I think they are sincere. You never know on the Internet (no offense, you guys). I haven't seen much in the way of negativity from those who have been burned as Florida Jim mentioned, but I haven't been here very long. What I have noticed is that most of them just leave. Which is unfortunate because a lot of them are supposedly working on different experiments and had interesting things to say. For all we know, they had the last laugh and aren't here anymore because their experiments succeeded. :) The only negativity I've seen from a user who people made fun of is one who calls himself TimeCrime. I think he had arguments with the moderators/administrators/whatever they're called and/or some other users (I'm not sure what went on. I think it was before I came.) The funny part is..they banned him..and then let him come back. And they made fun of him and banned him, but then were interested enough in him to research him enough to know what all the other websites he has or frequents on the web are and what all his usernames are on them. I took a look at his blog and he seems rather obsessed with them as well, so I don't know. All I know is that if he's saying what I think he's saying (I'm not sure because he speaks in computerese, so I get a bit lost), which is that messages can be sent through time, then that has already been proven by science, so I don't know why they're making fun of him. Apparently all these "scientists" are not up on current developments in science. So I hope you will just ignore the critics and do whatever you came here to do, and I wish you luck. Florida Jim...I'm pretty sure all of us that are posting on these boards are in the same universe at this time since we are talking to each other. So I'm pretty sure I'm in the same universe as you. I am quite sure that Jonathan Winters did die a long time ago. I didn't hear anything about his death recently. Are you claiming to be going back and forth on a daily basis or something? I'm confused as to your meaning. Hmm...you are right..I looked it up. It said Jonathan Winters died April 2013. How bizarre. I could swear I remember him dying ages ago as well. Back when he was on Mork and Mindy as you said. That's really strange. Why would anyone change a timeline to make it so an actor was ailve or dead? Come to think of it, I could have sworn that I heard that Dean Stockwell died recently too. But Geoffrey says he's alive now and died long ago in his other history. I'm going to look that up too... Hmm..no date of death. You guys are freaking me out! I've never understood the concept of time travel "by accident"..but you've really got me wondering now. I've been interested in the subject of time travel for a really long time now...and even if I lose interest in it for years at a time...it always springs up again. And then I'll have these synchronicities happen where I'll suddenly find old notes I took at a lecture or something that I haven't seen in years and didn't even know I still had. You're beginning to make me wonder why I'm so drawn to it.
  9. I don't think a lot of them will "see". If they just adamantly don't believe it's possible and can never happen, then for them, it won't. I agree that it's being done, has been done, and always has been and always will be, but I don't think the die-hard scientist types are ever going to be convinced, and I really don't think anybody wants them to be. Real time travellers aren't likely to go around announcing themselves or trying to "prove" things to them. You always hear "well, if time travel is real, why aren't we overrun with time travellers from the future?" My answer to that is twofold: 1) How do you know we're not? Do you really think they're going to tell?" and 2) The people who say these things are the ones who say that "IF" it's possible, that it would only be forward and not back. So they've answered their own question. If you can't go back..how can we have tourists from the FUTURE, when to them this would be the past and they'd have to go BACKWARDS to get here? Lol. They make no sense. That's science? Apparently "science" also consists of sitting around coming up with absurd theories such as "the grandfather paradox". Why on earth would you go back in time and kill your own grandfather? Lol. If you know it would make you not be born (which I hope they'd be smart enough to realize, if they can figure out how to build a time machine!), why would you do it? And if you're a homicidal maniac who hates his grandfather, I don't think you need a time machine to go back and kill him. If you're depressed and wish you were never born, suicide is a much easier option than time travel. If you're that depressed, I don't think you'd have the presence of mind to build a time machine. And if you did something as incredible as build a time machine...why would you be depressed? That would be quite an accomplishment. ( I don't necessarily even believe in the need for "machines". I'm not saying it CAN'T be done with machines, I just don't think it's likely to be necessary). I am NOT recommending suicide or killing grandfathers!! I'm just trying to prove a point about how ridiculous it all is. It's about as dumb as that episode of Futurama where Frye goes back in time and sleeps with his grandmother and "becomes his own grandfather". -.- And these guys think WE'RE the weird ones??!!! Most of the things I've seen that claim to "disprove" other peoples'stories, prove nothing..except that they're lying or that they think we're really naive and stupid. Now, I know I'm getting into dangerous territory here, because people are going to start jumping on this and saying how ridiculous it is to believe in government conspiracy theories and all (but I don't put anything past our government) ...but as an example..I read one guy's website that was trying to discredit stories of the Montauk project, claiming that the Delta T antenna is fake, etc. His supposed proof was that he saw the same item in a military supply catalogue. He had a link to it. The product he was showing looked not even remotely anything like the Delta T, lol. And even if it had, why would it be surprising that a MILITARY catalogue, would be selling something that the military used? I'm sure these catalogues are not accessible to the general public (at least I certainly hope military equipment, which I assume would include all kinds of weaponry and tanks and who-knows-what-else, isn't!), so why would the military need to keep things they know they're doing..from themselves?? And of course they're going to say it isn't true and make these guys out to be whackos. If they're using it for nefarious purposes, do you really think they're going to admit it? They wouldn't admit remote viewing was real either until they had no choice. I find many of the doubters on here have the same type of attitude, unless you have what they consider concrete material proof, they're never going to believe in it. And since I don't believe it is entirely a material process, that's not going to work for them. And who's going to bother trying to prove it to people that close-minded and set in their ways? I don't consider these staunch unbelievers true scientists. The scientists who have accomplished great things, did not think that way. And I don't believe it's strictly about science. There are other factors, possibly many other factors. I'll have to admit, Transient, this is the first post of yours I've understood much of. A lot of what you say seems over my head. I'd like to understand what you're talking about. Your theories sound quite interesting. At least, I'm pretty sure it's you I'm thinking of. For some reason I always get you confused with that person who talks about the museum exhibit.
