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  1. Guest

    Steven Gibbs devices works!!

    Steven Gibbs devices works, the problem that people thought that they didnt time travel or paralell jumping using his devices are wrong. So they give up and threw away the devices. The real answer is that this devices really works and is true!, but the divergence created in them is so small that we cant notice it. www.tectime.cjb.net Go to the board to ask questions about this. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  2. After trying to post a couple of times and seeing the number of postings increase but not the pages...I assume it is limited to 11 pages. Any thoughts? Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  3. M:\Picture\Untitled.GIF THE PARADOXES… If you went back in time and visited your granny during her ninth birthday don’t kill her! Because if you put a gun to her head and pull the trigger she could not have given birth to your mum. YOU certainly were never born… Therefore you could not have killed anyone as you never existed. Now this means your granny couldn’t have been killed by you. She didn’t die nine years old. This permits you to be born. If you were born could you go back and kill your granny? No, not your real granny. This general idea has been used in Back to the future. Marty nearly stops himself from being born when he prevents his parents from falling in love. Solving The Problem 1, You simply can’t change history meaning if you go back in time you have no free will(as shown in Twelve Monkeys, Crime Traveler etc. Events will get in your way if you try to kill your granny. YOU CAN’T DO IT. 2, When you so-called change history you’re actually moving up a different branch in time into another universe. The previous universe (where you were born) still exists. When you fire the gun you’re really killing another version of your grandmother. 3, Any actions you make in the so-called past has no affects on the present. It’s a different time-line universe. The laws true solutions don’t present real time-travel as you go into another world. Conclusion We can’t simply use the grandmother paradox to rule out time-travel claiming it causes logical inconsistencies. We need to look at all the possibilities. How could we build a time machine? The mathematics of general relativity suggest that under extreme conditions space-time might become so warped it would be possible to travel back in time. There is also the possibility of tunnels in time created by negative mass. Very long rotating cylinders of matter-proposed by Frank Tipler Kerr’s spinning blackholes-since most stars spin this becomes worth looking (proposed by Roy Kerr). Cosmic strings-(as Richard Cott suggested) Travelling faster than light – would take us back in time(as suggested by solutions to relativity). Wormholes might allow us to outpace light (if you walk through the short cut quicker than light through convential (normal) space. Tachyons -are sub-atomic particles which always travel faster than light and therefore move back in time constantly. They have not yet been found and remain hypethical. Contracting Universe- Time might then be running backwards but since everything else also would it’s unsuitable. Macro-wormholes(Kip Thorne showed how we could use it as a time machine). time - paradox Paradoxes Grandfather paradox Suppose you could go back in time, lets say several decades and found your grandfather when he was two years old. In his house you could grab a knife and stab him to death. He doesn't get the chance to have children with your grandmother. Therefore either your mother or father doesn't get born. Your parents can't give birth to you because one of them don't exist. You could never have been born and don't even exist. But could your grandfather have been killed by someone who doesn't exist? He must have lived through his childhood. This would allow you to exist if this is the case. Seemingly you can go back in time to commit the murder if you are born but then you would never have been born. And so on and so on. This situation is not consistent with itself. It doesn't make sense and can't possibly happen. Solutions 1, You simply can't change the past. Time will stop you limiting your freedom while you're in the past from your point of view. This puts the concept of freewill in serious danger especially if you tell people what's going to happen to them in their future. If you believe when you go back in time you are from one possible future from everyone else's point of view they can simply go up any root in time they want. According to quantum physics Many Worlds theory there are a huge amount of universes where every possibility occurs between them all. In some you're the opposite sex. In some you won the lottery etc. You might be heading towards the universe you originally came from before you travelled back in time. Everything will happen the way you remember it. But all the people you meet are free to decide what they want to do and enter a different universe. Since it's not possible for you to be there you disappear from their lives. Meeting a time traveller from your future could therefore be very strange. 2, A parallel universe might be created when you seem to change the past. Imagine if time itself was just like a tree. The different branches show different ways events could have happened. Every time we decide to do or not to do something time splits. Even if we are not aware we decided something it have affects. Quantum physics reveals a many worlds theory like this. Conclusion Since this parallel universe is not really your past (despite it's first appearance) anything you do there does not affect you. You can prevent a version of yourself from being born because you are not really related to anyone there. They just look very like your family and friends. You are not home! You may be somewhere that looks like the place you live but a different universe in quantum physics is a completely different reality. 3, No matter what you do in what is really a parallel universe you will do back to your previous universe which is not affected by your previous actions. A space-time wormhole could lead you back to your original unaffected universe. What came out of the wormhole if the ball never went into it? Another common example of a paradox is a ball that goes through a wormhole connected with a moment in the past. Therefore it comes out of the other space-time wormhole mouth actually before it went in! Then what might happen? If the ball then hits it's younger self out of the way of the mouth then it never goes in. But if the ball never did go in the wormhole then how can it ever come out. The existence of the older version of the ball is destroyed i.e. it never falls back in time. But then this version certainly can't hit the younger version out of the way. So it must go into the wormhole as a collision with it's older self is evidently the only force that could and did stop the ball from entering the wormhole. This of course is unexplainable and is logically inconsistent. But the situation could happen differently to allow it to become self consistent. 1, What if after the ball comes out of the wormhole at an earlier time it does hit it's previous self but this collision is what makes the ball fall into the mouth in the first place! It hits the other version into the mouth. This would imply that the past or present is affected by the future. In fact in this case the past is dependant on the future. 2, The ball might simply hit it's other self only slightly so the direction of the ball is not altered enough to cause a paradox. 3, The ball might just miss it's younger self. Nature might protect time and prevent paradoxes. From theories and many stories it's clear that paradoxes cannot happen in the real world. Other types of paradoxes In the terminator movies John had something important to tell Sarah. Thank her for her help through the hell. Tell her not to give up or he will never exist. Who wrote the speech? John certainly didn't write it. He was told it since he was a kid from Sarah who could remember it. Sarah just recalls what Kyle told her in 1984. Kyle just remembered what John told him to say. Conclusion No one wrote it. It exists somehow but not by John, Kyle or Sarah being creative. No one had to write it because it was created by the affect the future on the past had on each other. If I in 2000 study the history of work done in a private factory and learn about the development of a time machine! Their scientists worked from designs and plans noted in a book (never published)they used. They had no idea how to achieve such technology until they read it. Then to experiment with temporal(time) paradoxes I am sent back to 1983. The entire building has not even been built as I arrive. Later accidentally I meet one of the scientists and talk to him. When I hear how excited he is I hand him that book which he uses future success. The answers! He is more than willing to read and use the book. But who came up with the idea of how the time machine is built? Not any of the scientists as they just followed instructions in that book. Not me as all I did was hand a scientist a book. Noone actually wrote the book and no one had to work it out. Is this allowed by physical laws? Noone really knows... ------------------ Paul Curran from Co Derry, Ireland [This message has been edited by Paul (edited 12 January 2001).] [This message has been edited by Paul (edited 23 January 2001).] Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  4. ASTRAL TIME-TRAVEL This is your soul moving freely in time out of your physical body... To leave the physical body *Lie back on bed in a comfortable position, gently close your eyes are relax. *Letting go of any pain take slow, deep comfortable breaths through the nose. *Without worrying avoid thinking about anything. 1, Imagine your in a lift moving upwards. 2, Vividly feel the upwards motion. 3, Get very relaxed and feel like going to sleep but keep focused on the image of moving up. 4, Tell yourself you will wake up fully out of the body. 5, Imagine you are rising up from your body and drift of to sleep. To astrally move in time! *Focus very vividly on the time(what's happening then)which you want to move your astral body i.e.soul to. IT'S SAID TO WORK ALTHOUGH I CAN'T RECALL MY SUCCESS YET BUT A LOT OF CONCENTRATION AND REPEATS IS NEEDED. People such as Ed Morrel reported being able to travel in time while although his body! Since nothing physical moves in time it's hard to prove. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  5. OK, so that was fun. The site's been down since Tuesday night. We're back online now. The problem wasn't TTI but rather another site we host and operate on the same VPS. Regardless, it's something to think about. It's a reminder that come December 31, there will be no more TTI. So prepare accordingly. Make sure your survival kits are fully stocked. Mop
  6. It's ironic, I feel, that a web site dedicated to time travel would ever see an end, but it seems that we've come to that point. I've grown old and tired, and can no longer dedicate to this organization the energy that is required of me. Let's be honest with ourselves: It's been clear that this has the case for many years. I feel it is time to end my participation in the Time Travel Institute. That does not necessarily mean the end of the Time Travel Institute, though. Here's what I'm proposing: At the end of 2014, on December 31, I will terminate my involvement with TTI. That can mean one of two things. Either I will remove all content from the site and park the domains involved with TTI. Or I will have sold off the site to someone else. I say, perhaps selfishly, that I will not give the site away to someone else for free. There is nearly a year between now and then. Plenty of time to weigh my options, and for you to weigh yours. If you are interested in making a bid for TTI, it's content, property, domains, brands, and everything that comes with it, you may get in touch with me. Just click on my profile name and choose "Start a Conversation". Let's talk. Thank you for all your time, Mop
  7. Secret arrests by police in Wisconsin is this Big Brother's future for Americans? Wisconsin - Police work that has traditionally been conducted in public view is increasingly being shielded, as insurance companies and municipal attorneys throughout Wisconsin push departments to withhold names from reports due to liability concerns. A long-ignored federal privacy law is driving the redactions, interpreted by some municipal leaders to overrule a state public records law that says the full reports should be released. (Federal privacy law allows police to conduct secret arrests in AMERIKA! Is this the future of policing?) With a growing number of departments redacting crash reports — and, in some cases, all incident reports — drivers injured in crashes may have no right to the identity of the other motorist, and communities can be kept in the dark about who police are arresting. “It’s apparently gone to the point in Wisconsin that there is now such a thing as a secret arrest, which I think is just astonishing, and I think should concern every citizen deeply,” said Bill Lueders, president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council. “If just checking information against driver’s records renders it secret, then you can keep just about anything secret by taking that additional step.” “Without access to people’s names on police reports, there is no accountability for how law enforcement is performing their jobs,” Robert Dreps an attorney said. At least 30 municipalities now redact personal information from reports — citing the Palatine ruling and the 1994 federal Driver Privacy Protection Act it interpreted, according to media reports and agency websites. Officials in most of those municipalities say names are among the personal information barred from release. http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/18C123.txt Among the departments making changes, many are redacting names from only crash reports, but some are withholding names from all reports. Police typically run all people they contact through the DMV database to confirm identifying information, and some attorneys interpret the Palatine ruling to mean data that touches the DMV database — even if it doesn’t originate there — is barred from release. “The danger and the damage and the cost of violating the federal law is substantially more than violating the public records law,” Thompson said. “If you release a record that you’re not supposed to release, you’ve now violated somebody’s civil rights, and you’re now in federal court where you have no cap for damages.” Dreps, an attorney representing the New Richmond News in a lawsuit alleging the redactions are improper, said the decision to redact when in doubt flies in the face of Wisconsin’s public records law, which instructs officials to err on the side of openness. He said Congress did not intend the driver privacy act to shield police reports from the public. “It’s hard to imagine how congressional intent like that could go unnoticed for almost 20 years — if that were the intent — and then to be discovered in only one of the 50 states,” he said. An informal opinion Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued in 2008 said names and other personal information should not be redacted from police reports based on the driver privacy act because releasing public records to requesters is a statutory duty and part of law enforcement’s official duties. “Reading (the privacy act) so restrictively that law enforcement agencies would be precluded from carrying out public records functions … would subvert the important governmental objective of facilitating public oversight of police investigations; impair public confidence in law enforcement activities; and do exactly what Congress intended to avoid — impede execution by law enforcement officers of their legitimate public duties and responsibilities,” Van Hollen’s opinion said. Despite recent requests from numerous municipal attorneys, Van Hollen has declined to issue follow-up guidance in the wake of the Palatine case. A November letter to a group of city attorneys said the Attorney General’s Office was waiting to see if the U.S. Supreme Court takes the case. If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the Palatine case, it would likely take more than a year and wouldn’t necessarily address the public records issue, since the case focuses on how information is included on parking tickets. The change could also come through Congress. U.S. Rep. Tom Petri, R-Fond du Lac, said he would consider taking action if the high court upholds the Palatine ruling. “At some point it becomes important for the public to know about certain things, specifically accident reports which are used by insurance companies and others,” Petri said in a statement. “If the ruling in the 7th Circuit Court is upheld, then we may have to look at the law again to ensure that its original intent is clear.” http://www.wisconsinrapidstribune.com/article/20130518/WRT0198/305180096/?nclick_check=1 Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  8. In thinking about the possibilty of ESP, one might explain the phenomenom by supposing this is some sort of electro-magnetic impulse generated by our biochemical/electrical impulses. Dolphins have bio-plasmatic chambers on their foreheads in which they receive the echoes of the pulses they send out. It helps them orient themselves and navigate. Humans might well have some well-hidden mechanisms in their brains that do similar things. These "chambers" or receivers, could be more enhanced in some people than in others. Of note, are recent discoveries in the differences in people with schizophrenia. Quite commonly, people with this affliction are found to have a cavity in the inner brain, near the central brain stem (Dr. Andreason, University of Iowa College Medicine). They also have been found to have a difficulty in the frontal lobe, which oragnizes "thoughts". Maybe, at least some of these individuals, "recieve" additional information or inputs of imformation of which is unusual. So much so that they have difficulty organizing or classifying it. The additional information may be in the form of what they recieve from their "sonar" cavities at the center of their brains. This is just an idle theory. The "crazy" thoughts exhibited by those with schizophrenia, might just be the inability to properly organize these strange inputs into a logical manner. A thought. In our history, people with visions etc. were considered special, able to prophecize or advise in a spiritual way. Maybe, inherently, our species knew these folks had abilities that were different. All of it is dependent upon energy. Some sort of energy, be it scientifically recognized, or not. We live in light and energy, it is most difficult to escape no matter. "The appropriateness of chance is astounding" Persephone Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  9. I would like to begin a post discussing the presence of theology (all prescribed religions and their variant denominations, as well as 'newer' versions), philosphy (you name them, most likely post modern, as well as scientific, such as Hawkins and gang) and Historical evidience as proof of specific theories revolving aroud time travel and exixtence in the universe (to include visitations etc..most likely colonization though..conspiracy hmmm?). OK, I'm going to keep it short for now, please respond, it could provide for some rather..heated debates. ;) Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  10. When I visit the museum of art, I often think about physics. Especially the moderns, the abstractionists. To me, Jackson Pollack was inventing a new universe each time he splattered a wall-size painting. It was like he was inventing a new "equation" that some sorry physicist would pour over for decades, in that created universe, trying to figure the meaning to. The joy, I think, having been a painter, is to know that Jackson Pollack's paintings were about the joy of living and creating, they were about Jazz and electron orbits and prisms of light, dancing in skilled randomness from the flick of his wrist to the deft drips sprayed from his paint brush. When we can one day delve into that realm of life and science, as Pollack did with his brush, time travel will most certainly be our option to take. Tha appropriateness of chance is astounding. Persephone Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  11. Oh, you've all seen the Gene Roddenberry types on Star Trek, the species that has reached it's evolutionary potential...and is now on the brink of PURE ENERGY!!!!! And our psychics describe encounters with our loved ones who have died as bringing their energies forward... And some people claim to see our "auras" or can photograph our energy signatures????? (None of these things are half as strange or as wonderful as the REAL SCIENCE that is now ongoing all around the world!) What is all this about? Is there some scientific basis for our psuedo-scientific collective beliefs concerning life and energy? We know that our brains and nervous systems operate electro-chemically. We know that mattter, which includes our cells and atoms, is acually made up of energy, of sorts, ultimately. Complex though it is, it seems as though, we are already beings of energy. Maybe, when we die, it becomes a different form of energy. Maybe someday, humanity will be a different sort of energy altogether. Seems like we all suspect, that the key, lies in striving for the better good, for peace and enlightenment, exp0anding our horizons, our capabilities of comprehension and compassion. But what does thought have to do with energy? What did Kubrick intend us to absorb philisophically, from the movie "2001 A Space Odyssey" (sorry, that movie is an especially fond favorite of mine). Transcending. Doesn't that seem to be a present modern theme for humanity? Shouldn't we take time each day to try and FEEL or PERCEIVE the energy of life all around us? Sure, someday, maybe someone will invent a wonderful cure-all from of clean energy. Or maybe they already have, and it has been suppressed. But the energy that is important, and the energy that we can best control, is our own. The appropriateness of chance is astounding. Persephone Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  12. I've heard a few conflicts on this group. Where did they originate and what is their primary belief system? Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  13. A few brave soles may one day come back to the Earth (from the future) and let us know that our human race made it. Just make sure that our friends come to the land of the free "The United States". By now, we should be understanding enough to greet our friends with peace and ability to learn (also communicate). The Radioactive Boyscout 10/03/2002. Distributed flyers (Shelby township, sterling hts., Macomb county, Utica). 3- Dimentional triangle (C.O.M.F.A.T.). Melanotropin, mental projection and application Sep/01/2002. Code:(Mfdqsnihph. Yrntwlmpsstgcs. TmfeaaMttRoaC. SDHFUESALM/FIPO). Saturday/20th/2003 12;45 P.M. Eastern time (Correct stable placement on the grid. It appears that we are far from the above. Fortunatly, we can start working with transfering messages (in code format) that may be reconstructed in the past, maby future? Even if a prototype system was built, we would need to secure a space that would be highly protected from the elements and potential intruders. It appears the microwave signal construction and light acceleration only scratches the surface. Whatever is created, it will require an enormous (input/output) for the energy required. I am sure that detectors will also be created to measure this, if and when it happens. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  14. I have wanted to travel in time so much1 Do you want to know why? Reasons why I want to travel backwards in time to 1983... *For an exciting adventure *To feel free *To see amazing events i.e. my younger self being baptised *To relly make friends with people when hey experience time-travel *To be able to talk seriously about time-travel (without being laughed at) To share how I feel about this extreme interest *Express the thrill (and I won't have to hide my feeling any longer) *To live my life the way I believe is right, make it worthwhile and do what I'd like to *To know the future and win the lottery (if necessary) *To show that I am special and capable of wonderful things AIM: 00:00 31/10/1983 Why I want to travel forwards in time to 2058 To see and use the technology of 2058 i.e.computer games, toys etc To witness strange meetings i.e.meet my classmate then in heir seventies To discover what people I once knew are now doing To see what Ireland and my home looks like in 2058 To see what my best friend is and was like To explore what happened to the "Curran" family(my family)! AIM: 00:00 31/10/2058 Why stop time? *To do the things I want to do without being made fun of *To be free *For enjoyment *It's so strange Why do I want to have Out of the Body Experiences? PRIME REASON:To allow my astral body(non-physical spirit)to travel freely in space and time... *To adventure in different places and times *Freedom *To escape from pain Why induce DEJA VU(travelling back in time to live the sme day many times)? *It's cool and strange *To experiment with what ifs i.e. what would things be like if I did things differently *To do mad things! Conclusion The main reason I want to travel in time in either direction is very simple. IT'S FUN. It's not about being