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  1. for time travel and how the hell do the entities know about it ? did i get here that right at all??
  2. hi im trying to make 5.1 or 7.1 audio to make instrumentals iv tried asking yahoo for some help but since nobody answered me i guess its up to you guys to help me out lol if you can but how on earth do i do it could someone plz show me the way big thanks
  3. im back for a we while ^_^ 

    missed you guys ^_^ 

  4. hi all i back i just havnet had the any free time to be on here glad to be back tho missed you guys cause you make life more interesting ? ? ?
  5. hi there i know this is a silly question but i need somebody from Egypt on here to send me some freefonix stuff because when i try to play it says access denied error code 16 the website is here https://www.osn.com/en-sa/home/ pls can someone do this for me as it would be big help for me ? if some one here is from Egypt then plz pm me the files ? big thanks
  6. so my hunch was right after all lol ?
  7. i know because my headphones are making a echoing noise its so annoying ?
  8. who is excited for sword and shield i know i am ^____^ ?
  9. hi thanks so much for the beautiful information ill check it out when i got a bit more time ?
  10. haha thanks walt your cool as allways but yeah i manged to talk to luficer i dont know if thats a good or bad thing as im still delveopling my power
  11. could someone explain what that is i use it to talk to the demons i only have a small case of that i use would like to master it ?
  12. Exactly like that but mine is a brain lol
  13. if i remember correctly its got a small hook of some sort
  14. yeah i know but its such a werid stange object to have found on the ground
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