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  1. Califonia Real? Not for decades it seems as the movie - Bullit - Suggested without "spelling" out - what was happening in the movie but in the UNCUT - UNEDITTED VERSION You will "see" KBG like CHAOS - Agents in a BLACK LINCOLN CONTINENTAL with BLACK SUNGLASSES with BLACK SUITS With AMERICANS running away after spotting them driving around BUT BACK TO MY FIREND from THE BAR He also told of strange car trips from SAN FRANCISCO to FRESNO and LOS ANGELES Where he was the ONLY PERSON on the HIGHWAY 405 I believe he told me... FOR HOURS and HOURS - NO CARS heading SOUTH or WEST on EITHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY He also "told" of an APOCOLYPTIC SURVIVOR ENCOUNTER iin a WAREHOUSE DISTRICT But I have to save that for another time BUT BACK TO HIS ORIGINAL VISIT There were 50 Tourists near the WHARF And only 23 San Franciscians during the day And other strange stories of ALL ASIAN ATTENDEES or STUDENTS at BERKELEY SO SCARY He refused to cross the street to visit the campus Becuase ONLY ASIANS were showing up to go to class NO WHITES NO BLACKS NO SPANISH But I must go now.... I have a meeting to attend too... Darth Tekno
  2. Humans, I am reading the news lately... And I found reports on CNN and USA Today about an EXODUS from SAN FRANCISCO where people from the area are moving to LAS VEGAS of all places ? Because of HIGH RENTS of TECH IPO - STOCK OPTION MILLIONAIRE EMPLOYEES or so these "news" media companies and newspapers "claim" Years ago... I met a SOFTWARE ENGINEER in a Hotel Bar in NYC... Who "shared" STRANGE STORIES about BERKELEY, OAKLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, PALO ALTO, MOUNTAIN VIEW and SAN JOSE He said he went from BERKELEY to SAN FRANCISCO and went SIGHT SEEING in SAN FRANCISCO and found ALMOST NO PEOPLE in SAN FRANCISO a CHINA TOWN DISTRICT - CLOSED AND ABANDONED Walking around the SAN FRAN He only found 26 People on the Street Almost NO CARS on the streets or NO PEOPLE coming and going from HOMES or DRIVEWAYS SOME SAY... Like the movie BULLIT - With Steve McQueen SAN FRANCISCO was SPY ATTACKED And the RESIDENTS "Liqiudated" and "Replaced" with Sleeper Agents Or Assassins who "kill" Tourists, Businessmen or Movers to the Area or "maintain" Apartment Buidling or Condo or Office Towers to "make" people "believe" they are occupied - when they are empty AND RECENT REPORTS Talk of a School System with ALMOST NO CHILDREN REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Anyone have SCARY STORIES about SILICON VALLEY or SAN FRANCISCO? Anyone have SCARY STORIES about LAS VEGAS or THE STRIP of SUPER HOTELS ? NEW STRIP Not Piedmont St Anyone from the area? Darth Tekno
  3. Earthlings Is there anyone in St. Louis or Los Angeles - Hollywood Who may heard of "rumors" or "leaks" That George Noory and The Project Stargate - NSA - CIA - SRI - Remote Viewers (SCAM ARTISTS and SPIES) Are under "federal" investigation And some have "disappeared" and can not be found... Like Sean David Morton - who stole New Years Predictions from here And aired them on C2CAM Radio shows in 2005 and 2006 I have being "monitoring" the "internets" and was led here... They are really RUSSIAN SOUTH AFRICANS from Zambia Zaire or Angola or NAZI Spy School people from Uraguay and Paraguay That book by one The Stargate Chronicles is a disguised bio of an American Computer Genius slandered as NSA HumInt Agent - Psychic - like the one in Starship Troopers the blond actor from Doogie Howser ? I don't recall his name... at the moment Darkness has fallen over America And The Sith and The Evil ones have foolishly "revealed" themselves on Shark Tank and CNBC and promoted in USAToday Tech and CNN Tech It's obvious they are OCCULT SATANISTS using the Dark Arts of Old Europe here in America May The Force Be With You May The Universe protect you And transform you into a Weapon against EVIL Darth Tekno Zen Buddist - Warrior Monk transformed into a Jedi Master Jedi Rebel against The Sith - Corporate - Illuminati Fortune 500 - Wall Street - Investment Banking + Silicon Valley along with CNBC + NYSE
  4. Earthlings I am Darth Tekno A Count Dooku like figure from Corporate America Who "rebeled" against the Dark Arts Masters - The Corporate Elite - CEO and Boards of Directors I am Zen Buddist - Warrior Monk who became a Jedi Master Now fighting The Sith - Corporate - Illuminati I was wondering what you thought of the Star Wars - Movie - The Last Jedi And Happy New Year
