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  1. hello could you message me i need some information about that dream

  2. please take me to past... help me to undo 1 big mistake.... which is about to kill me...

  3. John Titor ARE YOU ? if you you may contact through my email ?? It is: [email protected]

  4. GREETINGS Our Partner Friend Base This Arrested In this Worldline Please Come John Me Help My Time Machine This Pay The Breaking the Emergency Button Not Working This John Has to Buy That Come help me ! -177_TH

  5. John Titor you said that ''anyone who wants travel with you has to know that we're not traveling in the route, we're traveling in time'' Well I want travel with you, but I want travel to the past too, please I need your help!!!!!

  6. Greetings John Titor !

  7. The pictures I promised: http://content.communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=get_album&ID_Topic=2&ID_Community=MyTimeMachine
  8. ((For instance, he has stated that his society is not involved in space travel. He's also stated that the temperature in and around his device while in use is approximately 100 degrees (approx 375 kelvin). )) I’m not sure I understand the connection between no space travel and the temperature around the device. ((If the Hawking Radiation of a black hole stated in Kelvins is…)) The singularities are not unstable; therefore, uncontrolled evaporation is not possible. In addition, there is no extemporaneous matter near the singularity that would cause it to give off radiation or heat. ((Or - he's taken a slice of the Earth about 1.2 miles wide at the equator from pole to pole down to the center of the Earth and compressed it into a singularity. And his machine has two of them, GE has a larger unit (C206) and there are multiple machines of each model (C204 & C206). )) A singularity about the size of an electron would only require the mass of a large mountain. The singularities inside the C204 are much small than that. And no, I didn’t make them. ((If his society doesn't space travel - then they are gobbling up the Earth to make their singularities.)) You know… E = MC squared can be written to solve for mass too.
  9. Dear Fellow Time Travelers: In about 30 days, I will be leaving this worldline to return home to 2036. I first want to say thank you for the wonderful conversation and insight into your society. I have learned a great deal and my opinion on quite a few things has changed dramatically. I will finish the questions that have been posted on this site up to this date. Unfortunately, I must now spend my spare time preparing to leave and I will not be on the computer very much. I do however want to repeat my offer and add a slight twist. After going over my flight plan home, I have discovered my VGL holdover period is a bit longer than I expected. I will be spending at least three weeks in April of 1998 as I make my way back to 1975. Therefore, I not only offer you the chance to leave a message to yourself in 2036 but I offer you the chance to leave yourself a message in 1998. I will take any compiled messages and email addressees you provide and send them on the net when I get to 1998. Granted, this will not affect you on your worldline now but you make take some comfort that another “you” on another worldline has the advantage of knowing something you wish you knew three years ago. Based on the earlier questions I’ve seen, I’ve decided a day-to-day record of the Dow a day in advance should convince you that the messages are real in 1998. In addition, I am hopeful a series of photocopies and photographs will be available for you that may give you more insight into the technology of the distortion unit. I will let you know the address of the site when it is available. I also plan to have my parents videotape my departure. If they succeed, it will also be posted after I leave. I look forward to these last few weeks with my family and I will check in periodically to check this site. Live in Peace 2001,
  10. ((Your argument as to my point was not sufficient. You suggested that an alternate you would most likely return to your world line. It just does not seem logical for one to go back in time on a mission for their world line only to return to an alternate worldline where the mission goal may or may not have bearing if completed. By the way, the Kerr ring singularity is a spacetime possessing CLOSED timelike curves. You would clearly need a naked singularity so that the chronology violating region would not be hidden behind the event horizon.)) As you are aware, approaching a rotating singularity can be done quite easily without experiencing the negative side effects of a massive gravitational field and it’s very possible to “pass” through the center of the ring. Besides, if you did need a naked singularity, all you would have to do is increase the rotation or electric charge so the inner even horizon equals the diameter of the outer event horizon. I realize my posts here have become tiresome and my “story” is old so If I don’t post it’s not because I don’t enjoy the physics debate. If you’re interested, I will be posting more pages from the manual and a cut-a-way drawing of the distortion unit.
  11. ((The fact that he added that he could not complete a 0 divergent trip meant that he could not return to his timeline and hence a mission into the past to help his people was logically flawed. In fact, since I posted that, his postings have been infrequent and sparse.)) I thought we went over that to your satisfaction? Doesn't everyone know after looking at a Perrose for a Kerr singularity that you have to travel faster than light to get to the "exact" same worldline? I can see your not amused that we would be confused as the same person. I did find it flattering. I think you find some of the physics questions we're dealing with on other sites quite interesting...perhaps even convincing.
  12. Good luck with your film. I will be happy to let you know. Until then...
