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  1. If I were to go back in time I would go back to Jan 2001 and tell myself NOT to Join the Air Force in March it ruined my life and I got injured 3 years in.
  2. My first job at 16 was working a Haunted House event at the Alton, IL Grand Theater, its an old movie theater that no longer shows movies since the 60’s. During orientation we were told the Theater is haunted and there are old movie reels in the attic storage that if they are moved strange things will happen. Well I blew this info off and started working that night. They put me on the stage by myself to scare people sliding down a slide from the balcony to the stage. I was waiting for people to come down and out of the blue something hit me on my shoulder like a hand. I turned around and no one was there or nothing fell from the ceiling. I ignored it and about 30 mins later something grabbed the back of my costume and pulled me back. I later found out a guy hung himself on the stage years ago and he was trying to make contact with me… So freaky.
  3. Hello everyone. I just a girl that is interested in Time Travel and how if would change our past and future.

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