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  1. I have been wondering for a while now, how do high pitched frequencies efect the brain. When I listen to the atatched file I feel a nice tingly sensation in the back lower part of my head and an almost massage like feeling pulsing threw my head. This sensation to most people is horible and makes then squench. Me, i love it. I can listen to it for hours on end. Infact im listening to it right now. Maybe this is just because im autistic but i dont know. I am asking you, if you can find anymore information on this to help me understand. Thanks for reading and i hope to hear back soon. :) thanks
  2. Trevor


    I was talking to my physics teacher the other day and he told me that the one problem there would be with a spherical universe is that because of the bend of spacetime, light would bend as well, therfor since light does not bend the universe must be flat. But i have an idea to go aginst this. Wana hear?
  3. Im thinking, maybe we live in a spherical universe. any ideas, im glad to trade thoughts. :)
  4. What exactly does the TTI alumni upgrade in the store do?

  5. I personally believe that there is a plane or dimension that is somewhere all around us. i call this "quantum consciousness". the actual name is the matrix. this the idea that every thing we see, do, imagine, think, hear taste.....everything is kind of recorded and saved to a cloud of sorts ( like the i tunes cloud ) and is shared with all of us. we just cant recognize it. but those brief moments that we do, we call it Déjà Vu. i do not know this is just my idea. any thoughts?
  6. Again im wondering, both of you now, if you are time travelers why did you come to this time? Sent from my SM-N920V using the TTI Forums mobile app
  7. im not entirely sure yet. may i ask if you are a time traveler why this time to come back to? what is your goal of traveling to this time?
  8. what makes you belive you are from the year 2046?
  9. 3 months ago i watched "Back to the Future" for the first time and i noticed logical flaws that should have made sense to any person with half a brain. after that moment i dedicated myself to help prove the existence of time travel.
  10. so from my understanding, you believe that you are a time traveler. or is this your idea of a possible time machine?
  11. I personaly belive in the quilted multiverse theiory. It has the most possible outcomes witch is what we basicaly base life off of today.
  12. i have been studying physics and the basic principals of time for a short amount of time before finding this site. after finding this site i almost become with time travel and cant get enough of this site and shared it with many of my friends. THIS SITE ROCKS!!!
  13. I ment, if you know of any websites or articals on this theory, may you please post them for me to check out
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