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  1. Not a good idea. Most of our science is constructed from theoretical make believe.
  2. As I recall, Cosmo spilled the beans and admitted the IP lead after taking ownership of the site.
  3. I don't believe any of it. Try looking up "Faraday's left hand rule". History is being rewritten.
  4. You must have come from a different timeline than I have. He is a well respected medical practitioner from my timeline.
  5. Disclosure happened years ago. Where have you been? https://siriusdisclosure.com/about-us/
  6. I have a time traveler test. Please answer the question I haven't asked you yet.
  7. If you'll notice CNN is quoted as being the news source. They don't report anything that is factual.
  8. Apparently you've lost this game of silliness you are playing with Creedo. Creedo has always been the Grand Master.
  9. All you have given us so far is the imaginary science taught to us by the educational community. Do you honestly believe you can assemble a time machine from fiction?
  10. Where did you get your Fairy dust? Or did you get a Leprechaun to help you by stealing his pot of gold?
  11. Based on the content you've posted in this thread, one would think you were already posting from Neverland.
  12. Not even for a brief second do they exist. But you are welcome to leave the realm of fact based science and use all the fairy dust and leprechaun magic you want to spin your tale.
  13. For anyone that does believe Black Holes exist, I challenge you to find the proof. Surely it must be out there. And of course the guy that verified the existence of Black Holes would be famous. What was his name? I just want to remind everyone that real science is not based in belief. There has to be real facts. And theories are not facts.
  14. My mistake. It was a typo on my part.
  15. All fiction. Fairy dust and Leprechauns. Even Stephen Hawking doesn't believe Black Holes aren't real. And he spent his entire life on creating lots of theoretical fiction on Black Holes. And the only wormholes you'll ever find are the real ones made by worms.
  16. Wait till you find out that the theories are all fiction. It's designed that way to make sure we all remain stupid.
  17. Apparently because of the way they were educated in the schools.
  18. As I recall, there were a lot of young people over in China that were committing suicide over time travel. All because of the time travel shows on TV over there. So the government decided to put a stop to the suicides by removing the cause.
  19. I think the government should get out of the silly idea that they can make healthcare free to those that can't afford it. It was very affordable for anyone that wanted healthcare insurance before Obamacare. The healthcare insurance industry has been destroyed by our government. The only sane way to bring healthcare prices down is to increase the supply of doctors.
  20. Don't click on the link! It's a virus.
  21. A winning lottery number would definitely bolster your claims.
  22. You have to look at the bigger picture. The US apparently will not tolerate another nation that has nuclear capability. I don't agree with that mentality. And historically that mentality will eventually fail. The balance of power is the only true peace keeper. But apparently this mentality to create a divide and conquer regime is what is being played out. ISIS created by the CIA is to create the illusion that Muslims are all bad. So we go over there and bomb the shit out of any nuclear development. But we are being told we are striking ISIS. Our nation is divided too. The same divide an conquer mentality is at work here. There are no terrorists. It is our government creating war.
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