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  1. Ok somthing is defantily up in the super markets there cared readers arnt working so you have to pay in cash now Could it possibly UFOS or extraterrestrial??? Or something worse Oh just reminded my self that the trains have a power surge in them I stay on Scotland
  2. it says its been locked because of temporary fails
  3. cupcakeman

    fit bit

    A lot of rubbish lol XP
  4. cupcakeman

    fit bit

    hay man i was that desperate of actually getting a video camera just to here me sleep talk because i actually do sleep talk
  5. hello i like time travel and want to undo some changes in my life that im not proud of but i hope i can make some new friends on this forum website. ^_____^
  6. cupcakeman

    fit bit

    because there is a app where it tell you how much you are sleeping etc that sort of thing
  7. hello could you possibly update webiste so that it could have phone logins and text allerts so that when some one does hack your account you know where and when many thanks cupcake
  8. cupcakeman

    fit bit

    Is there a link or something that I can use
  9. Thank you so much for the information you guys
  10. Well if this guy says he's from the future wouldn't he not be on this site too look for the dame thing then if so how did he even here about this site hummmm
  11. Sounds too me like you have a hidden ability
  12. is there a app for the phone to tell see how much you are dreaming etc etc etc thanks as it would help me
  13. cupcakeman

    fit bit

    im actually thinking of getting a fit bit to see if i disaper from the world when i time travel or remote viewing thing im still learning
  14. i probably got the years wrong but i think im close?????
  15. found out the date 06/07/2050ish i would like to see that actually
  16. i really need someone too help me about the freefonix movie i just need someone from the future to tell me if they used some of my story that iv been working on long and hard thanks if anyone reads this :)
  17. have you seen the girl who lept through time and steins;gate
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