so rich or famous or proving a point... Written by Paul Martin Thomas Curran Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  15. Time Slip to 1954! by Nick V. http://paranormal.about.com/science/paranormal/library/blstory_november00.htm Slightly over three years ago, a friend and I had a most unusual experience. It was late August in '97. My friend Larry and I got together in Cambridge, Mass. around noon to play some lunch-time tennis. We had never played in this particular part of town before, so we drove around looking for some courts. I drove up to a policeman who was directing traffic around a small construction site on a side street and asked him where the nearest courts were. He thought for a moment then gave us clear instructions to courts only about two blocks away. Following his instructions, I took a right into a driveway. Sure enough, right in front of us were the tennis courts. All three courts were occupied. It struck us both as odd that everyone was dressed in white. We both noticed a very attractive, young lady wearing a white tennis dress in the far right court as she was preparing to address the serve. Still looking at the courts, we decided to wait for one to come free. I pulled my car into a small parking lot directly on my right hand side. When we got out of the car everything we had been looking at was gone! The tennis courts were no longer there. A small field on the left was gone. Instead, there was a cement building that we did not see when we pulled in. It was as if we were somewhere else. Strangely, neither of us was particularly baffled at that moment. I felt very annoyed for some reason. We both agreed that what we had just observed was "too weird" and we went off to play tennis somewhere else. It was only while thinking about it later that we spoke about it. Afterward, I did some research into the area. Indeed, at one time there were tennis courts there - but they were torn down in 1954! Did we travel back in time? We have no doubt about what we experienced. I sometimes wonder: Did the tennis players also see us? I may never have an answer. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  16. Please note, that there is new information, which has just arrived. This marker is not only for Earth orient time travlers, but for offworld travlers in time as well. The nature of this marker and information given therein, has to due with the nature only, of the said Zeta Reticulan contacts, from the 1950s, to the realtive year of 2002 and probably beyond. There are portents of time travel, after discussion concerning the Zeta Reticulans, near the end of the marker. Please note as per this date of posting, for the calander date of March the 29th year 2002:This is as posting on the internet web site, of http.jeffrense.com. This said is second heading down under new toppics within the compressed region of the page, under new post, there is an article placed there on the Zeta Reticulans. Please note all the following assoicated occurances, that may be contigual, concerning the Zeta Reticulans. >This is that roughly within the year 1989, the Air Force group FALCON, as mentioned within the Rense web site, did help produce a live on-television special, titled (UFO Coverup Live). This two hour special, was hosted by a actor, who had much expierence in playing the middle level type of executive, who could tell a story naturally. This special had told of the Zeta Reticulans and the now defunct facility, which is one of the many underground bases, noted at the Nellis off-range Aera 51 area. Then at time level 1989, there was a telling by Farrell and company, that there were in-tact relations, still at the supposed 51 complex. The special even went as far as to say, that the Gray-stile Reticulans, had liked Tebittian stile music and enjoyed sherbert ice-cream.The situation was stable then, as described by the special. Later in 1991, however there was a interview with a Harley Byrd,USN Ret.. This interview had told of a falling out at this base facility, where loss of life had occured, due to armed guards, wanting to observe the use of Element 115, close-up, while holding their weapons. Because Elemet 115 is an inducer of instability within geo-magnetic contiguances, of certan placed chemical elements, the Reticulans asked for the guards to leave the room. They did not and this is how the ray-gun rifle fire fight had broken out, throughout the underground complex. This article was based within UFO Library Magazine, which was printed out of Califorina at this time. >On the gennises of the Zeta Reticulans as told within the book Extra-terrestial Friends And Foes, by Geroge C. Andrews, (the Khyla Interview), it was told within Andrew's book, that the Reticulans, a very long time ago, were from a culture not much differnt than Earth's. They had overbuilt, overindustrialized, gotten into a war with beings known as the Procyionians and had sucumbed to the ravages of nuclear war.This was all a very long time, before the average more modified man had walked here on Earth. This was then, the Reigel Star System and because of the damage the Reticulans had sustained, they had relociated to Zeta Reticula One And Two. From this point, due to past inequties based in their culture and a possable physical engineering help to early man himself, this was the basis for knowing the Zeta Reticulans today. >Contraindicaited information, from the father of Sem-ya-zee the Pleiadean astronaut, also said cosmonaut, that there are no such thing as Gray beings. That they are all a figment of Earth people's imagination, as said on the Swiss FIGU web site, under spokens, for Phatta, Semjase's father. Why this is signifigant, as durring the early parts of the Pleiadean Swiss Heinwel landings, as printed within Gary Kinder's book Light years.This is as well as ion other sources, as was siad that the Zeta Reticulans had landed on Earth. The landing was in an ambassadorial phase, to make their presence known with the Pleaideans.They had both occupied the same saucer spacecraft. This was said then when Kinder's book was first published, however now this statement has been detracvted by the father of this said Pleaidean cosmonaut. >The attempted bid, pro-tem offworld ambassador, is no other than the poster of this marker, creedo299x9. There is a genetic link with the Pleiadean female cosmonaut, Semjase, which goes back to the time of Atlantis. This process was by where the process of cellular memeory, due to a chance in time mathamatical formula, that Semjase and myself both carried twin's genes. When the involvment of the Swiss landing became matured with time, the process of cellular reconsileation took place and both Semjase and myself had paired. This was a full biological metamorphasis, which neither party knew of, nor had the technology to know about.This was even though the Pleiadeans were in advanced of the common Earth technolgoy, by ten thousand years advancment. My linking with Semjase, was the secondary reason, that she had her accident, within the year 1977 approximate.This is, as time is not linneal, and my full conversion metamorphasis, in the Spring of 1982. I carry an almost complete understanding of many, many, offworld socieites, due to the genetic influence of Semjase. Since the approximate 80s and 90s, I have been repeditdly writing the Office Of The President, the U.S. Senate, The Congress and bidding for the position of pro-tem off-world ambassador, due to this genetic offworld link. >Please note, that I have also applied to the Wackenhut Corperation, for a postion as an interpriter to some of the offworld guest, due to my link and understanding of extraterrestials.