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  1. Huh? I don't understand what you are talking about, but I read in the Popular Science magazine that the navy is experimenting with turbines in the ocean that are turned by ocean currents. Since the ocean is so large, these hydro-turbines in the ocean can give us plently of space to build hydro power plants. That may be related to what you are talking about.
  2. UPDATED EXPLANATION My first post was a bit shabby. I explained the new concept of fusion poorly. Here I show it better. READ THE ENTIRE THING IF YOU WANT TO LEARN ANYTHING: The point of singtech.com is that fusion is time dilation induced. It is NOT induced by the high speed collision of deuterium ions. This time dilation is caused by the soft x-rays I mentioned. What the soft x-rays do is synchronize the DeBroglie wavelengths of the ions, thereby causing a time dilation region in the vicinity of the ions. If the ions at moving at a low relative velocity (thereby denying fusion by heating plasma), the ions will have a greater chance at fusing. More characteristics about this type of fusion are delineated in the General Case (which can be found in the definitions section of singtech.com). This is n NOT COLD FUSION. This might be real. Look at the evidence! Glasstone and Loveberg wrote in the paper "Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions" that "experiments made with accelerated nuclei have shown that nuclear reactions can take place at detectable rates even when the energies are considerably below those corresponding to the top of the Coulomb barrier". The Coulomb barrier is that barrier which exists between two like charges that prevents them from "touching". If that barrier is surpassed, the strong nuclear force that binds deuterium nuclei together will take over and fuse the nuclei. Singtech says that the Coulomb barrier is not surpassed by slamming nuclei together at high relative velocities. That barrier is actually removed for a fraction of a second by time dilation. Since EVERYTHING is probabalistic (it has been accepted theory since the 20s), the time dilation region induced by soft x-rays increases the probability of the Coulomb barrier being surpassed by virtue of time expansion. That atto second of prababalistic fusion that may occur once in a billion years between a pair of nulcei at close proximity in a conventional reactor is increased to a nano second. Fusion, therefore, happens probabalistically because that probability has been increased. Singtech said the following: The prejudice was that fusion was derived from the high thermal energies of interacting nuclei. However, when it was found that nuclei would combine in spite of their lack of relative energy, the physics community merely believed that there were at least two ways to induce fusion reactions between nuclei. The first was to slam them into each other with considerable energy and the other, well, the 'other' way took place probabilistically and was of little interest. This is where they dropped the ball. Look at the evidence and the logic. I may have not explained everything so well, but it is all common sense. Fusion might happen in this generation. :yum:
  3. I agree with anonymous. If a robot wields a brain (or computer) similar to a human's brain, they will probably act like humans and not really care about anything long as their batteries are replaced. What motive would they have for world domination? The only way they would have a motive is if they are specially programmed to have one, but if they receive any permanent inscription in their programming, they will ultimately be in inferior to humans, since they will have a limitation. So, no, robots probably dont have a reason to rise up against humans, and if they do, they probably would not band up to do so.
  4. This thread is going off track. Instead of talking about biting people's ears off, we should be asking Rainman time what he is talking about and why Slim Shady fits the bill.
  5. I've always been intrigued by the gyroscope. This is very interesting stuff.
  6. Good news! www.singtech.com is up and operational!
  7. If there is ONE BIG UNIVERSE and no other in an infinite space, then it can't be moving, so motion IS relative. Therefore, there is no point to asking if we are moving or not, because it is impossible to tell. Oh boy, thinking about your question gives me a headache. :confused:
  8. Yes, I totally agree, eXospire. I just learned about JT a month ago, my friend 5 months ago.
  9. Re: John Titor ,_________ Re; to Hertz What is this "jt movie" you keep talking about, Hertz? Can we see it, or what? I'm sorry about my impatience, but you're supplying excessive suspense. :yum:
  10. I think worm-holing and space-warping is the way to go. Using j titor's time machine, one can jump "world lines" by placing one's self between two black holes, or more specifically at the event horizons of the black holes (or singularities). You'd understand how travelling through space can be done if you look at my post under "does anyone really want to talk about time travel" in this forum. Or JT can be a fake. His (i use "his" lightly) theory makes sense, though.
  11. Oh yeah, and in reference to Rainmantime, talking about John Titor is depressing and getting boring.
  12. Re: Does anyone really want to talk about time tra To everyone here: I think that you are all being skeptical of time travel for the wrong reasons. I personally am not an enthusiast of time travel, but John Titor does not travel on one time line. He time travels by jumping "world lines". He's supposed to do this by sitting between the event horizons of two black holes. Look at it this way: there are, let's say, 100 time lines which have a particular date (eg the year 2000) at different points along the way of each timeline. JT jumps between these time lines and consequently ends up in a different time. Anything he does in one line will not affect the one he came from, since it's a different time line (duh). It's almost like highway lanes. There are supposedly an infinite number of these time/world lines, and both specific dates AND physical locations occur at different points along each line. Therefore, travelling long expanses of time AND distance are possible in this theory. This could all be fake, for all I know. I can't even imagine how someone can find the right world line to jump to. But that's the theory you should be discussing, since it's JT's theory and doesn't cause headaches. :devil:
  13. Helios, god of the sun, It is true what you say. Illness and extraordinary feats of strength are brought in part by the mind. As I have been sick many times, I know that illnesses are 50% psychosomatic; a positive attitude helps the body heal faster. There are so many more examples out there, but I'm sure you know more than I do about this subject. hehe, this is a funny Graemlin: :devil:
  14. Not too long ago, a site called singtech.com brought up an interesting way of looking at the fusion of hydrogen atoms. Singtech, home to Singularity Technologies Inc., says that nulcear fusion is not achieved by high temperatures, but by changing the quantum states of deuterium hydrogen ions. This would be done by bombarding the ions with "soft x-rays". That is why fusion happens in nuclear bombs and not in the laboratory. Fusion normally happens less than 1% of the time in regular hydrogen plasma, but when hit by "soft x-rays", that chance rises to 50%. The x-rays supposedly put the DeBroglie wavelengths of the ions in syncronization, causing fusion! I am only a high school student, not a quantum physicist. If you want to know more, you can try visiting www.singtech.com, but it's not responding. However, I have important pages of the website saved on my computer, and I can send those to you via e-mail. Thanks for keeping and open mind! :)
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