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  1. Sort of. Time is Three Dimensional. There is a real axis, an imaginary axis and an "original" axis. every last shred of existence revolves around the "original" axis. there are also infinite layers of reality revolving around the original axis. Not parallel universes. Layers of reality. The word "universe" means "all that exists". If other layers of reality exist, then they are part of THE Universe, although the properties of these layers would be just like in science ficion where different things can happen. However, usually events will unfold the same way in each reality layer. Sometimes though, if a time traveler becomes entwined in your reality layer, they can effect change in your reality that may be noticeable for a few seconds, minutes, hours, maybe even days. They are like temporal ripples. You could go back in time, kill yourself and it would have no effect on your existence. By going back in time, you effect change on a different layer of reality. Pay close attention to minor things that go on in your life: Once, a friend of mine back in highschool went upstairs to work in a computer lab. When he got there, he saw electricians pulling wires out of the floor and installing new electrical outlets. He said to them: "So, I guess I can't use the computers today, eh?" and the men said "'fraid not". So my friend went to eat his lunch. When he concluded his meal, he went back up to the computer lab, just to make sure they hadn't finished up early. To his bewilderment, he found a class there, which was not usually scheduled to be in that area during that period. He also noticed that the electrical outlets had NOT CHANGED. He asked the teacher: "What happened to the electricians who were here changing the outlets?" The teacher stared at my friend like he was some sort of strange bug. "What electricians?" the teacher asked. "There have been no electricians here today. We've been here all period." My friend scratched his head and went off to think for a while. The next day, he came back to school and the electrical sockets had been changed. True story. Something or someone messed up the time line that day, and we experienced the cross-over between two reality layers.
  2. yes but if you didn't meet him the day before the experiment in front of your house, then who the hell did he visit? He came back a few seconds later and reported that both of you had a blast together yesterday. But you don't remember seeing him? Why? Alternate layer of reality. It is infinitely improbable that you will ever meet a time traveler because they don't stay on the same layer of reality and there are infinite layers between each layer and only one consciousness can occupy one layer at any given time. that is not to say time travel is impossible, its just infinitely improbable that you would ever meet one. You'd have better luck trying your hand at the national lotto.
  3. I have three words for you: Three Dimensional Time.
  4. That article is from a gossip column newspaper. It is not credible in the least.
  5. Darby, you seem to have a particular scientific prowess when it comes to physics. Could you please evaluate my theory of complex relativity, as it stands?
  6. Re: Time Travel responsible for Joseph Smith's visions Interesting theory. I would point out that a lot of Joe Smith's teachings are very much akin to Freemasonry. Joe himself was at one point in time, a freemason. Another strange thing about this is that if anyone, anywhere in this world knows how to manipulate time, it is likely that the masons know how, and would likely use it to influence their own past to make themselves more powerful that they already were. Is this picture a drawing, or a photograph?
  7. Re: Help me, I'm new. Please. Yes manocheese, everything is relative to everything else. To better focus your studies, read my post entitled "Attention new comers, Must read"
  8. Leonard, I have been experimenting with the concept of artificial gravity using rotating magnets to focus a magnetic field at the centre of a sphere. Do you know of a computer program which will run in a windows environment in which I can simulate interactions between three dimensional magnetic fields?
  9. All things are relative, right? Ok... here's where I came up with the idea for complex time: Einstein's equation: t = to(sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2))) tells us that an object's relative time is inversely proportional to its speed. but a passenger riding that object will observe the same contraction of time relative to his observer on the "stationary object". So where does the difference go? One must only conclude that there are two temporal dimensions at work here. Which makes sense... space is three dimensional, why not time as well? When one inserts values of v > c = 1 into Einstein's time equation, one gets an imaginary number, or "x(i)". Most physicists over the past century have simply dismissed this phenomenon as superluminal flight being "impossible" because there simply can't be an imaginary value of time. However, if we consider that there could in fact be a SECOND temporal dimension, this phenomenon starts to make perfect sence. So therefore, to properly quantize time, one must use THIS equation: t = (ti^2 + (to(sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2))))^2) The above equation is a fusion of Einstein's relative time equation and the pythagorean theorem. In order to determine the value of ti, one must use THIS equation: ti = (t^2 - (to(sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2))))^2) The really really interesting fact is that if you actually plug some numbers into this equation, you will find, over and over again, that ti = v. Imaginary time is equal to an object's velocity! Strange, isn't it? Now how do I justify a third dimension of time? Well... you need to be able to observe time FROM a third temporal dimension in order to observe a two dimensional, complex value. Now then, onto your concerns about quantum physics and the "shortening" of space: Again, all things are relative. Length is too. When an object accelerates, its relative length parallel to its vector gets compressed in the same proportions as time: l = lo(sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2))) However, length is also three dimensional. But again, when one plugs in values v > c = 1 into the relative length equation, we AGAIN get imaginary values. This means that length ALSO has imaginary (or metaphysical) counterparts which must be accounted for. Since real length is three dimensional, imaginary length must also be three dimensional. So when you say that in quantum physics, in order to cross vast distances through space, one must in fact, bend space in such a way that the distance to your destination is "shorter", you're simply stating the obvious. When an electron is accelerated to close to the speed of light through a TWO MILE particle accelerator, the apparent distance traveled by the electron (from the electron's perspective) is only a few inches. So my friend, in order to change the apparent distance between two objects, one must in fact accelerate the object which is to make the transition. This could be interesting. If we accelerate our "space craft" to half the speed of light, we only have to travel a little over four fifths of the distance to get actually get to our destination because the relative distance will become compressed. This is something I never considered before. Thanks for pointing that out! Best Regards,