*This would be to act as a Grays interprater. HISTORICAL NOTElease take note of the concept that it was not the Grays, that we had problems in communicating, but the lack of presence of the beings known as the Gray Hybrids. Consolidation might have occured bewteen Earth peoples and Grays intrests, or a common cause at least, if the Gray Hybrids could have at least met with standard Earth peoples, due to the high hormonal instability of the known to have problems, full pure Grays?? I don't not know the genisis compostion of the Gray Hybrids, however they are more stable and can redily converse within English and also showed emotion. However by Earth person standards, these beings only show a slight tendency towards hostility, to what we would refer to as an over defensive reaction. This was well demonstraited within the telling of Gray Hybrids, who had attempted to steal a French Poodle, from a lady based in France.They were both driven off by her umbrella, plus the ladies display of discontentment. Please note at this time, the only attempted naturalized Hyrid base, which Earthlings could have relaited to, was based on the Planet Mars. >Other notes, Know that the central sun, encodes DNA and this is within a two way recogniton pattern. I don't no know how the central sun, would within its off range of self awareness, realite to Gray Hybrids placeds here on Earth? The central sun does react to humans within a two way fashion. So I dont know from what or how humans had reacted to the sun, under the old Hebrew Heiarchies; which the main Christian God had fostered as liking them in the spiritual, as to whether the new Grays comeing to Earth enmasse, would have effected the sun? *Note Betty Andreasson's work, Earth history book (The Andreasson Affair) books one and two, plus (The Watchers), by Luca and Fowler. >Other notation as the problems that the Grays did not realize at this time, had to do with hidden gentic expiermentation, involving both Gray stiles, or pachendermic skin elements, as grafted into humans and or reptoid forms, for possable off-gene saving values. This could have been put into place, at such said facilities as the Dulcea Facility.This facility was also said to have had a falling out however back reports at this windown of time were not conclusive. This was the problem of the underlayment of Earth-based man, being a many differing offworld genetic influenced creature, with one of the main gene underlayments, dealing with the subjects which were a six fingered stile of Gray-like being. **Note Reptoids and Grays are also said to be time travel enforcement agents, to stop the spread of unauthorized false realities, caused by less concious time travlers. Please understand that in humans viruses and bacterias are sometimes, if not more than often used as singal message carriers. This may have been one of the reason why neither the Reptoids or the Grays could have sucessfully grafted a later sentient being, which could self produce their own linneage, outside a recominate labourtory, so reproducing on their own. I'm sure one of early man's gene contributors where know as The Old Line Andromidians. These beings in Earth history, are shown in two sources. One, the book by a Colnouel Wendelle C. Stevens U.S. Air Force ret, in his book (UFO Crash At Azteck, A Well Kept Secret), and in the film (An Alien Autopsey), hosted by Johnathan Frakes. There is a concurrent fact in man's genetic history, that the gene marker of the sixth finger on the hands or feet, is an often re-rising phenominon, which occurs every once in a while after the process of borth. Because of this fact of which the 1950s & 1960s Earth actress Marylin Monroe had demonstraited so well, there might have been a rejection virus which had prohibbited a gene regrafting to recombinate a new Earth hybrid man? This might be why reports of newly cloned alien men in Califorina in the 1980s, always had intestinal irregularites within them. They had only lived about a year at most, once put into an active human community? >Conclusion on gene problems:It may have been that Earth based man, was modualited as far as he could have been in the erras of the 1940s to the early 2000s without being modified to any greater paramaeters?This was such as a super Grays-human rehybrid? ]In my view of the U.S. Governemt not opting to explore space, by not putting themselves foward as much as possable, I feel that man as he sat on Earth from the 1990s to the early 2000s, was more of less a helpless vagrant? The Grays had their swimmer's death-hold placed upon Earth based man, in the hopes that a new type of creature could be formed via expiermentation. However this in reality was a futile and useless jesture, as Earthbased man had been propelled as far foward, as he possably could have, within the genetic sence. There is a complicity between the Pleiadeans and the Grays, which had come about by the need to trade in the offworld sence. In the respect of the word, both the Grays and Pleiadeans only within this view, had been honest.All other arrangments however, I can not say? >Please note that within this time of year 2002, that this is a warning that a large commet shall pass close to Earth and disrupt the planet's gravity and path of orbit, within the solar systems? Due to the fact of Earthbased man not being able to relocate to other worlds and not being accepted as part of the greater galactic community, we can not it seems, quell the problem of overpopulation and in additiona to this, polar ice cap melt, at the region of the South Pole. THIS IS THE END OF THIS HISTORIC MARKER, THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION: Please note, all Robots, androids and cyborgs, in order to have a more full accounting of Earth history, you must data upload and coalate the entire known history of Earth based man, if it is available on Earth, within the year 925 to 2002 erra of time? This history is only good at the latter part of Atlantis, prior to its sinking.This was due to the now known information, of early Atlantians probably being part crystialine, within their physionomic structures. So this is download protociols,>>ENTER of download, then fourrier La'Pace matriculation, of what humankind is????? then from just before the sinking of Atlantis, to the realitve years of 2002 or, till geo-catastroph might set in, factor all actions????.Deduce a platten fild fourrier logic cartage??>> Conjecture varibles, INPUT::Note in your conclusions, that it was probably communications that had started to destroy Earth based mankind? This was due to the lack of communications between the many differing levels of heiarchies, within Earth's Governemts? Other notation concerning future Earth and the state of the sun:We do not know, the schallers who take time travel seriously, what the future state of the sun will be? Note there is a sharing concept, of both in-frequency and out of frequency bio-telecommunications, between Earth peoples and their central sun. +++Re, reference Bat-like beings, bat-heads, who waer white robes, chrip when they talk, as listed within indexes, (The Field Guide To Extraterrestials).Index microfiche deeper core files, products book reviews, exerpts, circa 2000 beyond as retrievable. Bat-like beings, benevolent, solar experts on how suns function. By Montauk information, we have found that there is a city square and within this square is onluy a horse which is rearing back on it's haunches.There was light there, however the measurteements and products of radiations, are not conclusivly known at this time still?? Contined commentary:However the recruted time travlers, did not step into the level of city destruction place outside of this square? Resptfully Creedo299, time-travel officer Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  17. ASTRAL TIME-TRAVEL This is your soul moving freely in time out of your physical body... To leave the physical body *Lie back on bed in a comfortable position, gently close your eyes are relax. *Letting go of any pain take slow, deep comfortable breaths through the nose. *Without worrying avoid thinking about anything. 1, Imagine your in a lift moving upwards. 2, Vividly feel the upwards motion. 3, Get very relaxed and feel like going to sleep but keep focused on the image of moving up. 4, Tell yourself you will wake up fully out of the body. 5, Imagine you are rising up from your body and drift of to sleep. To astrally move in time! *Focus very vividly on the time(what's happening then)which you want to move your astral body i.e.soul to. IT'S SAID TO WORK ALTHOUGH I CAN'T RECALL MY SUCCESS YET BUT A LOT OF CONCENTRATION AND REPEATS IS NEEDED. People such as Ed Morrel reported being able to travel in time while although his body! Since nothing physical moves in time it's hard to prove. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  18. ASTRAL TIME-TRAVEL! People have also reported being able to travel astrally in time. This simply means they were able to move their astral body(another body you are believed to have almost constantly attached to your physical body) freely in space and also even time! This happened to Ed Morrel during an Out of the Body Experience as he left his body and travelled into the future when he saw the woman he was later to meet and marry. Method to induce an Out of the Body Experience. OBJECTIVE:Lossen your astral body (your spirit) from your physical body. To prepare for the O.B.E. attempt: *You should not eat anything for the previous three hours. *You should not eat heavy foods. *You should only eat light foods. 