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  1. Hi Folks!!! It has been awhile. A long while! I hope all my friends here are still doing well. Has anyone seen our friend Darby lately? I miss his intelligent inputs! I have been in touch with some of my friends here "on the other side." They know who they are. RMT
  2. BREAKING NEWS! This just in! Old stalwart RainmanTime has returned from his time travel road tripping and has settled back in at his old TTI homestead. RMT had just one thing to say to his TTI friends and family: "Anthropogenic Global Warming is STILL BUNK SCIENCE. That is all." :D RMT
  3. HOLY CRAP!!!! I must be in an alternate reality, because look who is back.....Kinky Dave!!! How the eff you been, man? I see you still have not been able to rid yourself of Chrono completely, and for that I am truly saddened. This is the first time I have muscled into these parts since the domain was restored. Good to know the "good people" are still around (and that includes both you and ruthless!) RMT
  4. Read this article a few days back and thought some here would enjoy it: https://www.wired.com/2016/09/arrow-of-time/ RMT
  5. If it was, there would be no insurance at all. I have said for MANY years that the insurance risk model is absolutely the wrong model for health care. Our country made the mistake of going on this model in the 60s and that is when things started going downhill. If you spend a little time comparing the risk models associated with home (fire) and auto insurance, you see they are based upon the high probability that NOT EVERYONE will need to use the insurance. People with good driving records are lower risk BECAUSE the odds of them getting into an accident are low. People with existing accidents and tickets are higher risk, so they get higher rates. Same goes with home insurance. But health care is NOTHING like this. People get sick ALL THE TIME. And the things that destroys the risk actuarial tables that drive insurance companies completely fall apart when you understand that EVERY SINGLE PERSON is going to need to use health care in their lives, ESPECIALLY after they cross 50. I mentioned in my reply above that things that get in between providers and consumers in a market cause artificial inflation. This is what insurers do in the health care market because of the fact I just pointed out above. The best thing would be for there to be NO insurance whatsoever between doctor and patient. Allow patients and doctors to meet equally in the market, and then the ONLY thing GOV should do is regulate doctors to ensure they meet minimum standards and provide INCENTIVES (read tax breaks) for people to become doctors and enter the market. The rest will take care of itself and prices would come down. The more a GOV thinks it can control a market, the more it ruins it. Every. Single. Time. RMT
  6. That is because capitalism is not a social model. It is a market model. It is intended to allow MARKETS to see their own balance between provider and purchaser. And the history shows IT WORKS. The problems creep in whenever the GOVERNMENTS think they can "make the markets fairer." The reality is, they cannot. ANYTHING a government ever does to pass laws intended to make markets "fairer" has consequences to the relationship between buyer and seller, and the worst ones are the unforseen/unintended consequences. Socialist models always, eventually fail. Just look at Venezuela, as only the latest example. Socialism fails because in this model, GOV acts as a full and complete barrier between buyer and seller which distorts the value of any good or service. 99 times out of 100 it artificially inflates that value because people think "the government is paying for it" and as such they never apply economic thinking to their usage of the good or service. Price controls are the worst kind of interference by the GOV in the markets, even though shallow thinking would believe them to be the best. Price controls limits what suppliers can make in the markets (but note, they NEVER limit what governments can make in taxes or fees on market goods). As such, this is a disincentive for sellers and providers to sell and provide in the market. Fewer sellers and providers, the cost of the good or service goes up. Health care is especially pernicious. The most important thing a GOV can do to drive down prices is to first, GET OUT OF THE WAY, and second implement policies that ENCOURAGE providers (doctors and nurses) to enter the profession, thereby driving up supply. Economists who study and adhere to the theories of Ludwig von Mises all, uniformly projected that Obamacare would fail to constrain prices. But everyone fell for the unfounded promises of Obama. And so there we are. People should note that not a SINGLE idea of the Republicans ever made it into the eventual legislation that the Dumbasscrats (errr Democrats) eventually forced thru Congress. Republican ideas were geared towards limiting liability awards for suing doctors and increasing competition between health insurance providers and doctors. As a result of none of these policies being permitted in, not a single Republican voted for Obamacare. The Dems own this mess lock, stock, and barrel. RMT
  7. As I pointed out above, before anything is possible (physically or mathematically) one must first define the physical units of measure that define divergence. You cannot speak intelligently about any kind of "divergence" unless and until you describe, in physical units, what the divergence represents. This is very basic physics. No. It is part of physics as we know it. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncertainty_principle No. In fact, digital math actually introduces errors. They are called "quantization errors" which occur because we never use infinite number of bits to represent a physical measurement. An analog control system does not have any quantization errors, but it is still subject to noise (a form of error) and also uncertainty (see Uncertainty Principle above). But once I decide to use a certain digital word size (16 bits, or 32 bits, or 64 bits, or any finite number of bits) then there is no getting around the fact that the Least Significant Bit (LSB) can only measure so accurately. The LSB of any digital measurement is the actual definition of the quantization error of any digital measurement. RMT
  8. RainmanTime


    Oh I have been around since the original TTI site. I think I registered back in 2003, but I was lurking without a username well before then. I used to have the highest post count on the site. But I have been mostly lurking lately. RMT
  9. RainmanTime


    Not strictly about time TRAVEL, but she is a beautiful woman with a soothing voice singing a calming song. RMT
  10. Great little tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZiYhvneT6Y RMT
  11. Interesting, if you are into Trance: RMT
  12. "Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.." We have forums for time travel in books, film, and TV... but nothing for music? WTF? :lol: LOL Pink Floyd's music is timeless. And anyone who wants to argue that point with me can just go stuff it, because they clearly have not spent enough time listening to the genius of their music across the decades. Lots of artists produce music that is clearly dated. It sounded great at a certain TIME, but once outside that TIME, its luster is lost. There are so many Floyd songs that demonstrate precisely how timeless their music is. But, not coincidentally, perhaps the best song to exhibit this is nothing other than TIME itself! :cool: David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason..... I AM SO NOT WORTHY! :notworthy: So go ahead....dig up your favorite Floyd song, listen to it, go over its lyrics in detail. And if you think it shows evidence of being timeless music, then offer it here in this thread as part of my "claim" that Pink Floyd (which is not a single person, but a collaborative invocation of the souls of many artists) are time travelers! :whistle: :thumbsup: RMT
  13. Please...just no aliens. That last one was just disappointing. As South Park put it in their episode dedicated to Indy IV: "They raped our friend...and we couldn't do anything about it!" :) RMT
  14. TBH, I am not really sure I have any thoughts on it. Perhaps you might share your thoughts and expound a bit more so that I can understand what you are getting at? At that point, I may have something more to share! RMT
  15. The video at the end of the following article shows what happens when you cease being obsessive about the cycles of time that we humans live amongst, and start to think about cycles of time which are much longer than ours. The reciprocal of TIME is FREQUENCY. Plants exist and operate over MUCH MUCH smaller frequencies than we do, which is exhibited in the video by using time lapse photography. http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-09/new-research-plant-intelligence-may-forever-change-how-you-think-about-plants IN essence, there is no real benefit to "traveling through time." But there is a major benefit to our understanding of our universe by considering, and analyzing, different frequencies of existence within time. We may come to find that all things are alive, even planets and stars, if viewed at their appropriate operating frequency. RMT
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