  10. swiftinfo

    time portal

    I think I might know how to "dump" the energy into space-time. However, we will have to discuss it through e-mail because the administration of this site thinks it's "too weird" for this forum. Everyone wants to travel through time out here and everyone thinks that the only viable solution i've come up with is technically impossible. E-mail me: [email protected] Let's work on this thing. Best Regards,
  11. I am deeply disappointed Alright, forget the stupid sceptre. :mad: I'll go get $125,000 and make the sceptre myself and use its power for my own purposes. You can all watch. :P I still believe however, that the key to understanding time and gaining control over it, will be somehow derived from understanding complex relativity. Time is part of the universal function. We have to give mathematical shape to a unified field equation in order to determine what must be done to an object's OTHER properties in order to create the net result of time-travel. I have not found any viable way to cause an object to INSTANTANEOUSLY revert to another point in time. What I have found, however, is that an object CAN travel backwards through time, but only at an equal rate to the same period of time in the opposite direction. In other words, if you went back in time, you would notice the passage of your own time, even though everything around you was going backwards. By the time you turned back towards a positive temporal direction, you'd have aged the same amount of time that it took you to get back to that time period. Now if you were to go pay the dinosaurs a visit, you'd be waiting a good 65 million years. Cryogenics and automated revival mechanisms are in order. And the only viable way to travel backwards through time is to go faster than light, so where the h3ll is the earth gonna be in 65 million years? You realize the complexity of what you are attempting to do. I wish you all the best of luck with it. I'll help if you want my help, but any further attempt to label me as a fraud will result in my eternal abandonment this site and the deletion of all my posts, robbing all of you of any benefit of my copyrighted research. I do expect an apology from those who would label me a fraud. I am a researcher and entrepreneur. I find the very concept of falsehood to be the root of all evil. Sincerely,
  12. Re:Do not eat people in South Africa!? I assure you Creedo, my motives are 100% sincere. Read for instance, my reply to dimigourous in the "mathematical proof of temporal manipulation" thread. I am an intrigued part-time theoretical physicist just like just about everyone else out here. Fori such as these are always the target of people who want to have a good laugh at others' willingness to believe in something, and then lie and get everyone's hopes up. Believe me Creedo, were killing ethical, and I was in charge of executions, all liars would die. Fortunately, neither one of the above are true. I would never want to decide who deserves to die and I'm glad killing is illegal. The reason I said that was to convey how utterly immoral and counterproductive I believe lying to be. Besides which, I have a company to run. What makes you think I would waste my time trying to fool a bunch of time-travel buffs? I'm serious about this stuff. I want to make it happen. I assure you, it is my full intention to develop a working theory of how the universe works, and how to quantize every property with a single equation so as to determine what steps must be taken to achieve "anything". Yes.. anything. Include time travel in there if you like. I will now tell you a parable: Once there was a man who lived in an apartment building. He was waiting for an elevator with a number of other inhabitants of the same building. An elevator came and the door opened. The man entered the elevator and one of the inhabitants called out "That elevator does not work." The man, undaunted, said to the people: "I'll get it working". The man had no previous experience fixing elevators, however he knew that there had to be something physically wrong with the elevator. He checked the settings of the service functions, the emergency status, and everything he could think of. Then, he saw light piercing through the elevator door ater it had closed "all the way". Finally, he noticed that the elevator's door contact had a plastic covering which was out of place. Right before the people's eyes, he pulled and heaved on the piece of plastic, nearly getting crushed by the door twice. The people watched and more people gathered as this intrepid man struggled to fix the forsaken door. Five minutes had passed and yet, no further elevators had come to the ground floor. Finally, the man managed to fix the problem with the door contact's plastic covering and the door closed completely. The man realized that the elevator would finally work, and with lightning haste, he pressed and held down the "door open" button. Then, holding his finger in place, he re-emerged from the elevator saying: "The door works now! I'm going upstairs, who's coming with me?" Forty eyes stared back at the man, twenty heads shook. The man shrugged his shoulders and went up seventeen floors, by himself while twenty people waited for "the next elevator". The lesson to be learned here is, if it's not already obvious enough: "Sometimes, even when people see a thing with their own eyes, they still refuse to believe." And so I say to all those who would doubt me: I will one day be able to convert my thoughts directly into reality. I am willing to share the necessary technology with anyone who wants to do the same. Who wants in?
