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  1. OK, so that was fun. The site's been down since Tuesday night. We're back online now. The problem wasn't TTI but rather another site we host and operate on the same VPS. Regardless, it's something to think about. It's a reminder that come December 31, there will be no more TTI. So prepare accordingly. Make sure your survival kits are fully stocked. Mop
  2. Nope. Cost is not the issue. Operating this site is the issue.
  3. Mop


    So I guess Cig is back on his meds. He's politely asking that we delete one of his threads which he identifies as "John J. Conicidences Thread". I've searched all the threads that I know are associated with him accounts but I cannot find this thread in question. I've also banned a number of his accounts. They are: TheCigSmokingMan TheCigSmokinMan2 TheCigSmokinMan3 TheCigSmokinMan4 So... has this thread already been deleted? If not, can you direct me to it. And if he's got any more accounts, let me know. I'm banning them all. He's certainly not welcome here. Mop
  4. Trolling it may be, but the function exists, and that function is available to users. If users choose to depart, we will delete their accounts. And, if as part of that departure they wish to have their posts deleted, we will delete those posts. And, RMT, we will *not* restore those posts after the fact.
  5. I'm not looking to scare anyone away, but if you're looking to operate a web site on the Internet, especially one where you let anyone say pretty much anything they like, I would urge you to at least form an LLC and run the web site under that LLC. Not only to limit your liability, but also because you have to consider revenues and expenses and how that will impact your taxes, especially if you think you're going to make money running that web site and you're trying to file as an individual. So then factor in costs pertaining to incorporation and related paperwork, annual tax filings (i.e. accountants), and all that fun stuff.
  6. In terms of hosting alone - not counting business taxes and fees - we are paying $45/month for a VPS at Futurehost: Virtual Private Servers | Future Hosting
  7. To further clarify, while it is unlikely that I will carry on operating the site past December 31, I would prefer selling it over shuttering it. In terms of selling it, preference will be given to bidders who are interested in carrying on the spirit of the site - if not necessarily the content - in some way. Maybe you keep the site as is, or you fold the content into another site, or you redirect to a similar site. Less consideration will be given to those who simply wish to repurpose the domain and its properties, but I cannot rule them out entirely. In terms of shutting down the site, that is a true and real consideration because operating this site is surprisingly costly. Not only in terms of effort, but financially. Any message board is quite susceptible to spammers, and keeping the site free of spammers requires a lot of effort and considerable resources. Even then, the traffic generated by those spammers as they try to get into the site at times equates a denial-of-service (DOS) attack. Playing whack-a-mole with spammers as we forbid their access to the domain is tedious.
  8. There's been some interest in a sale of TTI so let's lay down some ground rules to put everyone on equal footing. If we proceed with a sale, it will be a lengthy and deliberate process. Let's establish now that no decision to sell TTI will be made until at least December 1 and offers will be accepted until November 30.
  9. It's ironic, I feel, that a web site dedicated to time travel would ever see an end, but it seems that we've come to that point. I've grown old and tired, and can no longer dedicate to this organization the energy that is required of me. Let's be honest with ourselves: It's been clear that this has the case for many years. I feel it is time to end my participation in the Time Travel Institute. That does not necessarily mean the end of the Time Travel Institute, though. Here's what I'm proposing: At the end of 2014, on December 31, I will terminate my involvement with TTI. That can mean one of two things. Either I will remove all content from the site and park the domains involved with TTI. Or I will have sold off the site to someone else. I say, perhaps selfishly, that I will not give the site away to someone else for free. There is nearly a year between now and then. Plenty of time to weigh my options, and for you to weigh yours. If you are interested in making a bid for TTI, it's content, property, domains, brands, and everything that comes with it, you may get in touch with me. Just click on my profile name and choose "Start a Conversation". Let's talk. Thank you for all your time, Mop
  10. Google search fails to find any sign of time travelers | Science News We need better SEO.
  11. The Queen discussed time travel with the actress who plays Doctor Who's companion, on her visit to the BBC's new headquarters in London. BBC News - Queen discusses time travel with Dr Who companion
  12. HOLY SH*T!!! I back up the site database weekly. It's been growing steadily over the years. But it's been just that - steady - the whole time. Our database backup doubled in size from last week to this week. From 50 Mb to 100 Mb. I was utterly shocked. But a quick dive into the database reveals why. The anti-spam honeypot log has 123,000 entries! F*CKING SPAMMERS! I'm going to wait until next week to see if this growth continues. I assume I can just purge the log table. It's just logs after all... right? If the growth stabilizes, I won't do anything. But if it continues, I will purge the logs and I'll make it a part of my weekly backup routine.
  13. Who knew? Is there anything the guy *can't* do? Depression-era 'Jay-Z' photo sparks time-travel rumours - Your Community
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