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  1. hello could you message me i need some information about that dream

  2. well they told me to look up John Titor then i stumbled apoun this website and so here i am today
  3. i sent an email too him and got a response but he didnt quite understand my emails [ATTACH=full]655[/ATTACH]
  4. i keep seeing something out the Conner of my eye it freaky even for me
  5. that is how i here rumours about time travel because they talk to me about it
  6. you must think im crazy but i can talk to them using telepathy is that even real
  7. oh did you get a chance too see out lander yet
  8. i think that you should defiantly go up to him and ask him if he is you who knows
  9. yeah never been a fan of doctor who i liked david tenant only because my friends mum is friends with him ish
  10. yeah sounds very convincing for me i would probably kiss my self if i was from the future to see my past self but then what WILL happen
  11. well i actually made the phone call a few days ago asking about freefonix. it was a request to see if that if freefonix wont be showing again on CBBC channel that i might have chance of possibly getting all episodes to complete my you tube channel. i would actually s**** my pants if i got the episodes with excitement bare that in mind lol :P but im so excited im awaiting everyday for a special email from cbbc from them slefs so plz wish me a lot of luck
  12. ok i have been thinking way to much this week and found the solution for this ok here goes my question ok so if you met your self from the future in the past i know that will cause a great paradox but what if you have a disguise on you like lots of make up etc different outfit would still cause a paradox???? because it would like be like a complet stranger coming up to your self right i still need some answeres for this one
  13. hay man thanks so much for talking to me about this ummm dont know how to say this but ill spill the beans i know how to do astral projection i can even relax in space and zoom around the planet and stuff i know that sound utterly ridiculous but to me its so much fun where nobody can find me ;) until i tell my location cough cough- horsehead nebula- cough cough cough cough vaga and Altair cough cough
  14. Yeah totally agree on that one
  15. Well can I just say thank you for talking to me about this Well for a start I talk to the cast of Freefonix on my Facebook you probbarily don't know the show but I love it people where saying bad things about me that they where going on too oh how much I love Freefonix oh look at him watching this crap show on the planet But too tell the truth I Hardily cear about what the where saying because Freefonix was apart of my childhood used to watch the show with family till my mum and dad split up but that was years ago and I'm over that (I think) But they are seriously nice people apart from a cuople of them I like the girls more than the boys because the girl that I'm still talking too are is still friends with the producer that I been in touch with So she going to speak to him about putting Freefonix on the to somewhere Thank you if you read this
  16. That's what I excatily was talking about https://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/telekinesis-whats-that.24109/
  17. Oh man I love the things that I get from celebrities that I talk too that I'm sort of Freinds with but one qwestion how did you know that I got grief
  18. Yeah same here something bad happend too me and I want to change my future so bad but if I did that that would cause a paradox
  19. Np man allways looking to make new friends
  20. oh that shouldnt happen well my other suggestion is just too type it on google
  21. oh sweet lord https://kids.tuty.tv/televizni-porad/freefonix/

  22. omg im actuality talking to the sad truth the pokemon singers
  23. you ever herd of out lander https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=outlander+series&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiE56Cagr_YAhUILMAKHQpPAcYQvwUIJigA&biw=1366&bih=637
  24. i love the music side of the show
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