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  1. Yeah if you're interested whack science....Greer is a joke.
  2. Yeah and I suppose Pillsbury Doughboy is code for buttermilk biscuits....Water never curves huh..Then explain why creeks twist and turn...and the water follows those twists, turns and bends.....A flat earth! I'd just as soon believe the Moon was made out of green cheese.
  3. Yeah he is a doctor but that's where it stops.
  4. That link would have been more convincing if I had not seen Greer's name attached to it that makes it even less convincing...
  5. It would be more legit if you posted a link to where you this....
  6. OK now proceed to tell me something I do not know...Problem is you can't...Your temper tantrum and fear of the government has clouded your thinking....See what I mean..Rehashing the same old shit year after year..Nothing never new always the same BS...People coming on forums such as this claiming to have met some MIB or government assassin telling them to shut up about UFOs...Time conspiracy nutters get over this government is out to get me thing.... No actually no nerve hit with me but it did with you when I questioned your MIB encounter....Barker was right in the fact that a lot of this is a joke...Barker embellished those stories to make serious UFO researchers look stupid...How about instead of whining about it put up some actual evidence... I need more than just you saw it! You saw don't mean crap to me.
  7. Continuing...Barker may have introduced the MIB in his book but one Albert K Bender who was then head of the International Flying Saucer Bureau was the one to have what would be called the first modern experience with them(MIB). Barker claims that he can give credit ( or maybe blame) mainly to John A Keel which everyone is probably familiar with his book "Mothman Prophecies"......Read Men In Black: The Secret Terror Among Us. I am not here to disprove the MIB or your encounter...But what makes your encounter any different than the others?
  8. I cannot help you don't like what I posted..You obviously have nothing or you would not react this way.... That maybe..Fact of the matter is all you have are your experiences...And in the world of UFOs/Aliens that seems to be the theme...All experiences but no hard evidence to back up those claims. You think the government has time to go after everyone that has had a UFO/Alien experience? And it don't mean a hill of beans one way or the other...The lowest form of evidence in UFO/Alien phenomena is eyewitness testimony. And we are talking UFOs/Aliens it's not like you have to have a masters degree...I can get the same information off the internet it's chock full of these accounts so what makes your experience any different than the other millions that have had the same experience? You act as though it's some great government conspiracy to snuff out everyone that has had a UFO/Alien contact....You know why they are silent? Because like you they get all huffy and whiney like some 2 year old when they are questioned about it.....That's the whole point isn't it? You want us to believe that the government considered your encounter a threat to national security so they sent the MIB after you? Well get in line fellow because there are thousands of others that believe the something! They maybe some truth to the MIB phenomena, Barker seem to think there could have been but at the end of the day it all comes down to the evidence at hand. Sorry, I am so far down on the government's hit list of the MIB I will be dead and gone before they get to me....And for the record I did not say I did not believe in the MIB anywhere in this post or the one before it. What I did say is that I do not believe the government is sending hit men to everyone or a select few that has had an alien/ufo encounter.....I wonder if they sent out MIB when Eisenhower had his date with the aliens? And I mentioned Gray Barker in my first post..He was the one that got all this MIB stuff started in his book "They Knew To Much About Flying Saucers"........So if it were not for Gray Barker no one would be talking about the MIB...I got more to add but I am short on time and will come back and do it in another post later....
  9. MIB....All a part of UFO lore....Gray Barker was the first to introduce them in his book "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers".....Some seem to think they are some arm of the government sent out to shut people up or retrieve evidence of some type....All that said there was a belief in the 50's that the Air Force and other government entities tried to discourage the publics interest in UFOs...But I think that's as far as it got...I don't believe they were sending out special agents to keep people quiet.
  10. Not so much that as the fact that the folks who take these never seem to get a clear shot.....I don't know..Hell Photoshop probably has a bigfoot and ufo button some where in it....
  11. How come all the videos or photos we see of this stuff are so grainy or blurry you cannot tell what it is? Just from looking at the photo you cannot tell what it is....
  12. Remember what the "U" in UFO stands for.
  13. Its not all that uncommon for people to have the same first and last names.
  14. Sweet..But you really should ditch that Phpbb default theme.
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