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  1. Yes. And Titor will do it again. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Fringe+writer (Google) https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=mr.+robot+writer (Google)
  2. The monarchy will be a thing of the past. A fellow co-worker traveller of mine is the direct descendant of Kaiser William Ludwig. We are the same rank.
  3. The E.U. and U.S. will reform under the Russian Federation within 10 years. We call it The World Federation. Mark my words under this date.
  4. Good guess, John 2. But anybody could guess that. brexit just happened.
  5. This is the exact response that I want. Thank you. The thing is, you really should say that J.T. was a HOAX. It's all generalized nonsense.
  6. Since 2004, Olympic officials have been accused of taking bribes. In the case of the Rio and Tokyo Olympics, those accusations have been proven true.
  7. Ah, someone with reading comprehension skill. So many people say he said the Olympics were cancelled "in" 2004.
  8. This is very clever. Finally someone is accounting for the Sun orbiting in the Orion Arm around the center Milky Way galaxy black "hole" as the Earth orbits the Sun. The Sun's movement is not linear. It is elliptical as is the Earth's. The Sun's orbit only appears linear because it takes 230 million years to orbit the black "hole" just once. If it actually mattered, a time traveller would have to account for the position wobble of the Earth around the Sun as the Sun does it's orbit. Luckily, it does not matter to a time traveller if he or she secures his or her gravitational position within a gravity well. He or she would essentially be anchored to the bottom of the ocean of time as the time travel machine ship rocked in the waves of time. Let's say our time traveller is from World-Line Zero and Time-Line Zero 2036. The time traveller wants to go to World-Line-One and Time-Line One 1999. No problem. The time traveller folds World-Time-Zero to World-Time-One and secures himself and the lines with something we will call a Push-Pin Gravity Lock. Since he is moving in time and space at the same rate as the Sun and Earth(because he is pinned to it), he does not go flying off into outer space. If you are watching Audrey Hepburn on a Roman Holiday, you are basically time travelling to back then. But it isn't the real past. It is a copy of it.
  9. Obama started it all but he got lazy and didn't follow through working out the problems. He just let it fail. Obama should have copied all of the existing healthcare systems already working in Europe. The Affordable Healthcare Act website was not even created by web developers. We didn't even need any of it. All we needed was an improvement of Medicare and Medicaid started by LBJ. We needed to improve "public" cheap healthcare for the poor. We should have let existing healthcare plans remain an option for people. I complained about this when Obamacare first became news. I was for it as it existed on paper. But I knew it would become the FUBAR ClusterTruck that it is today.
  10. I'm torn between John Titor being real and being a hoax. A hoax, because we know who most of the players in this John Titor story are. But we don't know who Oliver Williams is. Razimus says he will tell us in December. Real, because whoever was posting as John Titor really understood historical trends and made very good predictions. Or John Titor was psychic. Or he was a time traveller. It's difficult to say. But nearly everything he wrote, when you decode it, came true and is coming true.
  11. Star Trek is very prophetic in many ways. The thing about warp drive, teleportation, and time travel is that it is all part of the same spectrum. Whereas on the television show, the characters are dematerialized and rematerialized, actual teleportation is where a person standing on PositionA is folded across various distances to PositionB. The character is not dematerialized. The space around the character is pinched and catapulted to a distance space. It is easier to catapult to an alternate past world than it is to catapult to a distant position within the same world. But we seem to master it by 2063.
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