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  1. then explain why i herd it full on somebodys phone then??? humm
  2. oh and i know it is eine kleine nachtmusik by Mozart but i want this one here ?
  3. hello all i really need somebody to tell me the name of this song its driving me crazy to find it for about 11 or 12 years now i am using a site called watzatsong in oder to find the song but poeple are spamming me on there and its actually furstrating me to death here the link is here: https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/575282.html i paid for 2 hours on the site but i really need someone who knows a lot about music thanks for helping me out ^__^
  4. if your wondering what one this is its from the strom hawks
  5. does anyone eles do this sort of thing make your names and sentances through diffrent cartoon langusges???
  6. Ok date Monday 1 of July time is now 01:21AM good just checking that I’m still alive i woke up and there where three or two of the grey aliens there in my room flying just before you touch my ceiling they where grey I saw I swear to god that I see there faces and nothing more there eyes where as black as Cole huge like a diamond shape eyes oh and they where hissing to me and my boyfriend because they where talking to him I herd talking or hissing in my sleep before hand they where discussing something about me that I didn’t make out well or here very well zain likes to stand by my window and watch’s me while I’m sleeping but not tonight he seemed to enjoy them taking a shot to look after me but it freak the hell outa me I know for a well known fact they like to watch people sleep and observe there body’s
  7. this took me all morning to remember im like omg lol
  8. ok so last night i had another wired dream again if you want to listen or skip its up too you really ? but the plot of my dream was i was in new York in one of these tall skyscrapers was a girl since im am guy lol it was so wired i dont know how to describe it i had the same one with the pairs dream the with paino in the room the white grand piano heres what i remember the begging of my dream as i cant really much remember now as its been a while i was with a two other people in my circle of friendship one girl and one guy the guy was ovb my boyfriend i mean zainy boy lol and i was the other girl since im a guy in real life so i was in one of the comic books store in an ally way it was raining again like really raining and it was windy to i got round a bend in the streets going up to the my or someone else apartment but when i got up to the apartment it was absolutely massive in side so clean and tidy i dont know how they can keep it tidy in new York lol im like seriously because it was my first time to be back in new york then the my boyfriend zain and the other girl turned and looked at my funnily but then the girl said "are you felling ok its like you never been here before" so i had a joke and said "dont worry about little old me" then i went to go to the tall black fridge to get a drink of orange juice the the guy my boyfriend came over and said "are you sure your felling ok" then i said "yup all good here" thats all i can remember for now but i will remember as the day goes on lol thats all i could remember being a girl sometimes i think that demons and spirts and the rest of sometimes mess with your mind sometimes and like to confuse you but i really did think i was someone eles ?
  9. Hi guys I only posted a topic no hate here if you wanna hate I suggest that you send each other emails on here not on my topics peace and love plz remember to be nice to each other
  10. Thankfully not as much now but I only see them in my dreams now ^_^
  11. met him 2007 or 2008 or christmas time in my home his been with me all my life and it was the best choice i have ever made by my self but even my mum says that i have seen him all my life when i was younger (7or8) years old she says that theres a golden glow and thats was him and for his name its zain but i call him zainy boy for his nickname from me lol ??? we got unteritybond with each other ^_^
  12. You’ll need to ask him you’re self my telepathy has gone since someone done a love spell on me if you can talk to demons???
  13. Yeah I know I just got a vibe from him in his human form and he looks the same as demon without his tail yeah a tiny bit awkward ? for the dream I really don’t know he just gave it to me for my birthday and he said it was a surprise he knows that I like the time travel stuff anyway lol?
  14. im so glad this sites back ^_^
  15. they do lie sometimes but thats not often enough lol
  16. he uses magic and iv seen him in his human form also thats him in my profile pic
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