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  1. Could be the mark of the beast. I just see it getting in the wrong hands. Why do humans have such a strong desire to become and mate with robots? What is happening to our instincts?
  2. The hoaxers seem to be attracted to the original board. Looks like we scared them off with too many questions. Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. As we’ve said often, whether you believe or not, an IP leading to a high school is not sufficient evidence to call it a hoax. It just means that some posts originated from the high school. He could have had someone post from there. Who knows.
  4. "The Planetary Society announced Wednesday that a small satellite it launched a month ago had successfully demonstrated the ability to change its orbit with a solar sail." This is pretty cool. We are learning how to steer satellites. It makes them more useful because you can move them elsewhere. They call it solar sailing. They're going to check out an asteroid with it. https://spacenews.com/planetary-society-declares-solar-sailing-mission-a-success/
  5. Athletes, soldiers... But imagine hackers - would it need an antivirus installed? It gets so complicated.
  6. haha Maybe we can plan a trip to Texas, if I remember, anyway. *getting old* We do want to visit Texas one day, for sure.
  7. So, my thought on this topic is this. What if this type of technology got into the wrong hands? Government could require we get this implant, by law, then literally control us, monitor our thoughts, etc. This is very dangerous technology. Should we be doing this just because we can?
  8. Well, they didn't do a very good job, then. He isn't as bright as he wants people to think he is!
  9. Darnit, I missed that one. I've been pushing him on alien disclosure on Twitter. A soft disclosure is happening. Lou Dobbs also mentioned aliens at the same time. They could be testing the public reaction. I think we're ready. Half won't believe it and the others will either be too lazy to bother with it or will just call the aliens racist.
  10. So, Elon Musk wants to start experimenting with inserting a chip into a human brain and merging it with AI. He claims it will help people with brain injuries. Can you imagine if this gets into the hands of the wrong people? All these super hero movies will come true. https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/7xgnxd/elon-musk-announces-plan-to-merge-human-brains-with-ai?utm_source=vicefblocalau&fbclid=IwAR2Mh42GlFhOkAWQj_qnOLrSJpWjjWEqWHX776mfGNjOilN-_g7MDDytwnw
  11. This is so stupid. Do they really think it is still being used considering so many people know about it? I'm sure the aliens are hidden somewhere at another base, now. Still, typical milennials think they are entitled to everything.
  12. What is on the other side?
  13. It will probably be raining in Florida or I will totally forget!
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