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  1. Hello my name is Harry Tobin and I am from the year 2017. I dont know if I am living in a time loop or just Deja vu but there is places I have visited (on vacations or at work) that i know i have experienced before.....some examples are when i went to mexico in 2013 i recalled almost the whole trip in a dream before. I have also (on lots of occasions) experienced this in day to day life. (meeting someone new on the street or doing something new). I have not experienced a "loop" yet but am wondering how I can find this out. I also feel detached from everything and everyone at times. I feel like I am the only one here and im living in a "matrix" time thing. I have also experienced seeing dreams and them happening in the following days. I have experienced me meeting people (that i have never met before in a brand new place), and that happening in the next following days. I think it could be too complex for deja vu but would like to get peoples thoughts.
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