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  1. Humans, I am reading the news lately... And I found reports on CNN and USA Today about an EXODUS from SAN FRANCISCO where people from the area are moving to LAS VEGAS of all places ? Because of HIGH RENTS of TECH IPO - STOCK OPTION MILLIONAIRE EMPLOYEES or so these "news" media companies and newspapers "claim" Years ago... I met a SOFTWARE ENGINEER in a Hotel Bar in NYC... Who "shared" STRANGE STORIES about BERKELEY, OAKLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, PALO ALTO, MOUNTAIN VIEW and SAN JOSE He said he went from BERKELEY to SAN FRANCISCO and went SIGHT SEEING in SAN FRANCISCO and found ALMOST NO PEOPLE in SAN FRANCISO a CHINA TOWN DISTRICT - CLOSED AND ABANDONED Walking around the SAN FRAN He only found 26 People on the Street Almost NO CARS on the streets or NO PEOPLE coming and going from HOMES or DRIVEWAYS SOME SAY... Like the movie BULLIT - With Steve McQueen SAN FRANCISCO was SPY ATTACKED And the RESIDENTS "Liqiudated" and "Replaced" with Sleeper Agents Or Assassins who "kill" Tourists, Businessmen or Movers to the Area or "maintain" Apartment Buidling or Condo or Office Towers to "make" people "believe" they are occupied - when they are empty AND RECENT REPORTS Talk of a School System with ALMOST NO CHILDREN REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Anyone have SCARY STORIES about SILICON VALLEY or SAN FRANCISCO? Anyone have SCARY STORIES about LAS VEGAS or THE STRIP of SUPER HOTELS ? NEW STRIP Not Piedmont St Anyone from the area? Darth Tekno
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