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    Odom Chan

    Memory holed real quick. This blackpill is hard to swallow. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jul/18/odom-pleads-guilty-to-gunning-down-coeur-dalene-pa/ >Be kyle Odom, biochemistry student with straight A's going for his bachelors, have military backround in marines with multiple badges and medals, one of them being pistol sharpshooter badge. >Start practicing meditation and mindfulness for stress, notice results. >Find out about opening chakras for spiritual results, why not. >Open chakras in wrong order, have obe. >Reptilian notices you, tricks you into fusing with his being, and tries to take over your body >nope the fuck out of there, wake up out of obe >reptilian has halfway fused with you, not having full control over you >go outside, notice you now have a sixth sense for bodysnatching reptoids >reptoids notice that you notice, send glow niggers to try to finish the process >glow niggers and reptoids torture you psychically, making you cum nonstop >reptoids try to indoctrinate you into christcuckery >finally have enough, write manifesto, empty extended mag of .45s into head pedo christ lizard. >get on plane to dc, throw manifesto on white house lawn, get tackled by secret service. What really gets me from a /k/ perspective is that he drilled that pastor with a 45 1911 from 5 feet away then unloaded again on him when he was down. You don't walk away from 45 rounds to the head at point blank, the hydrostatic shock alone would have jellied his brain. Yet in the news article on top said one of the bullets reportedly "penetrated his skull but missed his brain". That shit just doesn't fucking happen with a 45 hollow point. Not to mention the various other gunshot wounds that were inflicted. This guy walked out of the hospital the next day, hosting sermons next week. Link to full manifesto, not the butchered one you find on search engines: https://mega.nz/#!hgBT3C7B!Abcah7y7U_41ENJg37PRgEefEOryMh-__7NGdVgVxOc
  2. chill cupcale chill sometimes mister x has to pay the bils and give his honey some love that other dude probably got the song on his phone the same way you got that song on that website. learn to internet. life is much easier.
  3. Once, in a vision-dream, I was asked to pick the path my, and eventually the rest of humanity's consciousness will evolve. I had to pick between two kinds, the one that is like tarsier's the other one that occurs in elephants. I had no idea what that means, and asked if I coudl see them. I was shown the conciousness of each of the two creatures, but I was told I cannot be shown the way it will result in humans. I was fascinated by the super sensory mind of the tarsier, while I didn't really get the math or matrix-like mind of the elephant, and din't udnerstand it at all, so I picked the tarsier. I can see it affecting me by my human senses (especially hearing and vision) getting stronger than they used to be. I can hear music better, deeper, with multiple layers at once, can even hear sounds bouncing off the walls sometimes. I can see far more details than I could see before, my vision is getting both sharper and better field of view. This process still continues. Do you think I made a good choice?
  4. just check this and be sure to watch trumps interview with tucker:
  5. dude chill they telling you in that thread its an arrangement of that mozart piece done in a techno style specifically for that show. there is no official piece with a special name that you can buy on itunes or whatever. learn how tv shows work.
  6. "Wildfires" def not specifically targeted nothing to see here mate
  7. you literally do not know what you speak of prepare yourself and learn the real sciences
  8. there is a blatant leftist effort in our country to shill the round earth model. Not only do they have marxist indoctrinators teaching kids as young as 6 that the earth is round, but every new movie that has come out has a round earth model somewhere in it's length. Not a single mainstream news agency will report on flat earth developtments either. How do we fight back against this leftist conspiracy? what is their end goal?
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