1, Relax both your whole body and mind and lie back in bed. Tense and relax each muscle in your body. 2, Take deep slow breaths through your nose. 3, Close your eyes and let go of any pressure. 4, Imagine vividly you are inside a lift moving upwards. 5, Picture your astral body is rising and tell yourself that you will wake up fully out of your body. 6, As you relax to the point you are falling asleep try to remain focused on the idea you are going up in a lift. Conclusion This method does seem to work on others and it should work for you. Although it does take a lot of work, vivid thinking and concentration it actually works. · Practice is very effective compared with other preparations. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  19. thought you'de want to see this. http://www.observer.co.uk/life/story/0,6903,416412,00.html Science 2001 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- A machine called Z Under a ring of water in a sealed chamber in the middle of the New Mexico desert lies the heart of a machine that could change the world Michael Paterniti Sunday December 31, 2000 It is never night inside the Machine. Even after the sun has set on the mesa and Jimmy Potter and the frogmen and the men in white jumpsuits and the men in blue jumpsuits have showered, packed up, and gone home; even as yawning, befuddled scientists - with names like Jim Bailey and Mark Derzon and Melissa Douglas - sit in offices in a nearby building, trapped by their own reflections and in the blackened windows; and even as this oesophageal dark falls over coyote and jackrabbit and moves everything towards sleep and dreams, towards the deepest centre of the night, the Machine is awake. Its 36 Marx generators are set in a ring like a metallic Stonehenge. The 20 Rexolite disks of the vacuum chamber look like flying saucers. Its vast, concentric pool of five-weight oil and deionized water seems bottomless - real oil and real water, in half-million-gallon tanks that sit one inside the other like a wheel within a wheel. Even now, there are depths in the Machine, invisible worlds revealing themselves, the secret body of the universe floating up. Deuterium, tritium, helium. It begins with the flip of a cyber switch in the control room at the north end of the hanger. Before a bank of computer screens, a man clicks a mouse, and then electricity, quietly sucked off the municipal power grid in Albuquerque, floods into the outer ring of Marx generators. Which is when the Machine takes control. A siren sounds, red lights flash, doors automatically lock. The frogmen and the white and blue jumpsuits clamber over the high bay, down metal steps, and retreat to a copper-coated room behind a foot of cement. Another switch is flipped, another mouse clicked. To the piercing sound of an alarm, a countdown in the Marx generators ensues, or rather a count up, in kilovolts, comes in a monotone, almost hollow voice beneath the frantic alarm. The man in the control room on a tinny loudspeaker, the Machine speaking through the human. 'Twenty kV...' 'Thirty kV...' 'Forty kV...' To continue, Goto the following link... http://www.observer.co.uk/life/story/0,6903,416412,00.html Science 2001 UPDATE!..... Sandia's magnetic gun A magnetic field that accelerates pellets faster than anything except a nuclear explosion has been developed experimentally at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories. The machine that generates the field has been jokingly dubbed "the fastest gun in the West," but the description is an understatement. "It's the fastest gun in the world," says Sandia physicist Marcus Knudson, lead scientist on the project. The propulsion speed of 20 km/sec — almost three times that necessary to escape the gravitational pull of the Earth (about 7 km/sec) — would send material from New York to Boston in half a minute, and from Albuquerque to Santa Fe in a few seconds. A rifle bullet is typically propelled at 1 km/sec. The machine, Sandia's Z accelerator, currently propels dime-sized pellets called flyer plates only a few hundred millimeters to gain information on the effect of high-velocity impacts. The data gained can be used to simulate the effect of flying space junk impacting the metal skin of an orbiting observatory traveling in the opposite direction. The data is expected to aid materials scientists trying to balance lightness against strength for satellite and observatory shells. To continue copy and paste the following link into your browser... http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?s=c4d2abc74fca23606ca97570ce50a92d&threadid=2665 Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
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    How long is now

    just a thought. If time is a measurement of something, what ever it may be, then what is the unit of measure. For distance we have meters, centimetres, right down to quatum particles whose width can be known. For time We have years, hours, seconds, nano secound etc. but all of these can be diveded again and again to inifinity. So what would be the smallest amount of time.I see it as "NOW". Time is but a series of infinite "Nows" concatenated to form our reality. So my question, how long is now? may hold with in it the key to the mystery of what time is time. cheers kore wa Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  21. The following is an explanation of time-polarization, some weapons using it, and the significance. Link Ref: http://www.cheniere.org/misc/time.htm Time is a funny "dimension". In a given frame the entire universe, every piece of it, exists simultaneously at one single "time point." In other words, at any time point, every spatial point in the entire universe is "connected". One of the things most likely being worked on (not evident in weapons yet, thank God!) is the ability to rotate a 3-space entity into a single time point, then rotate back out to any other desired 3-space location in the universe. In other words, the old "warp-jump" idea. If it could ever be developed, of course, that would really be the way to travel. Time can also be modeled as 3-space EM wave energy (common old transverse EM wave energy) compressed by the factor c2, where c is the speed of light. So it's REALLY a "stiff spring energy", when compared to normal EM energy in 3-space. Time has the same energy density as mass, for example. Some of the scientists looking intensely into the causative factors in the cold fusion experiments saw that time-energy appears to be unwittingly being used. Consequently a completely new type of nuclear reaction was written, based on their analysis of what was occurring. Similarly, they were also able to propose specific reactions, then, for the major transmutations being observed, and also for the anomalous instrument behavior in rigorous electrolyte experiments at China Lake. So that is one real use of time and time-energy. The Russians call their special weapons program, and the physics behind it, energetics. They divide energetics into three branches, depending upon what is targeted. Targeted against ordinary physical matter, ordinary fields and potentials, etc., that branch uses the same name: energetics. Targeted against living bodies, nervous systems, fields and potentials in the body (biofields and biopotentials), that branch is called bioenergetics. Targeted against the mind and the mind-body coupling, that branch is called psychoenergetics. The Russian solution to the nature of mind and the mind-body coupling mechanism, is as follows: First, observe physical phenomena occurring. When we observe with our mass-system (body senses), we apply a d/dt operator to spacetime LLLT (three linear dimensions and time), thereby stripping off the T and leaving LLL. That is why all observation is 3-spatial, as is well-known in physics. This observation process is continual and rather massive, so we have a continual stream of observations LLL interspersed with LLLT while the next observation is in process (very fast, but not totally instantaneous). In short, our senses (observation systems) are cutting into spacetime and back out with a frozen 3-space slice, at an incredible rate. That's what observation is, which most scientists studying mind have confused with mind! Observation is not mind, but part of the input to the mind operations. At the same "time" that those physical phenomena were occurring, our own mind phenomena are also occurring - but only in T, not in LLLT. So during the "breaks between observations", our