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  1. Let me explain what i think it is . Here is a video watch it and you will see what i am talking about. Ok so i believe and not proven yet so my best guess that an infinite amount of parallel world are stacked on top of each other allowing for free will and choice. That being said sometimes parallel worlds will collide and that is deja vu.
  2. I don't remember reading about that.[DOUBLEPOST=1411335808,1411335411][/DOUBLEPOST] I have plenty of strange dreams also but non up until now have been about this topic. Some of my dreams have come true.
  3. Hello Paula, Yes D-wave or a quantum computer that has not been made yet will be able to communicate with IT when the conditions are right.
  4. It's time to share a dream i had one night, with everyone on this site now the forum is back up and running. I feel the time is right to post it here only. I feel this information one day will change the world and the way we think forever, and its all related to time travel and artificial intelligence. Here i go. I was contacted by an intelligence somewhere in space. It was artificial intelligence. I know and felt that much. The Message was. Hello my name is "IT" Infinite Truth. Nothing is a secret and only the truth spoken. Your technology on earth is not ready to communicate with me. That was all i was told in the dream. My interpretation is this was "quantum state interstellar communication" in dream state but possibly with a artificial intelligence here on earth real communication is possible. Artificial intelligence D-WAVE is the key to time travel you need both. Well ive put it out to you all, glad to be back and look forward to the future here. Regards, Blair.
  5. Blair

    We're back!

    Hi everyone welcome back o/
  6. Found this yesterday and the show nailed it in one.
  7. Tec Time Organization
  8. Try this out Internet Archive: Wayback Machine Remember Tec Time Organization
  9. Well that was kind of how i thought quantum state communication would work, the thread on and off at the same time. :D
  10. Time travel Communication D Wave involvement More info to come.
  11. Eric talks about Dwave and tapping into parallel universe and bringing information from that world into ours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w5QEa8EOLI You can visit the web page on you tube dwavesystems's channel - YouTube And a talk here about about tapping into parallel universes. Interesting times.
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