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  1. I'm with you, man. Enough feeding the trolls...
  2. ROFLMFAO!!!!!! Now I KNOW you're full of IT. If you indeed studied the 20th century, as you've claimed, you would know that Germans owned many coffee plantations in South and Central America in the early 20th century.
  3. keeb333


    Interesting. I've always heard that LSD trips are very similar to be schizophrenic. The art on those pages, especially the faces, look just like something someone who was tripping might draw.
  4. Could you please explain the method and theory behind your mode of time travel? Please be as detailed and specific as possible. Thank you.
  5. What year does cannabis finally become legal?
  6. keeb333


    I am quite curious to know more.
  7. keeb333


    Wow. I just spent some time looking at that site. Sort of a strange mix of Christian, Hindu, and Egyptian beliefs, with a sprinkling of Lewis Carroll. The art is really cool and trippy, though. In fact, the whole site looks like a fantastic acid trip. I suspect the author knows his way around the mental maze pretty well. What's your take, trollface?
  8. LOL!!! What do tires have to do with time travel???
  9. Siegmund: Wow. That was just plain unnecessary. Twice. If anyone should be banned, it's loudmouthed a-holes like you. HAND keeb
  10. 1stBorn, Hmm... why not give us an excerpt of these alleged notes? Predict the predictions!!! Keeb
  11. who are the guerillas? By which I mean, are they organized and if so, what is the name of their organization? keeb
  12. Wow. Apparently this is for real. Here are some links: Discussion about Wallace's Devices The Wallace Patents and The Politics of Science More about spin and gravitation Torsion Fields I've been reading the Wallace patents, and I think that he really has something. It should be possible to reconstruct his device. Keeb
  13. Mister Anderson .... :D
  14. Every prime number but 2 IS odd. Not every odd number is prime, though.
  15. I work for an IP firm. Let me see what I can dig up on these. I'll post the images if I can get them. Keeb UPDATE: I've got both patents. They're as described above. I'm at work right now, but I have to leave soon. email me at [email protected] [minus nospam], and I'll send them to you. keeb
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