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  1. Indeed. We are not sure about anything. Even this person we called God might be a genius who created/captured us all in a huge matrix.. Or maybe we are the products of a huge accident. It still makes me wonder, where did these things that caused the accident in the first place come from etc.. Wish i was born in a different time when humankind know the truth behind it all. (irrelevant post sorry, i wanted to tell anyway.)
  2. I believe in God, i believe that He created me although i'm not sure about the reason behind it and the common answers of holy religions do not really satisfies me. But i want to believe that my existence, our existence will not fade away after death. Our consciousness or soul whatever you prefer to call it, should be able to exist longer than our bodies. Otherwise, this life i am living right now would be a bit pointless. So i believe i am my consciousness/soul and my consciousness/soul have a body that i see in the mirror everyday.
  3. Hi all..maybe she didn't come back simply because she met a real time traveller and having a travel with her/him. I'd like to think that way. (I know i am a dreamer but i'm not the only one. :D )
  4. If there is a way back to my original timeline, i definitely would go to the past. Ancient Greek or Ottoman era would be the one of my few past choices. As future, i would like to see what will happen to earth and humankind in a couple of hundred years. Either way i don't think i would like to be alone. I'd prefer to do these travels with someone i trust. ( Even the Doctor shouldn't travel alone.)
  5. I found this topic really interesting and really want to know everyones dreams about time travel. I had two dreams of those. In one of them actually i was a completely different person but it was like my past life or something and i guess i was living in one of the Anatolian Beyliks (Turkish principalities between the era 11th-13th century) and i had a husband and a family but i knew that i came back from the future to see and help them. My other dream was in future and the exact year was 2076. I knew it because i saw it on a piece of paper. My appearence was just as today. In my dream, I was thinking that i should be older and i was trying to hide from people so that they won't understand the situation. My purpose was trying to steal a paper about my cousin from a case and just when i thought that i succeeded by taking paper and coming back to my timeline i realized that the paper which has a text on it a few minutes ago is completely empty now. Then i thought to myself, because 2076 is too far from today that kind of far future can not be crystal clear so the text that i could not find the chance to read might not be the exact future. Aaand i woke up. I saw these dreams almost two months ago and i wrote them down since i am really interested in both time travel and dreams. So any kind of bizarre time travel dream is worth to think on it i believe. Thanks for reading. Cheers!
  6. Then i guess he might be a ghost.(if not someone mental) Because apart from his look and clothes, he was looking as normal as any of us. I don't know his point of view of course but from my point of view he was standing and speaking in front of me without any kind of strange background.
  7. I know, that's a bummer. Wish i could knew what was the real thing. Thanks for your reply though.
  8. The exact date was 22nd of August and time was around afternoon. (i just checked the photos i've taken.) But sadly i couldn't find anyone who saw that man. It was weird so i asked the security if anyone saw that kind of confused and weird-looking tourist but they told me almost everyone who come that place is weird-looking to them. :/ So they weren't really helpful. I told my cousins about him but they thought i was just making up a story since they know how fascinated i was because of that place. But one thing is sure, i really need to go Ephesus again!
  9. Well hello TTI ! This is my first message and i apologize if i make any grammatical mistake since i'm no native speaker. I've been reading some stuff and found this topic very interesting because i think i may have seen an example of this phenomena. Last summer i was in Ephesus. (The ancient Greek city in Turkey) Even though i was born and raised in Turkey this was my first time in Ephesus and i was so fascinated that i left behind my cousins and started to wander around. So when i was standing alone between the tombstones of the kings an old man came near me. He was looking like a beggar, his beard was a bit long, greyish and dirty. I freaked out a bit because i was alone, i mean i could see other people of course (the place is always full with tourists) but still he was looking suspicious because of the way he dress. His clothes were grey but i think they were white at some point. Anyways, he started to talk in a weird language (kinda sound like Greek language but not really) and i tried to answer him in english by saying that i don't understand him. But he was still looking really confused and anxious. So i left him there and went to security to get him help. But when i came back with security in a couple of minutes there was no trace of him. I know how this sounds. :/ That old man could be anyone right? But his appearance was so weird and wasn't exactly like a regular Turkish man or any other Tourists that i saw. I don't know if there's a logical explanation to this but i have forgotten this man until i saw this topic.
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