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  1. I hope or I wish we could find a way to get him Back. We miss him huh? Where is Pamela?
  2. when I said...... I am a bit desoriented about your answer since his visit to our timeline was not a purpose or a mision he came to our line to visit family and took advantage of it to leave some posts during months, but his main mission was to recover the IBM back to his timeline. I am talking about that you said noone is coming back because it is not required, he said he would be just out for a bit of a second to his superiors, but he made an effort to comunicate with us for keep on trying to avoid the war, still happening guys, look to Israel, sometimes I have the idea we still have to do things since Snowden left to Rusia and he said the problems would occurr from Russia again and what I mean is that after 10 years he posted that .....things seems pretty close. I am being honest and humble compltely, nobody is perfect but we trully have to remain alert and calmed down for not choosing war as a economic purpose or solution to conflicts. I am not a time travel, at least I don't remember to be so.... but I am really sensible and my sense of logic is quite developed, something bad or good is about to happend. what ways do you guys think would be the best to remain an eye opened on the internet to be waiting for any possible time traveller in the nearly future besides pages in facebook? I understand in here was where the original TimeTraveller_00 started to comunicate besides the fax to bell...
  3. Thanks for your answer Pamela ! I have to admit that it's a pleasure to chat to you, since as I said before you did in the past chatted to John Titor right? I am a bit desoriented about your answer since his visit to our timeline was not a purpose or a mision he came to our line to visit family and took advantage of it to leave some posts during months, but his main mission was to recover the IBM back to his timeline. Would you guys know if he said anything about problems being occurring if anyone who timetravel has amalgama or methalic fillings, I mean, those old methods to fix teeth not by using composite but those methalic fillings? I am sure you will be wondering why I ask this right ? it's just something that I've got on my head since someday in the 2010 somebody chatted to me and told me something about this, I trully don't know if was someone pulling my leg thought, probably.... but the way he talked to me was really weird, after that conversation he just said, now I have to die. After the message he left me. He never said was a time traveller but I am trying to finish this puzzle and some weird ideas come to my mind since that about John Titor might have been already forgotten but still didn't matched completely to me. I do apreciate your advices to keep a window open for future time travellers, I've just did it on the facebook I did opened 2 days ago, so any Time traveller can pass by and relax or leave any message it's called Time Travellers Oasis or something like that. Last thing I wanted to explain about the amalgama fillings sound funny though but somebody told me remove the amalgama fillings, and I still have some, never got them renewed yet. lol Imagine my face while chatting to him/her touching my own face like, how the h**** this guy knows I do have those kind of fillings? Probably John Titor is kind of a relative and just wanted to say hi to me or letting me know he will comeback to give some of us a ride? Anything could be possible once time travell is possible. Sorry for just getting probably into to deep conversation in here, but why not, I normally email people looking for answers but in here is fine, we can find for answers if you still interested. Something really funny just I want to share to you . My name is John and I was borned January 77 , that woudl be 177 I love aviation way too much, actually I did a course or some of them....so I feel so identifed myself with his way of chatting, I did live in Fl. 2 years of my life in 2007 and 2010 even though I was not born in the U.S.A. but I did graduated in California in H.S. in 1997 Anyway !! Just thinking aloud with you guys Probably is that I would trully would love to get involved in something that I can see it's there but can't touch it. It's like getting to know the real Time Machine and someone talking about it for hours in front of you..... wouldn't you guys just be wishing to say !!! SWITCH IT ON !!! That's the way I feel, but don't know who has the key, hopefully before dying I experience something like that or get to be involve with the right team to work for it. That machine was patented in the 2004 but not sure if anyone got to build it up already. A pleasure being in touch with you remembering our friend John Titor. Thanks again and sorry for my English lol.... I am not practicing a lot lately lol.... Peace and Love, Spanish John
  4. It is wonderful joining you, I've been always reading and reading but never decided to join a chat room like this to leave opinions, well Haber is a lawyer but seems no longer exist that enterprise probably he just doesn't expect to comeback to this timeline so I would understand it, but I guess that anytime when retired he will pass by to make sure everything is being work out and peace is being achieved. I've got several things to get to share with you guys, don't know why but I do have the feeling he is planning to come back pretty soon !! I've got a question !! I know Pamela has been in touch directly with him right ? do you know if what he said about to prove to you who I am a friend will corroborate the significance of the musical group of the B 52's !! did finally anyone come back and say something like .............. the meaning is DREAMS COME TRUE. or something like that and explain it ? Juan
  5. Hi to all, Don't you guys have the feeling John Titor mght be back soon ? is there anyone still readying these posts ? Peace and Love
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