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  1. If you frequent Twitter and read politics, you may have come across the mystery of Q. I don't know who wrote it. I'm just passing this along. Q posts on 8ch.net using a trip code that occasionally changes. People then pass around the mysterious posts on Twitter and Gab. He has given us advanced notice of some incidents, including the recent bombing in NY just before the Holidays. He told us a false flag event was going to occur and bam -- 2 days later, NYC bomb. I'm not going to post all of his stuff here, but I may share interesting ones. Many of us feel that Trump is involved. Trump often tweets 2 mins after Q posts. (You can google and scan Twitter to verify all this information as I don't keep copies of any of it). On Twitter, search for "Qanon" and click Latest. Thoughts? Let's not make this a political debate. My intention of posting this is to share the mystery, not discuss who likes Donald Trump and who doesn't. Note: The latest term for the Illuminati is now the "Deep State".
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