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  1. ok i dont know where to begin

    or where should i start lol 

    but heres what i think that if i remember the dream right but heres what happend so i was being chased by my daemon whos now in a gang  i believe of all things they where chasing me because i banished him who was one of my demons of all things unforgettably urgh but i was i was jumping very high in Oder to get a way from because they where still chasing me at this point in my dream and there where these white tables and then i jumped 1-2-4 of the white tables then near the last table i could see the next stage of the dream which was a cold stream river where the siren was lurking i could also here a voice calling my name so thats probably to why i jumped then as 

    then i felt hands on my body like two of them because i read up they like to touch humans also she showed me how to slow down time and stop it for a min and it actually worked the gang of demons froze still and i could see every detail then the siren suggested this "now lets play a trick on them" the trick was an illusion  to scare them off or at least josh the tuff one lol then heres the end of the dream i came outta the water then they grabbed me by the neck then the siren done here illusion trick then they all got scared and dropped me on the floor trying to get my air back and then one of them said hey lets be friends and i was like you can forget it  

    i know that this was a dream and only a dream but i hope to see the thingy again 

    then i woke up and im like that has to be my boyfriend lol hes then only who would actually help me out in a situation like that lol 

  2. hi all did you know that there might be a high chance of acid rain in the future thanks too global warming we should take care more of our planet plz

    thanks ?

  3. what was your favorite childhood shows when you were younger?

    for me it has to be jakers, BB3B, Freefonix of course (no brainier) lol  i cant forget mona the vampire and the time warp trio 

    and stuff likes that i grew up in the 2000's it was the best time of my childhood i loved everything about childhood  

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  4. 22 hours ago, [mister_x] said:

    chill cupcale chill sometimes mister x has to pay the bils and give his honey some love

    that other dude probably got the song on his phone the same way you got that song on that website. learn to internet. life is much easier.

    im not angry yet but your making this a situation that there is none

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