  13. Re: Toast and jam for breakfast? Have I offended someone? The only reason I started this thread is because all my ideas were strewn all over the place and I wanted to summarize them in in one thread so that people would not have to search all over the place for all the various theories I've come up with in the past two weeks. It's all right here in one message now! One stop shopping, you know how it is... From my own perspective, I've never seen a theory that better explains how the universe works. For all I know, I could just be reinventing superstring as I know not much about that theory, other than it has some ridiculous matrices that are difficult to explain. To my good friend Creedo, I will say that one thing "indians" have been known to do is invent the wheel, make tremendous modifications on it, and then later discover that the wheel was already invented long ago and they could have saved themselves a lot of time. My theory is gradually starting to look like it will require many matrices to take s fully mathematical form. If I've p!$$3d anyone off in my pursuit of the ultimate answer, please let me know. Besides that Enforcer, what is your own opinion of my theories thus far?
  14. Re: Toast and jam for breakfast? Hey Creedo! ;) I don't think I know the song you're quoting, but I'll play along. Creedo said: >This boards about time travel and all that this means,...this boards about time travel, not some >magic beans. What the funk and wagnalls are you talking about? What I'm discussing IS related to time travel. The only way we can learn to manipulate time, is to learn how it fits into the big picture, and how time is a function of everything else that goes on: ie: Complex relativity. As for the magic beans, well, it would seem that the only way to influence things that our mechanical devices cannot is to use the will of our minds to impose some sort of change in "metaphysical" properties, or according to my model of a complexly relative universe, the imaginary properties. I know of a device which can amplify a user's will. If the same device could be adapted to not only amplify the users will but also generate enough power to amplify the user's will SUFFICIENTLY, then the user could cause anything to happen instantaneously. The device could be used as a teleporter, a warp drive, a power generator, or yes, even a time machine. I don't expect anyone to believe me. To believe that such a device could exist is to believe that one person can wield the power of God and that's a little too much for most people's reality contexts. The key to expanding one's reality context lies in asking "how can it be done?" rather than proclaiming "it cannot be done!". Advocates of Time Travel are probably the most open-minded researchers on Earth. The belief that one's course through time can be altered is considered by most, to be ludicrous and unachievable. But so was breaking the sound barrier, or human flight at all for that matter, and making trains go faster than 30 MPH. You guys asked the question: "How can time travel be made possible?" I'm trying my d4mndest to answer that question by helping you all understand what you're asking. ...and I may have a design for a hand-held device that could do it. Creedo said: >I cry to hear folks chatter, when you've fallen in too deep, but what the heck does this matter >cause in you,..(you finish that last stanza Swift..? "when you cannot hear me weep." I noticed that activity on this board dropped significantly after the war started but has been gradually coming back. I too wish there were more people responding to what I post because I am desperately trying to understand how the universe works too. Creedo sed: >And hence harkens unto light there was a day, that Creedo had picked up his magic receiver and >made that valiant call to Corn-na-dia asking for that special mechanical engineer. >She had answered the tele at her business calling, all proper, plus all that stuff and said,//I >ams, thee mechanical engineer, what in blazes dost they wantest? >Little me, a Creedo engineers says, with tears in his eyes, "It's just me, a wanna-be time >traveler and the Great Irish Kilter hast dost proclaim that I can somehow jimmy a time travel >machine, from the clutches of ure coffers, in financialdome? You called a mechanical engineer about my device? Sakes. That's the last person I would have called. We need Gold... and Cobalt! These things are expensive, and the latter dangerous! Before we can get those things, we need to spend $75 on a much less complicated and much less expensive device, that we may test it, and make sure the theory is sound! I'm sorry. I think I forgot to mention that part of the plan. Once the less complicated device is shown to work, we can make a much more complicated and expensive device which will be more effective. Creedo said: >The little fireball shoots back with a desire to show me that she, by her hands has known how to >work, a Dietzen special drafting pen, in the expanse of her studio, "I being real busy here Bub'! >Me thinks ure a bum and can'st follow the advice of the Raja of the wonders of creation machine Um >building......., so get lost in an ally there in lower Toronto, with Tonto, then I can'st be >bothered by ure type any-mores!!?? I take it this person was/is a friend of yours? Was she really that rude, or are you just exagerating her response? Creedo said: >Tis me, Creedo and I hang up the phone sayin to myself. >Well cosmology in a true view, "I mean after talkin to the chief mechanical designer of the wish >factory, like who needs that?! I'm having a difficult time with this one... correct me if I'm wrong: -You cannot believe that this person would speak to you in this fashion -You seem to be calling me the CMD of the "wish factory." It's not a factory, it's more of a sub-tesla wave activated, gravity-powered sub-tesla wave transceiver. For all intents and purposes, it "reads your mind" and then proceeds to make the universe "more likely" to convert your thoughts into reality, gradually, more and more each second. Once there is sufficient gravity being generated and sufficient three dimensional motion of the crystal, your desires will instantly become reality. You might have to be very, very patient.
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