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  1. explain my theory using math? translating it into Math is not my strongpoint, I'm afraid I would struggle to explain the concept mathematically and thus leave you to be frustrated at my ignorance. I am still learning... once I grasp the knowledge, I will try to share it.
  2. Did you know that so far all objects in space seem to rotate the same direction? Do you know why a clock turns in the direction that it does? Did you know that a Black Hole turns the opposite direction of all other objects? What would happen if the Earth suddenly started spinning in the opposite direction? Would we be hurled into space because of the opposite affect of gravity? Would be change our orbit around the sun? When you can answer why it is that the objects turn in the direction they do, and what caused them to turn that way, you will understand how time began, and how it can be reversed, and so on. It has nothing to do with the speed of light, or how FAST someone can go, it has to do with the changing the field of spacetime within a point of origin. Does the sun turn? or does it sit motionless in space?! Is the universe expanding? Or are we just moving through it? The question remains... why does the Earth turn? If it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate completely around, and it takes Jupiter even longer... does that mean time on Jupiter is slower than time on earth? If someone is born on Jupiter, what would be their age and life span compared to the same person on Earth? Time is not a point here nor a point there, it is a direction. It is a path. We change the path, we change time.
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