  10. This is for BRYAN and SKARPZ. No snide comments from the peanut gallery, please. Unless you have something valuable to add to the conversation that isn't rude or condescending. Otherwise, go bother somebody who cares about your opinion. Bryan, the reason I asked about the cat is because I've had cats all my life and I know they can teleport. Call me crazy if you want, but I've seen them do it. Many times. Two of my current ones even attempted to play a prank on me with it. (YES, animals have a sense of humour! And can feel emotions such as spite, jealousy, etc. Don't let anyone tell you differently. My friend's cat hates her sister. Every time the sister comes over, the cat pees on her coat. The cat never pees on anyone else's coat. Just the sister's. Lol. he obviously knows just what he's doing, who he's doing it to, and why.) And anyone who has had cats or knows anything about cats (or any animal other than humans, really) knows of their highly psychic nature. They can see things and pick up on things most humans could never dream of. I also know a Native American woman who says her kittens can astral project. I'm sure they can. All of these things are things we were all born able to do, we've just forgotten how..and/or society has squashed it out of us. Animals are still pure and don't have those kinds of limitations. So if they can teleport (and no one is going to convince me otherwise. I know what I've seen with my own eyes and others have confirmed seeing it too), and they can astral project (which I don't doubt)..then why shouldn't they be able to time travel? I believe they can. And IF your cat (I realize now that you are saying this was a long time ago and has happened since and you are grown now. I didn't notice that before..but maybe when you still had that cat...or if you've had other pets with you the other times) was with you when you jumped, I wouldn't worry about anything like jumping too far and not getting back, etc. A) Your pet would never do anything to put you in any kind of danger, and B) They know what they're doing. They're not new to this. I'm not sure why you jumped with her. Maybe she didn't realize you were. Maybe she thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride and thought you'd enjoy it. I don't think it would occur to them that it would scare you as they don't find any of it frightening. I find it interesting that both Bryan and Skarpz talk of moving in dimensions or in time on their own, without needing machines or anything. I've always thought it would be that way. Kind of more like just teleporting through time. Humans always have to make everything so complicated. If you ever read a book called "A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle (it's part of the time quartet, although that name, and the title of the first book "A Wrinkle In Time" are misleading. They don't actually do any time travelling [more space travel and some other stuff. Still really good stories though. ] until the third book [Planet] and then again in one called Many Waters and a later one about the daughter of two of the original characters. There's an animal in it [i won't say what kind 'cause then you might not read it] who constantly gets frustrated about how humans don't understand such simple things as how "we are going to a when, not a where. It's the same where, just a different when." No machines in these books. But still plenty of science. But also spiritual things. And that's how I believe these things work. You can't have one without the other and expect anything to come of it. Hence my signature.) Although I wouldn't like the lack of control you guys are talking about where it just randomly happens without you knowing when, where, or why, and there's nothing you can do about it. Reminds me of "The Time Travelers Wife". Worst time travel story ever! He has seizures and gets transported to different points in his life uncontrollably and never knows when or why. I don't know where they came up with that one. Although..it kind of makes me wonder...I have a history of seizures..when I wake I never have any idea what's going on...I lose huge chunks of time and people later tell me of things that supposedly happened in the past that I don't remember..or they remember them completely differently than I do. Hmm..maybe I'm a time traveller after all! (or maybe people are just old and have bad or selective memories, lol. they seem to remember me doing bad things I never did and claim not to "remember" bad things they did to me, but also places I don't remember going [although sometimes I vaguely remember it later], or saying they were with me when this or that happened or so-and-so said that thing when I KNOW they were not with me at these times and places. Of course the main person saying the latter had a t.i.a. about a year ago, so maybe it's them that's mixed up and not me.) I'm thinking maybe you guys have abilities you just aren't completely aware of yet that you just need to hone and then maybe you could control it. I'm not sure quite how (if I did, I'd have been a millionaire a long time ago 'cause I have what I call a "useless" psychic ability. I'll talk about some episode of a tv show, and then that one comes on. And I think," how come when I talk about being rich, I