  13. ((Time Travel_0 thanks for your reply. Can you please clarify some of these points?)) It’s what I live for although I can’t help but feel you’re not exactly asking these questions for their own sake. ((Describe what you mean by functional. After all, what are the functions assigned to clothes rather than protection from environment. Do you wear light colors, dark colors, loose, tight fitting? What materials are used for the clothing?)) Seems a bit obscure to have a discssion about. Do we wear radiation suits? No. Do we use pockets a lot, Yes. ((How does this smoke and haze allow for solar cells to be efficient?)) Do you have any idea how effiient solar cells are today? Sometimes it’s sunny and sometimes it rains. Sometimes large dust clouds high in the atmosphere pass overhead. I don’t understasnd the point you want to make. The sun looks the same. ((Where did you learn to write and how old were you? How long did it take you? Did you learn before, during, or after the fighting. What do you attrubute to your learning to type fast?)) I was home schooled and I spend a lot of time typing. ((((Gosub / Return. In one form or another, isn’t that a pretty standard function in most computer languages?)) No. )) I beg to differ on this point. I may not be a computer programmer but I do know that going away to preform one function and returning to the original function is basic to all software. Perhaps it may be called something else in various languages. ((Did you have a historical consultant or advisor to help you?)) No, fairly easy job. ((What do you call these batteries?)) Good and bad…same as you. (((A Rubix cube as in the toy, right?)) Rubix cube a toy. Where'd you get that idea?)) I’ve seen reffrences to them in various science papers. If I’m mistaken, what are you referring to?
  14. ((1.) What weapons did you use to protect yourself throughout your life? Do you have a weapon with you now, just in case?)) I used a shotgun in the war. Yes, I think it’s prudent to be prepared for anything. ((2.) What is your favourite food? (whether you had access to it or not)) Oranges, I love them. ((3.) Your enemy was in the cities. Was the President in 2005 also on the enemy side? was the President in 2009 on the enemy side? How did you feel personally about these Presidents?)) The President or “leader” in 2005 I believe tried desperately to be the next Lincoln and hold the country together but many of their policies drove a larger wedge into the Bill of Rights. The President in 2009 was interested only in keeping his/her power base. ((4.) While you were in the 1970's what did you think of Nixon as President?)) To tell you the truth, I was more fascinated by the different standards Presidents are held to. ((5.) Do you plan to do any more time traveling when you return to 2036? )) I don’t know if I will be chosen for a another mission. If I do, most likely, I will fly as an advisor or historical consultant. ((6.) Do you have any doubts about this time travel experience and the computer mission that you are on? )) Absolutely. I have to believe there is an easier way to do this. ((7.) What have you leered the most from the people of this board? )) There is a fire of intelligence and expression out there in the people who are criticized for their open-mindedness. I fear it will only be uncovered in the rest of the population through conflict. I was under the impression that most people were sleeping in this period but I suppose that generalization is too broad for any time period. ((8.) Where did you learn the use of "Gosub" and which computer language? )) Gosub / Return. In one form or another, isn’t that a pretty standard function in most computer languages? ((9.) Where did you learn to write perfect English? How much time did it take? )) I’m not so sure I write perfect English. I do read a great deal more than I see most people doing here. ((10.) Was China your enemy? )) Not my enemy? I never fought any Chinese but their ability to hit Western cities with missiles made a lot of people unhappy. ((11.) Do they have Pac Man or Donkey Kong in 2036? )) I am aware they are video games but I have not come across them. ((12.) Does China have a manned space program between 2001 and 2036? )) I believe they are pretty close to putting a man in orbit. It shouldn’t surprise you if they do that soon. ((13.) Do you have any problems with the number thirteen? )) Not personally. ((14.) If the worldlines are changed by everyone's choices, this means we are all manevering through timelines as we make these choices. Since everyone is making different choices, why do we still meet people that coincide with our previous worldline? )) Your worldline takes form as the choices unfold. People do not disappear because you must follow the same physical laws that hold you here. (i.e. Information cannot travel faster than light on a worldline.) ((15.) In your opinion, would timelines be better represented as an inflated balloon, or a layered Rubix cube with interchanging and overlapping interactions? )) Balloon in balloon in balloon. A Rubix cube as in the toy, right? ((16.) Does your group have a television in 2036? )) Information does arrive on video but cathode ray tubes are out and crystal or plasm is in. Distribution is over the net, not broadcast. ((17.) Does your group have a flashlight in 2036? If so, what type of batteries does it use? )) Yes, we have flashlights and we use similar batteries for most things. We do recharge a great deal. Have you ever seen those wind-up radios? They’re pretty interesting I think. ((18.) How is electricity generated in 2036? )) “Most” publicly generated power is through very efficient solar cells. On a local or household level, there is steam, hydro and inversion generation. There is a debate on using a singularity to generate power. ((19.) Does the sun look any different in 2036 than it does now? )) When you can see it through the high level smoke and haze, not that I’m aware of. ((20.) What sort of clothing do you wear in 2036? Is there strong attention paid to what people wear in the group? )) Clothing is much more functional. I’m not sure what group you’re talking about. ((21.) Where were you born? )) I was born in Florida. ((I'm sorry that the list is so long, but I hope that you will enjoy answering them, and we will all learn from them. )) No Problem. ((TimeTravel_0 if you have any more questions you would like to know about us, please post them. )) Thanks. TTA...I promise to get to your questions. I just hope you aren't too dissapointed when you don't get the answeres you want. I wonder if you're change in attirude is in prelude to your well crafted literary trap? Do you think I'll fall in?
  15. TTA...I just want to make sure of one thing, you don't like me very much do you? I promise to try and be more insulting. Actually, it's sort of a good feeling knowing you're out there keeping me honest. Thanks.
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