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  1. Yes It's true... In dream i saw a painting the didnt exists in reality.
  2. Lol. Our galaxy's diameter is 100.000 light years ???? OMG numbers every time make things in universe bigger than you can imagine them!!
  3. I have read somewhere that dreams maybe sometimes saw you memories of yourself from another worldline... From a world where you went to certain places and you didn't in the current world. I know brain is a complicated but an interesting thing too. But I doubt that it has a connection with time travel...
  4. Well I think u are going too far !! Its not about war of fans and anti-Titor fans. And maybe someone can still believe on Titor. So What ?? And I don't think that there are ppl so fanatic with Titor.
  5. wow this is interesting!!! But case closed?? why?? Did anyone ask staff members of the school if they know something!?? We just tracked Titor and that's it? What @Darby has to say about this??
  6. I almost forgot. About 2 years ago I saw a location in a dream like any other.. I had no suspicions until I accidently found this place in my town 2 or 3 months after the dream.. I have never been there for second time but I want to go and check it out again cause im not clearly remembered it. Somewhere I read that maybe some dreams are showing you places you will be in the future. IF this is true, maybe when I go to this place I will create the image of the future that I saw in the dream which makes a circle. Have you ever dreamed of a place you have never seen and you feel that it exist somewhere ?? (I have heard about other ppl saw a dream like this too)
  7. Wanting to believe is a problem if someone speaks with this in arguments!! Its not bad for the person Itself. Just for his imaginations. I mean I'm still a logical person... The only weapon that someone who time traveled to the past have to convince the ppl, is words. But in science words are not proof. Words are just theories.Tho, as @Henry Stone said in time travel to the past real proof probably cannot exist. If for the time travel in future, you don't have to prove anything. I mean it's the future. They already know it before you.
  8. Well yes it's hard to beleve to this type of time traveling. I just wanted to see what he had to say. I olny asked with the possibility that he time traveled.. :)
  9. I do not agree with this equality. Time affects consciousness and ofc if we freeze time consciousness disappears but that doesnt mean that they are the same thing. Consciousness needs time. There is a statement that can be true. A travel in time can cause troubles in your mind.. so maybe smone canot survive a travel like this !!
  10. Your future self will absolutelly recognize the young one!! :)
  11. Why didnt the butterfly effect occure after you punched Stalin?? And if that happened and you changed the worldline, how did you get back here, in this future?? You saw something that found you and you dont know what it is!! Then the rest of us here are not supposed to know more things than you, without this experience!!
  12. I usually dont beleve on smthing or smone until i have some proof !! But in Titor's case I do not take a side !!! I only make suggestions !! I really want to beleve cause I imagine a future where humanity have taken a big step to understanding better the time and space !!! I think that it is easier to prove that John Titor is a hoax and almost impossible the opposite. My opinion is that we can never say for sure that Titor was a real time traveler, not here, not in this world. The two cases are : John Titor is a hoax and John Titor says the truth, but I think I can simplify those two cases : John Titor is a hoax and we will never find out !!!
  13. I apologise for this !! I was only meant that my english was far lower than pinterest's !! No meannt to offence !!
  14. Well I am founding myself having hard times to understand pinterest's posts too !! :p
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