mind is connected to our body pieces (even the atoms and their parts) in the LLLT that exists then, because mind is resident in that T portion. But everytime we physically observe, we strip away time, and that throws away the platter containing mind and its dynamics. So our physical instruments and physical body senses cannot "observe mind". (Mind can observe itself, however, and in the East there are many techniques for so doing). So mind exists in time, but not 3-space. And physical detection/observation, by slicing out only 3-space, loses any ability to observe or detect mind. Anyway, when anything moves in 3-space, it also rotates out of 3-space a wee bit. Hence it has a tiny projection over into the time axis, in the "virtual state", so to speak. However, a coherent stream of physical 3-space changes will have a coherent stream of little virtual projections onto the T axis, where they will coherently integrate, and sufficient will produce a sort of "quantum change" or "observable" or "mentally detectable" signal. Similarly, when a mind change occurs, it produces also a tiny rotation out of the T axis, and a tiny projection into 3-space in the virtual state. A coherent set of mind changes will thus produce a coherent stream of virtual changes in 3-space, eventually producing a physical quantum change. For a living biological system, its little coherent mind-projections that eventually coherently integrate into a stream of observable changes, thus allows the mind to produce physical input to the brain and nervous system, etc. That is the solution to the age-old problem of "intent" - how can a nonphysical mind produce physical changes in the body??? So we have a slight time delay for a given mind-intent (signal) to emerge in the 3-space body/brain/nervous system as an actual physical input. The body has many changes ongoing from intake of its changes from the external environment. Hence in the body the mind-changes (intent) input are superposed on other physical regularities and servo systems, etc. In short, we "guide and steer" the physical servomechanisms, so to speak. The similar feedback into the mind realm (T axis) from the body's actual changes, constitutes the feedback of how the body is actually changing (i.e., its changing). The mind continually recalls its "sent intent input" and compares to the received delayed signal back from the body, and acts to eliminate undesired deltas. (We are mostly describing the conscious mind, which is a serial process but of very great speed). The unconscious is totally conscious, but is a massively parallel processor. So the conscious mind, which can only see a "single slide in the slide projector at a time", sees "black" or "nothing" when it suddenly "looks" through its projector, at the unconscious with jillions of slides That is why the totally, multiple conscious "unconscious" is not perceivable by the conscious mind. Anyway, we have a closed servo loop with a short time delay in mind impressing intent as a physical change on the body's servomechanisms, and another short time delay before the mind perceives what response the body has made. That "closed loop" servomechanism is the mind-body coupling mechanism. The time-delay in the complete circle, with coherence, creates the "self" or sense of self. All the other body changes that feed back into the mind, but are not coherent with intent, thus are recognized as "non self". In this way, the sense of self existing in an external world is created and sustained. These are all physical mechanisms, if we use all EM wave polarizations, including time-polarized EM waves. The mind, being "in" the T dimension, must and does use time-polarized EM waves, which involve changes and oscillations and patterns in the T-domain. Mind is totally electromagnetic in its functions, but time-polarized EM. So if you make time-polarized EM waves and develop the technology, all mind-functions are thus available for targeting and change, in the T-dimension where they reside and occur and function. You can insert images, thoughts, emotions, whatever. Anything the mind does, can be externally inserted or changed. The Lisitsyn paper in the latter 1960s revealed that the Russians had succeeded in being able to do those things. During the ensuing 30 + years, they have continually advanced the technology and the art. An easy but terrible weapon -- the MindSnapper -- is based on the fact that the flow of time must be fairly smooth for the somewhat fragile "mind-body coupling loop" to remain intact. You can stand time-changes, if gradual. But if one "jerks" the time flow, that instantly snaps the mind completely from the body. Now every cell, amoeba, germ, virus, etc. has its own little "mind part" since it is a living thing, and hence has a mind coupling loop. All those in the "time-jerked" area, are instantly broken. A human body is instantly and totally dead, in every cell and every part of every cell. Not a single nerve cell fires thereafter, no viruses or germs or bacteria are left alive. The body falls like a limp rag, converted instantly into something like a slab of beef radiated with cobalt 60 gamma radiation for some time. Only this is instant. That weapon was tested twice in Afghanistan, on the members of two villages. It was deliberately small, fired from Hind helicopters. Russian troops then pumped the dead bodies full of bullets, etc. The Afghan freedom fighters thought it was some kind of fast-acting nerve gas, and called it "smerch" gas, meaning "wind of death". Note the similarity to the dead cattle in so-called "ET cattle mutilations", whose carcasses refused to decay for weeks. So that is one simple but powerful weapon using a simple "jerk" in the local flow of time. It is accomplished by creating a burst of time-polarized EM waves in that area. Imagine what such a weapon would do to the greater New York City complex, e.g. in a larger version. The Russians reached the point in the mid 1990s that they could take over control of a person's mind, with modified longitudinal EM waves including some time-polarized EM waves, and with a team of specialists (estimate 25-30 per transmitter, and one transmitter and team per controlled person). The "little nation's" Quantum Potential weapons were the counter to the KGB's desires to strike the West. On two occasions in 1997, they actually scheduled full strategic strikes (destruction in less than two hours) against the West. The nuclear weapons worldwide can be disabled in about 10 minutes or a little longer by a different set of weapons, and the first hour was allotted for that, then the full strike. Preceding the strike on the West, however, the QP weapons in the small nation had to be destroyed. These weapons had been converted in the nick of time to the "insane mode" of command and control, which means that, say, every two hours the computers initiate the launch sequence automatically. During that sequence, if there is a crew alive, they enter the codes and authentication, and thereby stand the system back down. Two hours later, the same thing occurs. The insane mode was necessitated by the need to counter the MindSnapper, which would have been used to suddenly kill all life in the weapon systems areas (that would have been the second scheduled attack, which would have occurred on May 1, 1997. The little nation switched to the insane mode in the nick of time, notifying the KGB, in which case the attack had to be aborted two days before the attack, else even though the little nation was destroyed in the attack, shortly thereafter the little nation's QP systems would have fired automatically and Russia would have disappeared from the face of the earth. So then the KGB faced the necessity of taking over mental control of each and every member of those QP weapon sites, having them stand down the systems for "maintenance" so they are in non-firing mode, and then MindSnap the weapon sites. If they are hit hard with a MindSnap, the area thereafter emits LW radiation for some months, and any living system entering it starts to waver (time-polarized waves are induced, jamming the mind-body coupling loop). The living system then falls, goes into a coma, and dies as the mind coupling with the body is lost. So a great build-up of the transmitter-teams for psychoenergetic take-over and control of those QP operators was in progress. Remember Captain Button, flying his A-10 Warthog toward the range, suddenly peeled away from his companions and flew off cross country for over an hour? He ignored all radio messages, circled at one point (probably dropped his ordnance