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  1. I've wondered before if what most consider "ghosts" and "spirits" are sometimes astral travelers? Have you tried to communicate with these entities you encounter? I would try to, as long as they don't seem threatening.
  2. Absolutely true, I wonder if human nature could ever change for the good. The skit was awesome, I think I played the part of the fat neighborwho ends up shooting the innocent man. haha I'm guessing our English teacher was a fan of the show. :)
  3. Jude Law looks like Adam Ant? :P lol
  4. Hell yeah! In middle school English class, we got to act that episode out as a skit, it was awesome! :) And I agree with Cosmo, the Twilight Zone is one of the greatest shows of all time, way better than the crap they play on tv these days.
  5. How amazing would it have been if they did manage to travel time! But my best guess would be that they were fatigued, not imagining what they both experienced, but just misinterpreted it. On the other hand, I believe our physical world is susceptible to the human soul, and we each leave sort of an imprint, and sometimes our actions are mysteriously replayed, even after we're gone, like a movie replaying. So it
  6. I agree, I'm not sure I could love an android child as much as one of flesh and blood, but I could definitely grow an attachment. I haven't seen this show, but what popped into my mind was Terminator 2; throughout the movie you become fond of the Terminator and feel sad when he has to be lowered into the molten metal. :( So especially an android child, I could have feelings for.
  7. I think I could grow to love an android child, as long as it didn't turn on me or anyone else. haha
  8. What I wouldn't give to grab that thing on the sides of it's face and lay a deep kiss into those lovely tentacles... :P
  9. I love The Twilight Zone! One of the first television shows that helped to expand my thinking beyond what we know to be true. So many classic episodes, but I do remember this one in particular. ;)
  10. Well, thank you for trying to help clarify for me. :) I'm always interested in other's point of view. As for Jewish beliefs, I wouldn't know much about that.
  11. So who makes the rule that if you want to be immortal, you can't have children? I instead think we can be immortal in a sense that we pass our knowledge and wisdom to our children.
  12. Haha Somehow I can't imagine you coming off as an idiot. ;) I won't give up hope, either.
  13. Aww, too bad. :P I probably will never get a response then, huh? lol And I'd get so excited when a number I didn't recogize would call my phone...-sigh-
  14. A Chronovisor would be great! Witness the past and future, without mucking it up - Atlantis, a blue Mars, the grassy knoll, future descendants, etc... A Chronovisor! Brilliant!
  15. "If all people now become immortal and no new children are born from now on, there will be space for everyone"? To me, that's a terrible thing, and very selfish. There won't be room for everyone, only the ones who are immortal. Stopping children from being born is absolutely disturbing the natural balance of the universe. Although I agree that people should limit their reproducing and only have as many children as they can take care of, I'd never agree that no new children should be born all for the sake of anyone's immortality.
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