don't get any money?" Lol. I have tried it with intention with films I wanted to see and songs on the radio or music videos and it worked..but I still haven't figured out how to make my millions come to me just by thinking they will. :( ), but I guess meditation would be a good place to start. Maybe you could try intentionally going somewhere...or rather...when, Bryan. Skarpz, I don't know if you should try that. The whole parallel dimensions thing is weird to me so I'm not going to give any suggestions about it. I don't necessarily believe in it. (Not saying I don't believe your sincerity. If you say it's happened to you, who am I to say otherwise?) I believe it's possible as anything is possible. Although yours makes more sense to me than other theories as you don't seem to be saying that there are a bunch of other "yous" out there. You don't mention having run into alternate versions of yourself or anything. That whole idea creeps me out, that there'd be a bunch of other me's that are me..and yet aren't me and some might even be evil and such. *shudder* However, there is this thing called "quantum jumping". It's supposedly where you meet your alternate selves (on purpose) and they talk to you and help you out with your life. Like, say, for instance, you wanted to start your own ..I don't know..I'll pick something random..culinary school. That supposedly there's another you out there who has already done that and you meet them and they help you do it too. Sounds a little out there to me, but then again..I'm sure many of the things I say sound pretty "out there" to others too, so I don't judge. And if it helps somebody, then, what should it matter what I or anybody else thinks? It's all guided and everything so I don't suppose there's any danger. I really don't know. You have to pay for it though. I forget how much. But you can do the program online. You don't have to travel anywhere. Whether it's legitimate or not, that I can't tell you. My take on it is, they call it alternate selves from parallel worlds, but it's probably really just different aspects of yourself and your subconscious brought to the surface for problem-solving. Although they did send out one email saying that it's been proven that parallel universes exist. I haven't read it yet, so Idk what they're saying or if that's true. What I like about what both of you seem to be saying is that time travel and parallel universes are two separate things. ( I think that you're saying that?) I don't understand that whole concept of "scientists" saying that time travel would create a parallel universe. I also don't see how someone who calls himself a scientist can believe in parallel universes and not time travel. Like I said, I'm not denying that parallel universes could exist..but they certainly are a weirder theory than time travel. And scarier too. If we travel through time into the past, we already know what's there. If we travel only into the near future, it shouldn't (hopefully), be all that different. If you go popping around dimensions that could be nothing like ours, you never know what you might encounter. Ever watch Sliders? I don't know about you guys, but I sure wouldn't want to wind up on some world where everyone is diseased 'cause they never heard of antibiotics, or in a world where Nazis too over the U.S....and then get stuck there no less! Although Skarpz doesn't seem to be saying that's the type of thing that's happening to him. Just minor changes. Although I have seen you talk about time travellers in other posts, so you've got me a bit confused on which you're talking about when and if they have anything to do with each other.
  11. I have noticed that the person you direct your question/answer/etc. too (usually in response to a question), never resonds and someone you were not speaking to does. But since you haven't been here since August, I guess you're not going to see this anyway, lol. Just glad someone else noticed that.
  12. I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in the exact same type of neighbourhood. Although here we don't call it an "estate". That would be where the rich people live. I thought that was the same in UK. And it shows my American ignorance that I didn't know such neighborhoods existed in the UK, lol. I mean, I knew there were tough city nejghbourhoods, but I wasn't aware there was organised crime and the same type of mentality as in inner cities here, or even "inner city" type neighbourhoods. Oh, well, at least i know I'm ignorant. Most Americans aren't aware that they are. Now all the "patriots" and flag-wavers are going to attack me. All of my foreign friends find it amusing that they can say insulting things about the US in front of me and it won't phase me, and in fact, that I laugh and agree, lol.
  13. Much of what you say sounds like you are contradicting yourself, however I do agree with you that it has already happened. I don't agree that Einstein and Tesla were nuts. I've heard other people say Einstein was crazy, but this is not popular opinion. I've heard people say that Steven Hawking was nuts too. I don't think he was nuts, just close-minded.
  14. You can't help me to know which you are talking about? Lol, don't you know? -.-
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