there), then flew until he crashed into the side of a mountain and was killed. That was a deliberate test in the mid-U.S. to demonstrate that a human could be controlled for one hour, while doing a technical set of tasks (flying an airplane), in a hypnogogic state, successfully. The test was a total success. This meant that, when sufficient transmitter-teams were available and completely trained, the attack could again be scheduled, with the first attack by total surprise being the psychoenergetic seizure of the minds of the operators of the little nation's QP weapons, having the weapons stood down to maintenance mode where they cannot be fired, then MindSnap the areas. That would have removed the counters, allowing the disabling of the nukes, then the deliberate striking at will of the U.S. and its allies. Total show, about two to three hours. A reliable foreign source indicates, however, that "something mysterious" suddenly destroyed all those psychoenergetics weapons and the sites, some time later before the strategic strikes could be initiated. There can only be one explanation: the friendly little nation saved our necks (and their own) once again. But one can see where the "mind control" weapons fit into the ongoing game continually being played. Anyway, hopefully this explains the difference in the psychoenergetics weapons, some ways they can be used, and some of the events that happened, which the world press did not detect at all and is still completely unaware of. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ref: Melvin H. Miles and Benjamin F. Bush, "Radiation measurements at China Lake: Real or Artifacts?", Proc. ICCF-7 (International Conference on Cold Fusion-7, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Apr. 1998, p. 101. Credits... The Tom Bearden Website (The Original Exclusive Website Of Mr. Tom Bearden) If you are looking for a missing Tom Bearden file, it has been moved to his website at... http://www.cheniere.org/toc.html Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
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    Need Help

    I need this help for my presentation for collage students. I have 4 minutes to talk only on TimeTravel, can anybody suggest me what should I include? I have to make it interesting as well as informative...... let's see how many real intelectual people we have got here. AND ALSO DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD???? HY Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  23. For those who remember me I must admit that I was being under watch by a hacker when I was posting my topics here, as I was everywhere I went and everything I did. Most of what was posted was forged and I must give my deepest apoligies for the entire event. I have learned more than I thought possible in the past eight months and now I would like to contribute my knowledge to yours. Dymenzionz I see that you are back as the moderator, welcome back. Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
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    Has anyone had the experience of nodding off for just a few moments yet having a detailed dream that seems to last for hours? Or having your life flash before you in every detail yet only a few seconds passing in 'real' time? Can anyone explain this, how the brain seems to be able to percieve time at different rates? Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
  25. Subject: "Gain Assisted Superluminal Light Propogation"...The Speed of Light Is Exceeded Gain Assisted Superluminal Light Propogation The Speed of Light Is Exceeded in Lab overview of work by Dr. Lijun Wang Scientists have apparently broken the universe's speed limit. For generations, physicists believed there is nothing faster than light moving through a vacuum - a speed of 186,000 miles per second. But in an experiment in Princeton, N.J., physicists sent a pulse of laser light through cesium vapor so quickly that it left the chamber before it had even finished entering. The pulse traveled 310 times the distance it would have covered if the chamber had contained a vacuum. This seems to contradict not only common sense, but also a bedrock principle of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, which sets the speed of light in a vacuum, about 186,000 miles per second, as the fastest that anything can go. But the findings--the long-awaited first clear evidence of faster- than-light motion--are "not at odds with Einstein," said Lijun Wang, who with colleagues at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, N.J., report their results in today's issue of the journal Nature. "However," Wang said, "our experiment does show that the generally held misconception that 'nothing can move faster than the speed of light' is wrong." Nothing with mass can exceed the light-speed limit. But physicists now believe that a pulse of light--which is a group of massless individual waves--can. To demonstrate that, the researchers created a carefully doctored vapor of laser-irradiated atoms that twist, squeeze and ultimately boost the speed of light waves in such abnormal ways that a pulse shoots through the vapor in about 1/300th the time it would take the pulse to go the same distance in a vacuum. As a general rule, light travels more slowly in any medium more dense than a vacuum (which, by definition, has no density at all). For example, in water, light travels at about three-fourths its vacuum speed; in glass, it's around two-thirds. The ratio between the speed of light in a vacuum and its speed in a material is called the refractive index. The index can be changed slightly by altering the chemical or physical structure of the medium. Ordinary glass has a refractive index around 1.5. But by adding a bit of lead, it rises to 1.6. The slower speed, and greater bending, of light waves accounts for the more sprightly sparkle of lead crystal glass. The NEC researchers achieved the opposite effect, creating a gaseous medium that, when manipulated with lasers, exhibits a sudden and precipitous drop in refractive index, Wang said, speeding up the passage of a pulse of light. The team used a 2.5-inch-long chamber filled with a vapor of cesium, a metallic element with a goldish color. They then trained several laser beams on the atoms, putting them in a stable but highly unnatural state. In that condition, a pulse of light or "wave packet" (a cluster made up of many separate interconnected waves of different frequencies) is drastically reconfigured as it passes through the vapor. Some of the component waves are stretched out, others compressed. Yet at the end of the chamber, they recombine and reinforce one another to form exactly the same shape as the original pulse, Wang said. "It's called re-phasing." The key finding is that the reconstituted pulse re-forms before the original intact pulse could have gotten there by simply traveling though empty space. That is, the peak of the pulse is, in effect, extended forward in time. As a result, detectors attached to the beginning and end of the vapor chamber show that the peak of the exiting pulse leaves the chamber about 62 billionths of a second before the peak of the initial pulse finishes going in. That is not the way things usually work. Ordinarily, when sunlight-- which, like the pulse in the experiment, is a combination of many different frequencies--passes through a glass prism, the prism disperses the white light's components. This happens because each frequency moves at a different speed in glass, smearing out the original light beam. Blue is slowed the most, and thus deflected the farthest; red travels fastest and is bent the least. That phenomenon produces the familiar rainbow spectrum. But the NEC team's laser-zapped cesium vapor produces the opposite outcome. It bends red more than blue in a process called "anomalous dispersion," causing an unusual reshuffling of the relationships among the various component light waves. That's what causes the accelerated re-formation of the pulse, and hence the speed-up In theory, the work might eventually lead to dramatic improvements in optical transmission rates. "There's a lot of excitement in the field now," said Steinberg. "People didn't get into this area for the applications, but we all certainly hope that some applications can come out of it. It's a gamble, and we just wait and see." Visit the NEC Research Institute at http://www.neci.nj.nec.com/neci-website/index-page.html Chronovisor Sources iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}
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