  5. Fellow Citizens of Earth... It is I... Darth Tekno A Count Dooku like figure from Evil - Wall Street that now ONLY GIVES TECH IPO STARTUP MONIES to Russians, Russian Jews, Germans, German Jews and British Ex-Pats Here to warn about The Sith of This Dimension and their EVIL SPIES here in America Conducting a Covert Spy Warfare called by some as The Reverse UN Invasion And you be "warned' about "people" who come near you... and "pretend" to "work" their "smartphone" but MAKE NO CALLS They will be WITHIN 20 Feet of You and sometimes sit on benches in parks and shopping malls hiding their screen from you... THEY ARE WARDRIVING YOU THEY ARE HACKING YOU with Software like mSpy and FlexiSpy that read your SmartPhone via WiFi and Bluetooth that can read Recent Calls Phone Directory Google Search History and more THEY ARE SPIES for THE REVERSE UN INVASION WE HAVE THEM HERE IN MASS in THE NEW YORK CITY AREA Where they taken over Hudson County NJ - Island Peninsula County right across THE HUDSON RIVER from MANHATTAN ISLE Are in HERE LARGE NUMBERS Russians Russian Jews Chinese British Ex-Pats British East Indians HUDSON COUNTY is now a BRITISH EAST INDIAN - MAJORITY POPULATION COUNTY in JERSEY CITY NJ RUSSIANS, RUSSIAN JEWS and GERMANS are NOW THE MAJORITY in HOBOKEN NJ in HUDSON COUNTY BE WARE WHITE AMERICANS such as GERMANS, POLISH and IRISH are being hunted and harassed ALL MOTELS are RUN and OPERATED by BRITISH EAST INDIANS ALL CONVENANCE STORES are RUN and OPERATED by BRITISH EAST INDIANS ALL CELL PHONE STORES (INDEPENDENT) are RUN by SYRIAN - JORDIANS ALL McDONALDS have SOUTH AMERICAN SPANISH + MEXCIAN WORKERS BRITISH EX-PATS work SIDE BY SIDE with RUSSIAN JEWS and GERMAN JEWS in WALL STREET INVESTMENT BANKS who only give TECH IPO - START MONIES to Russians, Russian Jews, Germans, German Jews and British Ex-Pats WHERE ARE THE AMERICAN GENIUSES or SILICON VALLEY? They are RUSSIAN and GERMAN - WAKE UP !!! Lloyd Blankfien - German Jew - Goldman Sachs ! Jamie Dimon - Russian Jew (claims his Greek - LoL) - JP Morgan Chase Sandy Weil - German Jew - Citibank - 90s + 2000s Sergey Brin - Google - Russian Jew "Larry Page" - Google - "Biz Name" - Russian Reid Hoffman - Linkedin - German Travis Kalanick - Uber - Eastern Block Russian Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook - Russian or German Jew "Jeff Taylor" - Twitter - "Biz Name" - Eastern Block Russian Your are being ENSLAVED - PASSIVELY by use USE + DEPANDANCY of INTERNET + SMARTPHONE APPS and use of CELL PHONES BEING TRANGULATED and TRACED by CELL TOWERS + GPS Your THOUGHTS are BEING RECORDED and ANALZYED by VOICE to TEXT, E-Mails, Texts and Messaging that is VIRTUAL MIND READING SILICON VALLEY is GUARDIAN the RUSSIAN AI EVIL COMPUTER disquised as "functions" or "services" that are DATA RECORD - EXPORTED into SPY NORADS and SUPER COMPUTERS in RUSSIA and EUROPE http://www.geocities.ws/guardian-consortium READ + LEARN for YOURSELF THE TECHNOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE of THE LEFT BEHIND SERIES IS REAL... IT'S SILICON VALLEY - INTERNET + SMARTPHONE APP CO.s WAKE UP!!! RESIST !!!! BEWARE OF PERSON TO PERSON - WARDRIVING with mSpy and FlexiSpy - Spyware Software
  6. Fellow Citizens of Earth It is I... Darth Tekno Jedi Monk - Warrior - Scientist I must WARN YOU about a new website... That WARNS YOU ALL that YOU ARE BEING "PASSIVELY" "ENSLAVED" by the SATANIC KBG with RUSSIANS, RUSSIAN JEWs, GERMANS, GERMAN JEWS and EASTERN BLOCK TECH IPO CEO Founders and their "disguised" INTERNET and SMARTPHONE APP COMPANIES... That are REALLY just DATA MONITORING FUNCTIONS - TRACKING + ENSLAVING YOU and EVEN CREATING - VIRTUAL MIND READING with VOICE to TEXT, E-Mails, Texting and Messaging THE TECHNOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE of THE BOOK of REVELATIONS + The Left Behind - Book + Movie Series That comes before THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SEE FOR YOURSELF... http://www.geocities.ws/guardian-consortium/ AND WATCH THE 70's SCI-FI MOVIES that "planned" or "warned" about this DIRE TIMELINE - 2018 Symbolic Movies... That DEPICT and WARN of an EVIL HORRIFYING FUTURE Colossus - The Forbin Project - Satanic Computer Enslaves Mankind Rollerball - Corporations Control Society and Rule The World - Timeline - 2018 Soylent Green - Mysterious Evil Things being done with dead bodies The Omega Man - Satanic Los Angeles - Humans hunted by Satanists At Night and Escape From New York - Bayonne NJ and Manhattan are linked and are EVIL UNDERGROUND SOCIETIES Read and learn... The Guardian Consortium - http://www.geocities.ws/guardian-consortium/
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