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  1. what i mean like is too tell people from the past too change the future????
  2. Looking for like mind people on here too talk too

  3. remember when i said that there would be a virus on the computers spreading like butter on bread well iv herd more about it it will be on -GOOGLE PRODUCT- I can be surely certain of that
  4. ok i have been watching a serires called out-lander a CBBC production (really good my thoughts about it) And there me pondering about the plots too it would you like too here them well ok ill share as the title says it all should we change some stuff i know that will have deadly consequences
  5. Cool ok so I was sleeping in my warm bed one night and then it felt like that I got teleported arounds those years can't remember now since its been a few weeks now and iv actually forgot about this website lol But I went to the White House where it got another 600 ft taller which I probarily shouldnt say cause I'll get into trouble but it's has got an this big metal thing on it Which I don't no how to spell due to my dyslexia ( I use spell checker) But anyway it was raining cold hard where I went too I message a guy on here befor your updated your website and he said that I have something called remote viewing so I looked into it a bit more but still find it hard on how too control it
  6. the one where i teleported to the year 2036ish or something
  7. im still here and need some more information about that dream if it was reality or just a dream ;)
  8. i need someone who is willing too help me with something about that dream i remember it like yesterday

  9. oh yeah i totally get what you mean by fake and all of that lol
  10. Is there such a thing as that it’s just a rumour I keep on hearing
  11. you must see this its so cool
  12. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/emotional-freedom/201004/the-meaning-deja-vu ???
  13. hello all i have a very strong seance of dave ja vu here when i met new people its like iv known them all my life but i havent even seen them before could someone plz explain for me cause i really want too no if this is real or not :)
  14. there is a program that iv been watching called skyland its an animation about the 23trd centenary which they have no water and they live in houses on floating blocks in the air and there a thing called a Seijin which is in the title and i want to know if that is a prediction or a real thing i no its just a cartoon that i have seen too many lol thanks cupcake
  15. well it looks like that i dont have too go back in time now Freefonix - Movies & TV on Google Play
  16. like i said im not 100% sure
  17. okay iv been wacthing too much ladybug and cat noir lol but heres why i ask about the pianos in the rooms lol so i was pretending too be ladybug in ma dream last night all dressed up in red with black and there was this person in black with brown hair but i couldn’t make him out but i was having too much fun playing the paino playing stupid keys you know that why you get angry when you mess up a song and just button mash the paino keys lol well thats what i did then i started too play the ladybug theme song on the paino which was out off the blue which i love ladybug by the way hints why i asked about the Eiffel tower lol but but anyway i back to my story we and him where flying all over the place and we were climbing up too the very top of the tower it was so pretty all lighted up so can any off you guys could tell me who thank person was cause i want too thank him for the fun dream i had
  18. i know i have some of that in me but what does that do exactly im not 100% sure about it
  19. does anybody know any other music recognition app for phones and i pods i have so many on my phones that they keep syaing that the musics not picking up the sound on my i ipod i have shazam which is here https://www.shazam.com/ soundhound here https://soundhound.com/ if anyones made more or has got some more apps plz tell me i all so use google on my phone/computer and ipod lols but its not picking up thanks cupcake
  20. plz it will help me listen too something different thanks
  21. iv sent you an email thorugh here too
  22. yeah i totally understand about the email bit no worry’s and yeah actually have thought about that IBM 5100 wondering if you know if he has still got it or has it been moved on too someone else you know that sort of stuff it makes me wonder :) and yup i falled in love with Steins;Gate that is how i became intrested in time travel from that basically :D
  23. well i have been thinking of contacting nassa about this or something a long those lines you can always email any time :D i kinda need my answers anyways :D
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